So every once in awhile I’m going to post what I call a “4-Pack”. What happens is that sometimes I’ll start a script and I can’t finish it. Maybe it’s terrible, maybe I can’t get into it, maybe I’m not in the mood for that particular genre. Whatever the reason, I can’t go on, and […]
Genre: Police Drama/ThrillerSynopsis: (from the trades) When a disgraced young cop is assigned a routine civilian ride along, he quickly learns that his passenger is not what he seems and that he has just entered into a brutal battle with a killer who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.About: This script is developing […]
Hey guys, since yesterday’s news, a bunch of you e-mailed me with a ton of scripts which means I’m basically in love with all of you. Obviously, because I can only review a script a day, I want you to know that just because I don’t review your script right away doesn’t mean I’m not […]
Genre: Spy Thriller Synopsis: A CIA agent discovers there’s a Russian spy deep inside the organization. About: This is that infamous project that Tom Cruise was attached to but then got booted off of. Since it’s disaster central for any profile-dropping A-Lister to get booted off a project, Tom’s robots did spin control and all […]
Hello everyone. I wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone for visiting the site. We’re growing bigger and bigger every day (why am I saying “we”? I’m the only one here). Today we/I had a bit of a setback though. A private community of script traders gave me the heave-ho amongst fears that […]