Genre: Sci-Fi ActionSynopsis: Aliens take over Los Angeles. We try to take it back. I think.About: This is being made into a movie to star Aaron Eckhart and directed by the guy who directed Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.Writer: Chris Bertolini The original Battle of Los Angeles took place in 1945 right here where I […]
Genre: Light sci-fi/Romantic ComedySynopsis: What if, on the verge of getting married, you learned that your soul mate was someone else?About: This spec just sold to Dreamworks earlier in the week.Writer: Chris McCoy Hot off the presses is the recently sold spec script “Good Looking”. Good Looking is about a dating service in the near […]
Those paying attention will already know that my script of the month is Tenure. There isn’t much more I can say about it other than that I loved it from top to bottom. At its heart, it’s the most basic, most tried-and-true genre of them all: the underdog story. And who doesn’t like a good […]
Okay, this probably went WAY over some of your heads. But “Inception”, the script review I posted yesterday, is currently the Holy Grail of scripts. It’s impossible to get. As of this moment, there’s only one copy, and it’s on Christopher Nolan’s computer. Or more likely printed out and kept in a safe. So the […]
Genre: Action-ComedySynopsis: An Alias-like agent must fill her soon-to-be-fiance in on what she really does.About: This script made the rounds recently and everyone and their mother seemed to love it.Writer: Kyle Long Either this is a clever mix of several popular TV shows/movies or a completely derivative ripoff of them. Breach and Clear is basically […]