So every once in awhile I’m going to post what I call a “4-Pack”. What happens is that sometimes I’ll start a script and I can’t finish it. Maybe it’s terrible, maybe I can’t get into it, maybe I’m not in the mood for that particular genre. Whatever the reason, I can’t go on, and the script isn’t compelling enough for me to try again later. This doesn’t mean that the script is bad, it just means that at that particular time it just wasn’t happening for me. I’m posting these because you guys might feel differently. So if it sounds like something that might interest you, download it and decide for yourself.

Genre: Action
I think people are going to be surprised by this one because by all accounts, everyone’s really liked it. It’s about a gypsy, a zulu, a shaolin monk, a viking, a samurai, an arab and a knight, having to break out of prison back in the medieval times. It sold for 800k against 1.6m. Ouch. I just thought the set-up was kinda obvious, and the flashbacks to why characters was in prison were all very predictable and, quite frankly, boring. Cool concept though. Lots of people dig this so if you’re even mildly curious, I’d check it out.

script link: Medieval

Genre: Fantasy
Very hard for me to get into anything with fairies and dragons and gnorfs and so I got all of 2/3 of a page into this one before I gave up. Haha. That might be a record! But hey, just