Christopher Pendegraft

Read as far as you can and tell us which script you liked best in the comments! TITLE: The City GENRE: Futuristic thriller LOGLINE: An illegal artist hides in a nuclear wasteland to avoid a death-sentence but is forced back in an exchange to save his friends who have been kidnapped. WHY YOU SHOULD READ: […]
Genre: Horror Premise: A prequel to The Shining, The Overlook Hotel chronicles the 1918 construction of the infamous hotel. About: Things seem to be really coming together for Glen Mazzara. The longtime TV writer became headline news in the trades when he took over as showrunner for Frank Darabont on The Walking Dead, follwing Darabont’s […]
At 29, Adi Shankar is one of the hottest young producers in town and one of the few guys who isn’t afraid to produce risky R-rated material. His credits include The Grey, Dredd, Lone Survivor, and A Walk Among The Tombstones. He’s also releasing one of my favorite scripts, The Voices, next year. Shankar’s counter-culture […]
Genre: Thriller Premise: (from Blood List) When a young journalist suspects that an abducted girl is being held somewhere in her own neighborhood, she decides to delve into the secret lives of her neighbors to determine which one is capable of the horrific crime. About: Writers Steve Desmond and Michael Sherman are an up-and-coming writing-directing […]
Alicia Florrick “You know the show’s demographic is 57 year old women, right?” That’s what Miss Scriptshadow said to me when she found me watching my third episode of The Good Wife in a row. I tried to explain to her that I’d merely been tired of hearing how good the writing was on The […]