Genre: Horror Premise: When a family moves into their new home in the country, they find a hidden room with a terrifying secret. About: If you’re anything like me, you were there every Monday night for another episode of Prison Break. Imagine The Great Escape meets Lost meets Orange is the New Black with men. […]
Genre: TV Pilot (Sci-fi) Premise: Inside a giant city within a spaceship, a former detective is hired to find a dead woman who’s uploaded her consciousness into a robot. About: AMC wants that next big genre show. We reviewed Galyntine a few weeks ago. Now we look at Ballistic City, a creation from Tron director […]
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Read this week’s Amateur Offerings collection and offer constructive criticism below, plus vote for which script you want to be reviewed! TITLE: Blood and Sangria GENRE: Comedy Horror LOGLINE: After agreeing to visit his sister in Marbella, Spain, perennial loser Morgan Maloney realizes he has made the mistake of his life when his schizophrenic alter […]
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