Christopher Pendegraft

Will the adult diaper in Pale Blue Dot become the next Wilson the Volleyball? Genre: Drama (based on a true story) Premise: When a female astronaut returns home after her first trip into space, she finds her family life unwinding due to the unique pressures of her job. About: Pale Blue Dot is a rarity […]
Does Damon Lindelof’s infatuation with mystery boxes doom Tomorrowland? Genre: Sci-fi/Adventure‚Ä® Premise: A teenage girl finds a pin that allows her to visit a secret world of tomorrow. ‚Ä®About: Tomorrowland, directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles), came out this weekend and finished the Memorial Holiday weekend with 40 million bucks, considered very low for what […]
A former Amateur Friday entrant comes back for more. And Carson proclaims that rules have rules. Have both these men gone insane? NOTE: Scriptshadow will not be posting on Monday, which is Memorial Day here in the states, an entire holiday dedicated to improving our memory. So use that extra day to work on your […]
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Genre: Thriller Premise: A home invasion crew targets the richest family in town, only to get a lot more than they bargained for. About: This script was just purchased a couple of months ago. Eric Bress actually sold ANOTHER script, American Drifter, a couple of weeks later. Bress is best known as the co-writer and […]