Genre: Sci-Fi ThrillaSynopsis: A sci-fi Bourne Identity, Broken Amber is about a man who realizes that his life isn’t what it seems.About: A spec that I believe came extremely close to being purchased by Warner Bros. Can anyone confirm or deny this?More: I’m keeping the synopsis vague as it kinda spoiled the script for me. […]
Genre: Adventure-ComedySynopsis: A Goonies-like gang grows up and decides to go on one last adventure.About: The Treehouse Gang sold for 750k against 1.5 million.Writer: Timothy Dowling Timothy Dowling is a writer/actor who came up with the idea for the then brilliant concept, “George Lucas In Love.” He also wrote the recent box office mini-hit “Role […]
I think I’m going to start out this week with one of our reader’s suggestions: The Treehouse Gang. This is a script that sold last year for a ton of money described as: What if the Goonies grew up and went on another adventure? Very cool premise. And since the writer wrote one of my […]
Genre: Action ThrillerSynopsis: A plane cannot drop below 8000 feet or everybody on board dies.About: Not every script gets sold. But that doesn’t mean you won’t make some money off your newly minted spec. Altitude, by Michael Palmer, got him enough recognition that he was broght in by fox to pitch his idea on Hitman […]
For those interested, my favorite script of February, Mike Judge’s Extract (review here), just got itself a trailer. Go check it out and let me know what you think. I’m posting this without having even watched it so I have no idea if it’s any good. Although with Mike Judge, how can you go wrong, […]