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So today I read the news that Ben Affleck is thinking about making The Accountant his next project. “The Accountant”?? I wondered, my face pinching up, trying to remember why that sounded familiar. Off I went to my review archives and LO AND BEHOLD, I’d reviewed it! But that’s impossible, I thought. I would’ve remembered […]
Genre: Western Premise: A group of cave-dwelling cannibal Indians abduct a woman. The race is on to rescue her before she’s turned into lady-stew. About: S. Craig Zahler wrote an amazing script five years ago called “The Brigands of Rattleborge” that is still unmade. Blimey! My understanding is, like a lot of projects, it’s stuck […]
No, Robert McCall didn’t get me in my sleep last night.  But sleep is definitely the main suspect in today’s mystery.  For the first time since I began Scriptshadow, I actually fell asleep while reading yesterday’s review script.  Apparently reading and giving notes on four scripts in a single day is my limit.  Boy did […]