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Here is where you’ll get answers to the most common screenwriting questions asked. Don’t forget to dive into the comments sections after the posts. There’s often just as much great advice from the readers of the site as there is from me.
Scriptshadow 250 Contest Deadline – 78 days left! Cameron Crowe’s latest? Not connected. So the other day I was reading a script and while it wasn’t bad, it was missing something. It took me a good 60 pages to figure out what it was, but when I did, I realized how much better the script […]
I recently read a script from a beginner scribe that wasn’t very good. The key problem was the plot, which was too simplistic and predictable. This simplicity bled into the scene-writing, which was also too predictable. Everything had an “obvious” quality to it, like the writer hadn’t considered any other possibilities. Frustrated, I shared the […]
Earlier this week, I broke down Do The Right Thing, with a focus on dialogue. I’m fascinated by dialogue as it continues to be one of the most elusive aspects of screenwriting. There are a small percentage of writers out there who are so gifted in this area that they don’t need any help. But […]
Inception’s first act is pretty awesome.   It surprises me that people have trouble with the first act because it’s easily the most self-explanatory act there is. Introduce your hero, then your concept, then send your hero out on his/her journey. But I suppose I’m speaking as someone who’s dissected a lot of first acts. […]
A friend of mine gave me a script last week with that desperate look in his eyes. You know the look I’m talking about. That tired bloodshot I’ve-been-crying-for-seven-days Shia LaBeouf “I Am Not Famous Anymore” eyes-behind-the-paper-bag look? I looked at my friend and said, “Are you okay?” All he responded with was: “Second act… (then […]