Genre: Family/ScarySynopsis: Set in the 50s, a little boy and a mad scientist must battle the monsters that escape from a haunted drive-in movie theatre.About: Making the rounds in H-wood (that’s “Hollywood” for those not hip to the lingo). Will it be bought? Will it be forgotten? Your comments could be the deciding factor. Who […]
Genre: ComedySynopsis: An intern at a record company must transport the world’s craziest rock star to the Greek Theatre in time for his concert.About: Jonah Hill playing the intern and Russel Brand playing a variation of his Forgetting Sarah Marshall character.Writer: Nicholas Stoller (based on a character by Jason Segal) Unofficial sequel to Forgetting Sarah […]
I’ve decided to change things up because I got a hold of “Get Him To The Greek”, the Jonah Hill, Russel Brand script that everyone’s been raving about. It’s got the Apatow connection (don’t all the comedies these days?) so I’m excited to read it (especially after today’s abysmal experience). A link will be provided […]
Genre: DramaSynopsis: A soldier comes back from Afghanistan to find his wife and daughter murdered. He goes looking for the killer…sorta.About: This was actually made into a movie. When it’s coming out? I have no idea. Judging by the quality of the script, my guess would be never.Writers: Jeff and Josh Crook This was written […]
Since I haven’t reviewed all my top 25 scripts and a bunch of you have e-mailed me asking what they’re about, I decided to give a quick blurb about each one. I’ll divide this into two parts. Oh, and because I’m lazy, I’m not including links. You’ll have to reach over to the top 25 […]