Christopher Pendegraft

Scriptshadow 250 Contest Deadline – 78 days left! Cameron Crowe’s latest? Not connected. So the other day I was reading a script and while it wasn’t bad, it was missing something. It took me a good 60 pages to figure out what it was, but when I did, I realized how much better the script […]
Genre: Thriller Premise: After being kicked out of the Navy, a cocaine addict is forced to pilot a narco sub to the U.S. carrying one ton of cocaine. About: This is the third sale from Dominic Morgan and Matt Harvey, who are starting to make a name for themselves in the action/thriller genre. Their scripts […]
Scriptshadow 250 Contest Deadline – 80 days left! Genre: TV Pilot – Drama Premise: A group of Appalachian rednecks declare war on the local government when they’re told they must leave their mountain. About: WGN continues their slow move into scripted television. They’ve been happy with Salem and Manhattan (liked the Salem pilot, Manhattan, not […]
Scriptshadow 250 Contest Deadline – 81 days left! It’s a strange Monday in the movie business as we’re looking at one of the PRIME weekend slots of the calendar year, the second weekend in May, having no big flashy releases. This is usually where you’ll see a 250 million dollar titan shake its fists and […]
Scriptshadow 250 Contest Deadline – 82 days left! Hey guys. No Amateur Offerings this weekend. However, use the comments to suggest/vote for a second chance review – a script from one of the previous Amateur Offerings that you felt deserved a shot at a review. You can nominate your own scripts, of course, but it […]