Genre: Violent Drama Synopsis: Two men relentlessly terrorize a group of partiers. About: Honestly, I was tired of reading recommended scripts so I opened this one up on a whim. Knew nothing about it. Found out later it was on the 2006 Black List and is being made into a movie that’s coming out this […]
Genre: ComedySynopsis: A single father tries to reconnect with his college daughter and teenage son on Spring Break. About: Comedy spec that sold a couple of weeks ago. From what I heard, it spun around for awhile and nobody bit. Then it got scooped up at the last second.Writer: Christopher Baldi The first fifteen pages […]
Well, I totally went off-book last week. But you know, the great ones always do. This week, I promise to get to that recently sold comedy spec that surprised me annnnnnnd a new script breaks my top 25. Maybe even TWO scripts. I don’t know if I want to post both in the same week […]
Okay folks, just like before, here are the script summaries for the latter half of my top 25 scripts (except for the ones already reviewed on the site). Almost every single one is available to download. Just click on the link in the top 25 list. There’s some great stuff here. Hope to help you […]
Genre: DramaSynopsis: Goodfellas meets 21.About: Don’t know much about this one other than it’s damn good writing.Writer: Steven Feder Behold……the passive hero. In screenwriting, to even mention the words “passive” and “hero” in the same sentence can get you blacklisted (and not in the good way). Development execs have been known to kill screenwriters who […]