Starting tomorrow I’m reviewing a comedy that sold a couple of weeks ago. I have a futuristic crime drama. I have one of the worst scripts I have ever read (that got made into a movie no less!). I have a script that surprised me in the same vein as Goodfellas. And I have Part […]
I didn’t like The Reversal. As I tried desperately to settle into the first 10 pages, I realized that I was reading everything twice, sometimes three times. I couldn’t tell if I was distracted or not into it. The Reversal feels like a some sort of neo-punk semi-futuristic episode of NYPD Blue with characters spouting […]
Genre: ThrillerSynopsis: Two women are held hostage in a prison-like farmhouse.About: On the 2008 Black List with 14 votesWriter: Misha Green This will be less a review and more a stamp of approval since I actually read Sunflower a long time ago. I don’t know why it slipped my mind when I was making my […]
Genre: DramedySynopsis: A professor at a small liberal arts college is up for tenure.About: Tenure was on the 2005 Black List and will be hitting theaters this year.Writer: Mike Million What is the single most important tool you can use to connect with the reader? What is the one thing above all others that gives […]
Commenters unite! Because I’m not completely blogified (and partially retarded), the commenting feature was turned off for anonymous users. What the hell was up with that???! There were likely thousands upon thousands of potential comments that never saw the light of day. Or the…dark, of the blogosphere. That has all changed. Comment my friends. COMMMMMEEEEENNNNTTTT!