Christopher Pendegraft

Scriptshadow 250 Contest Deadline – 83 days left! Get Your Script Reviewed On Scriptshadow!: To submit your script for an Amateur Review, send in a PDF of your script, along with the title, genre, logline, and finally, something interesting about yourself and/or your script that you’d like us to post along with the script if […]
Scriptshadow 250 Contest Deadline – 84 days left! If only we could all be Cormac McCarthy One of the least talked about components of screenwriting is READABILITY – or “How easy is your screenplay to read?” That’s because when compared to character, dialogue, structure, and theme, readability doesn’t seem that important. And that’s true to […]
Scriptshadow 250 Contest Deadline – 85 days left! Genre: Biopic Premise: The story of Joy Mangano, the creator of the Miracle Mop, one of the most successful products in history. About: The winning combo of David O’Russell and Jennifer Lawrence is back. And talk about a strange writing twist as Annie Mumolo, best known for […]
Genre: TV Pilot – Drama Premise: Right now there is an oil boom going on in America, one that will change everything about the world, as well as everything about the town it inhabits. About: We’ve got writers from two different worlds colliding on this one. Josh Pate has been writing for television for 20 […]
Scriptshadow 250 Contest Deadline – 87 days left! Genre: Superhero Premise: When Tony Stark accidentally unleashes a villainous robot upon the world, it’s up the Avengers to send him back where he came from. About: Avengers: Age of Ultron was supposed to break all box office records this weekend. However, Disney never could’ve predicted when […]