Christopher Pendegraft

Genre: Sports Drama Premise: A boxer’s life spirals out of control when his wife is killed, forcing him to team up with an alcoholic low-level trainer to make it back to the top. About: “Southpaw” was written by Sons of Anarchy creator and all around badass, Kurt Sutter. Sutter got his break in Hollywood writing […]
Genre: Indie/Action? Premise: A psychologically damaged slacker living in a small town with his girlfriend, soon finds that the CIA is trying to kill him for reasons unknown. About: American Ultra was written by Max Landis, the writing machine who writes like five scripts a year. The Chronicle writer got Jesse Eisenberg and Kristin Stewart […]
The Scriptshadow Newsletter, featuring a review of one of the latest spec sales AND news about The Scriptshadow 250, has been SENT. If you did not receive the newsletter, check your SPAM and your PROMOTIONS folders to make sure it isn’t there. Genre: Horror Premise: A single mother starts to turn against her developmentally challenged […]
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No reviews Thursday or Friday (Thanksgiving and Black Friday). So I’m giving you the Thursday article early. There will be a little surprise post tomorrow that you’ll want to check out for sure though. Wish I could tell you more. :) Say you have a great concept. No, say you have a great concept and […]