Christopher Pendegraft

Brad’s bored. Note: FOUR MONTHS LEFT UNTIL THE SCRIPTSHADOW 250 DEADLINE!!! So over the past few weeks, I’ve had some discussions with writers gearing up to write their next screenplay. Some of these were new writers with only a few screenplays under their belt. Others have been trying to break in for 10+ years. The […]
Genre: Crime-Thriller Premise: An alcoholic woman who becomes obsessed with a couple whose home she passes every day on the train, is convinced she knows what happened when the woman in the relationship goes missing. About: This is Paula Hawkins’ first official novel, but she has written a few chick-lit books under a pseudonym, although […]
Genre: TV Pilot – Action/Apocalypse/Martial-Arts Premise: A century after the fall of society, a large swath of land known as The Badlands is being fought over by bands of gangsters. Gangsters who know kung-fu. About: AMC has only ordered three shows straight to series. Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, and this one. The show […]
Hey everyone, Carson here.  I’m out of the office today (found an amazing script and helping the writer get representation!) so I’m putting up a guest article from my friend, Phil Taffs.  Phil is someone who has tried and been frustrated with the screenwriting game.  After seeing all these book authors become superstars, both in […]
  James Bond has a secret.  Transformers spin-offs are coming.  The Scriptshadow 250 deadline is four months away.  Add that all up and divide it by two and you get… Amateur Offerings! Title: FIELDS Genre: Sci-fi Thriller Logline: When a group of dysfunctional teenagers are thrust through a gateway into a dangerous alien world, they […]