Christopher Pendegraft

Genre: Thriller Premise: A home invasion crew targets the richest family in town, only to get a lot more than they bargained for. About: This script was just purchased a couple of months ago. Eric Bress actually sold ANOTHER script, American Drifter, a couple of weeks later. Bress is best known as the co-writer and […]
Genre: Action-Adventure Premise: An alien civilization attacks planet earth… using 80s video game characters. About: There seems to be a new stealth tactic suspect Hollywood projects are using to get geek cred. It’s called the “Thrones Tactic.” This is when you cast one of the actors from Game of Thrones in your movie to trick […]
Genre: Action Premise: In an apocalyptic future, a woman rescues the five wives of her insane leader, and tries to take them to her childhood home. About: George C. Miller has been trying to make this movie FOREVER. With Miller getting older, it was looking like it wasn’t going to happen. He finally scraped together […]
I hope you’re working hard on your Scriptshadow 250 entry. As of this moment, I’m allowing you to take a break to weigh in on yet another batch of…. AMATEUR OFFERINGS! Title: Insatiable Genre: Horror Logline: When a law student’s girlfriend mysteriously vanishes from a truck stop diner, he suspects a shady trucker is to […]
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