Genre: DramaSynopsis: A group of individuals battle with what happens in the afterlife.About: This is the Clint Eastwood/Steven Spielberg project.Writer: Peter Morgan Hmm, what do you say about Hereafter? I heard there was a “supernatural” element to the script, and that’s what intrigued me, but the truth is the supernatural plays a very tiny role […]
Genre: ComedySynopsis: A group of friends decide to go on an adventure to stifle a quarter-life crisis.About: This is that million dollar spec that sold with Superbad star Jonah Hill as one of the writers. Not sure if he’s attached to star (though I assume he is) and whether that had any influence in the […]
Genre: Comedy Synopsis: A college kid is forced to babysit a very strange family for an evening. About: Big spec script that sold a few weeks ago. Writers: Brian Gatewood & Allesandro Tanaka Noah, 21, is a loser. He’s a fuck-up. He does not have it going on. He’s been suspended from college, is flat […]
Genre: DramedySynopsis: 5 strangers get stuck at the airport together.About: Yes, this is the infamous “remake” of The Breakfast ClubWriter: Lizzy Weiss Okay I have a suggestion to the people realeasing this film. Do not, under any circumstances, let any media print that this is in any way related to The Breakfast Club. Like me. […]
Next week I promise to read three of the newer spec scripts out there. Expect a review of a particularly large actor’s recent sale, something that revolves around what you’d do on a couch, and possibly a script being produced by two industry titans. I can’t wait!