Genre: Period Drama Premise: Set in the 1700s, Knifeman chronicles the birth of modern surgery. About: Knifeman is one of the lucky pilots that survived AMC’s in-house contest where only the best pilots, as voted for by the employees, make it to air. Knifeman is written by Rolin Jones, who created another AMC series, Low […]
Genre: Superhero! Premise: An Amazonian Princess living on a remote island is brought to the real world, where she uses her unique set of powers to take down a mega-corporation with world domination on the brain (basically every comic-hero plot ever). About: This is the Joss Whedon draft of Wonder Woman he wrote in 2006! […]
TITLE: Lost Continent GENRE: Action/Adventure LOGLINE: A treasure hunter is in a race against the man who murdered his father to find the lost kingdom of Atlantis and the incredible power that it harbors. WHY YOU SHOULD READ: I’m actually shocked there haven’t been as many movies made about Atlantis as there have been about […]
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The market is changing. Because this is America, a company isn’t doing well unless it’s growing. Stock prices must continue to rise. Dividends must continue to… … divvy.  And that’s putting pressure on Hollywood to deliver product with more upside. Obviously, there’s only so much a single film can do. Only so many toys it […]