The next couple of days are going to be very exciting as I review the single hottest script in town, as well as a mystery script that…gasp…BREAKS INTO MY TOP TEN. That hasn’t happened since I started this thing. How far up the ladder will it climb? Tune in to find out!
Genre: Sci-fiSynopsis: In a post World War 2 New York City, a troubled reporter learns he is meant for a higher purpose.About: Not much is known about this one. I know Trevorrow has had four movies produced so he’s got a track record.Writer: Colin Trevorrow Colin Trevorrow is a good writer. But I think this […]
Genre: Sci-fiSynopsis: A couple of UFO crashes cause a stir in a small town.About: I picked this one out of the pile cause I was in the mood for some sci-fi. Christensen is repped over at ICM and apparently has produced credits, like the recent action flick “Passengers”. This is beyond shocking to me, as […]
Genre: ThrillerSynopsis: Two college acquaintances have a layover in a small city. When one is kidnapped, the other must find her.About: A spec that sold a couple weeks back I think.Writer: Jeremy Soule After seeing a superior kidnapping film like Taken, I cannot recommend this script. If this really did sell…well, all I can say […]
Genre: Indy DramedySynopsis: A lovestruck nerd learns you have 500,000 chances to live a fulfilled life or you go to hell. He’s only got 2 chances left.About: Blacklist 08.Writer: Sam Esmail “Sequels” wants you to know that it’s different. No, I mean it really wants you to know that it’s different. The writer/main character (as […]