Genre: Sci-fi DramedySynopsis: A secret supercollider underneath Sparkle Creek, Wisconsin starts wreaking havoc on the town.About: This sold back in 2001. Koepp alone made $2.5 million dollars off the deal that also included future script commitments. He was supposed to direct it as well, but it never (or has not yet) came to be.Writers: David […]
Genre: Comedy…sort ofSynopsis: A bachelor party goes awry when a hot tub transfers its occupants back to 1987.About: I guess this is a project that’s been lingering in Hollywood for awhile. John Cusack’s recent involvement has apparently turned it into a Go picture.Writer: Josh Heald This one’s been getting a lot of airplay since John […]
Genre: Slasher-Scary movieSynopsis: 5 friends head to a cabin in the woods. A group of zombies starts stalking them. That turns out to be the least of their worries.About: This is one of those “top secret” projects Hollywood’s trying to keep under wraps. Because the story is apparently “that good” that it needs to be […]
I will be awarding a script of the month every month. I know you guys don’t have nearly as much time as I do. So I’ll single out my favorite script of the previous 30 days and give it my stamp of approval. Because 500 Days of Summer and Source Code don’t count (I originally […]
Genre: ThrillerSynopsis: A man’s fiance is kidnapped into the depths of New York’s subway tunnels.About: Recently sold specWriter: Jeremy W. Soule It’s time for a weekend kidnapping sandwich! Today I’ll be reviewing the recently sold “Gone” (at least I think it sold), and then Monday the recently sold “Layover.” And no, “Layover” is not a […]