Genre: Political SatireSynopsis: A down-and-out political fundraiser will do anything to get his candidate elected president.About: Berger (the son of President Clinton’s National Security Adviser Sandy Berger) wrote the script after interviewing professional fundraisers in Washington and Los Angeles.Writer: Alex Berger “The Office goes to Washington.” Let me let you in on a little secret […]
Genre: Romantic Comedy Synopsis: A bald overweight TSA screener, Kirk, somehow lands Molly, the most beautiful girl ever. About: Despite Kirk’s description as “bald and overweight”, Judd Apatow alum Jay Baruchel will be playing the lead in this. God are these Freaks and Geeks guys kissing the ground that Apatow walks on or what? There […]
Genre: DramaSynopsis: An upper-class New York family of five bratty sisters must fight for their father’s inheritence.About: Taxonomy of Barnacles is an adaption from the novel of the same name.Writer: Amy Lippman adapting Galt Neiderhoffer’s novel. Now I’m going to go on a little rant here so hang with me. I hate book adaptations. When […]
Genre: Thriller/Horror?Synopsis: A woman gets lost in the Everglades.About: A Nicholl’s quarterfinalist. Writer: Leif Lindhjem Give. Me. A. Break. Look, I hate to bash a writer who’s just starting his career. But this wasn’t enjoyable. It wandered. It meandered. It had no idea what it was. Can I just make a statement? Can I make […]
Genre: Action-Adventure/Sci-FiSynopsis: A down-on-his-luck scientist finds a way to travel into an alternate universe.About: Brad Silbering is directing. The guy who, I believe, did Lemony Snicket.Writers: Chris Henchey & Dennis McNicholas Can I just say how much I hate the 70s? Can I just say how much I hate when people try to make fun […]