Welcome to a special edition of Amateur Offerings I like to call, “Amateur Hofferings.” In Amateur Hofferings, we pay homage to the greatest actor-singer in Germany’s history, The Hoff. Today’s writers will try to honor the great one with an eclectic selection that includes an Almost Top 25er, a Western, one of the shortest WYSRs in SS history, and a consider from mega-agency UTA. Take a read yourselves and vote in the comments for which one you think should be reviewed on the site! And KITT, I’m going to need to get to the third floor of that building without an elevator. Have anything that can help me??

Title: Jimmy the Freak
Genre: Drama/Thriller/Science-Fiction
Logline: An ex-con and his mentally-handicapped (but psychic) friend are on the run from a ruthless mega-church pastor out to exploit Jimmy’s abilities.
Why You Should Read: My name is Mark Steensland. My screenplay, “Jakob’s Wife” just placed in the “almost” top 25 of your Scriptshadow 250 contest and I wanted you to see something else of mine. This screenplay (which a contest judge in London described as “’Rainman’ re-imagined by the Coen Brothers”) has won two competitions in the last six months and just made the semi-finals in the Table Read My Screenplay Park City contest. I am also an award-winning filmmaker (“Peekers,” “The Ugly File,” and “The Weeping Woman”), and a published author (“Behind the Bookcase” was released by Random House in 2012).

Title: Sundown
Genre: Black Comedy
Logline: A charismatic man with a psychological condition that causes him to change from normal and sane to violent and psychotic over the course of the day relates his life story to a psychiatrist…or does he?
Why You Should Read: Simple premise, complex character. Sundown features a unique and charismatic lead–a manipulative “psycho-half”–that a great actor will want to play. It is a thought-provoking, yet heartfelt coming of age tale filled with unforgettable characters, witty dialogue, an unconventional love story, and written with a distinct voice. — Sundown received a Consider for script, story, and writing from a reader at UTA via the Page Awards script coverage service. It also received high marks from a BlueCat reader, particularly in the areas of character and dialogue. I’m looking forward to receiving further feedback from the Scriptshadow community.

Title: The Last Alchemist
Genre: Period Fantasy/Adventure
Logline: After years of work, noted alchemist Isaac Newton has finally discovered a working formula for the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. But when it’s stolen by a secret society with nefarious intent, he’ll have to team with his arch-rival Robert Hooke to take it back and prevent a plot that would change the course of England’s history.
Why You Should Read: I’ve been lurking here for some time, reading your articles and the Amateur Friday submissions, and I figure it’s finally time to get in on this thing. My script puts many of your favorite elements front and center: a creative twist on a public domain figure, a clear goal, and high stakes that are tied directly to the main character’s hopes, dreams, and flaws. — Isaac Newton spent at least as much time on alchemy as he did on the work we remember him for, and this script lays out a “What If” scenario: what if Isaac Newton succeeded in his obsessive quest for the Philosopher’s Stone? I did my research and, using Newton’s actual beliefs and the urban legends of some of the smartest men who have ever lived, I’ve attempted to craft a big, fun romp of a movie. I want to know if I’ve succeeded.

Title: Avenge the Queen
Genre: Crime, Action, Thriller
Logline: A professional thief travels to Rio where he has to navigate through an underworld of sinister cops and barbaric gangsters to find those responsible for the murder of his estranged sister.
Why You Should Read: Because I spent eight months and a handful of drafts on this. I will never get that time back.

Genre: Western
Logline: An aging sheriff must return to the town he once protected to free it from the tyrannical reign of the current sheriff… his own son. UNFORGIVEN meets TOMBSTONE
Why You Should Read: There seems to be a resurgence of the Western genre as of late so I thought this would be the perfect time to see where mine stands: CONSTITUTION is a very fast paced and action packed Western with a sizable and unique cast of characters including a broken and conflicted protagonist, a deeply terrifying antagonist, and a series of disturbing surprises and revelations that build to an ultimate shocker of an ending. It’s also a story of love, trust, betrayal, great loss, courage, redemption, and the fine line that see rates a good man from a monster.