What are you going to do this weekend? You could spend 15 hard-earned bucks on Geostorm or The Snowman, the investment equivalent of buying snow tires in Los Angeles, or you could read through this weekend’s Amateur Horror Offerings and vote for your favorite!

In my opinion, one of these entries stands out from the pack. Based on my years of experience, I’m going to bet that just from the way the submission was written, it’s going to win. Since I don’t want to influence votes, I’ll wait until Sunday night to post which entry I’m referring to (I’ll “feature” the comment up top, so it’s easy to see). In the meantime, start downloading and begin reading. Let’s find ourselves a great horror script! Ooooh-oooh-ah-ah-AHHHHHHHH!

How to play Amateur Offerings: Read as much of each script as you can and submit your winning vote in the comments section. Votes will be counted through Sunday, 11:59pm Pacific Time. Winner gets a script review next Friday!

Title: The Pact
Logline: A music journalist becomes the target of a nefarious secret society when she tries to save the soul of a musician who made a deal with the devil.
Genre: Horror
Why You Should Read: How far would you go to have the life you always wanted? To have the life you feel you deserved? We are all born with strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are able to overcome those weaknesses. Others…aren’t so fortunate. As a writer, I often wonder what I would be wiling to do to achieve my own dreams. Would I sell my soul in exchange for the good life? Would you? Musicians selling their souls to the devil, and joining secret societies like the Illuminati is one of the biggest conspiracy theories out there right now. As farfetched and scary as it may seem, sometimes you can’t help but wonder…is it all true? If you ever asked yourself these questions, or if you just fancy a good scare, “The Pact” might just be for you. Happy Halloween!

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Title: When the Wilted Bloom
Logline: A man reluctantly brings a beautiful stranger to his apartment in an effort to take his mind off a recent breakup and quickly learns this woman is not interested in giving him a good time. Not in the least.
Genre: Horror/Mystery
Why You Should Read: I’ve been practicing screenwriting off and on for the last six years, and only recently have I decided to buckle down and make a habit of it. I’ve written four feature-length scripts. I was somewhat proud of the first script, the second was a travesty, and the third was a convoluted mess that strayed too far from its intended genre. This brings me to the fourth script. This bastard. I started with the idea of a one-night stand gone horribly wrong and pecked at the keyboard until something gave. Eight drafts later, this is what I got. I’d greatly appreciate if you could read the first five or ten pages at the very least. Laud it or tear it to fucking bits, the members of this site give such wonderful feedback that it’ll be to my advantage, either way. Thanks, guys.

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Genre: Horror/Thriller
Logline: After seeking refuge at an isolated retreat, a troubled young woman must fight for her life when she’s hunted by ruthless killers and forced to face the nightmare she was trying to escape.
Why You Should Read: Hey Carson and Scriptshadow Community. This idea came from hearing a terrifying story about an abducted child spotted in a convenience store and my experience on a retreat… The retreat was a beautiful experience, but in my (sometimes :) dark imagination, I noted that the place was in the middle of nowhere, totally undefended… If someone wanted to do something bad, this would be a good place to do it. — This script was optioned at one point and had a known horror director attached. (A version of it — rewritten as a period piece with the Manson Family as the villains — also made the top 50 in the tracking board launchpad contest.) I set out to write an atmospheric, elevated slasher and throw-back to 70s and 80s style horror flicks. This is a popcorn movie: the script doesn’t reinvent the wheel but is a fun ride with characters you hopefully care about and lots of twists and turns. — As for me, I have been a Nicholl semifinalist — this script was a quarterfinalist — have had a couple of options and a couple of managers. I am hustling now more than ever as I have yet to make the elusive jump to professional. I’m always looking for ways to improve and would appreciate the community’s input!

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Genre: Horror
Logline: A man’s life starts to unravel when he undergoes an experimental form of hypnosis to recall what he saw during a near-death experience.
Why You Should Read: The concept of this script is very loosely based on a true story. I actually knew someone who survived a near-death experience and he hasn’t been the same since. When I asked him about it he told me he didn’t remember what he saw but I had the strange feeling he actually did and was holding back for reasons I don’t know. Since the incident he’s left his family, quit his job and went off the grid. I honestly don’t know where he is now. — I’m a huge fan of horror movies and I believe “dread” is key component is some of the best of them. Any writer can throw in some good scares here and there but building up real dread for the characters and the story on a whole seems to be overlooked in many scripts I read these days. I feel like I’ve been able encompass this with BLACK BOX without losing the pace of the story. It’s a fast entertaining read with some big scares wrapped inside an intriguing mystery. I hope you’ll take the time to check it out and look forward to your honest feedback.

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Title: “The Island” — inspired by the play “Mary Rose” by J.M. Barrie
Genre: Thriller / Horror
Logline: An actress, Alice, adopts the persona of her character in a theater production of the play Mary Rose — the story of a girl who goes missing on a secluded island for three weeks, and does not remember being gone when she is found. As Alice gets deeper into rehearsals, reality converges with the story of the play, and she struggles to maintain her sanity.
Why You Should Read: JM Barrie’s play has been a long time obsession of mine. Ever since I read it, a few years back, it never left my mind. I know Hitchcock tried a straight adaptation of the play. This is different. I wanted to write a film 21st century audiences could enjoy, and I felt a straight adaptation didn’t quite work. This is a fresh angle on a story full of mystery, drama, suspense, and a touch of the bizarre. Enjoy.

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