One of you suggested this in the comments the other day and it sounded like a wonderful debate. The two biggest geek shows on TV are Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. My guess is that both shows have a lot of crossover viewers, which means most of you are educated enough to offer […]
Long story short, I’m on a mini-vacation in Portland.  Yesterday, I went over to the Food Truck Square and did a food crawl.  Next thing I knew, I woke up in a park post-sundown with several half-empty bags of food and the worst stomach ache this side of a pie eating contest.  A few transients […]
Genre: Drama Premise: A record executive in the 1970s suffers a mid-life crisis and goes back to his roots, hunting out new talent for his dying record label. About: With Boardwalk Empire ending, Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter needed a new show to do for HBO. Enter rock n roll! And because it’s Scorsese, you […]
Note: The Scriptshadow Newsletter went out Saturday. Check your SPAM and PROMOTIONS folders if you didn’t receive it.  To sign up for the Newsletter, head here. Genre: Action/Sci-fi Premise: A young woman is forced into being a drug mule. But when the experimental drug she’s carrying inside her ruptures, she starts gaining super-human powers. About: Taken […]
Another TV PILOT vs. FEATURES week! Read the amateur scripts below and find us the next Hollywood gem! TITLE [TV PILOT]: The Barrow Boys GENRE: Sitcom LOGLINE: An awkward virgin arrives at university desperate to re-invent himself only to find his rough and ready, loud-mouth dad has enrolled to study with him. WHY YOU SHOULD […]