About: Tis an artsy film with a nod towards The Squid And The Whale. Totally out of left field and a unique read. Writer: Ann Cherkis Man Under is a rather odd story about a family from Yonkers that’s all sorts of fucked up. Stephen, the father, lives in the basement and refuses to talk […]
About: I know nothing about “Kept” other than that it showed up at my door with a note. “Read this or die.” I decided I wanted to live so I read it. Writer: Jayson Rothwell Review: Have you ever gone out with a girl who’s physically out of your league? And you two are moseying […]
About: This edgy comedy – the third from Mike Judge – supposedly stars Ben Affleck. I must be the bearer of bad news however. Affleck is not the one who gets his balls chopped off. Writer: Mike Judge Poor little Mike Judge. The marketing campaign for possibly the funniest movie ever had exactly one laugh […]
Info: Every once in awhile I like to close my eyes, reach into my pile of scripts, and pull something out. I don’t look at the title. I don’t look at the writer. I want to go in completely ignorant and judge the writing for the writing. Sometimes you get lucky. Other times, you get […]
Okay, all I know is that Bale was in the middle of a shot, and supposedly the D.P. – who was not in the shot – started fiddling with one of the lights behind him. Bale then unleashes a verbal tirade. And of course now it’s heard all over the internet. Who’s wrong in this […]