Got thoughts on the new site? Leave them here!

This is a post where you guys can leave feedback on the new site.  What’s working?  What’s not working?  The good, the bad, the ugly.  If you see someone leave a comment about something you agree with (i.e. “This site needs more bacon!”) please “like” it in Disqus so I can determine just how big of a problem it is.  I know Mobile is not so friendly?  Some people have complained about the size of the text?

  • Andrew Drew Rosin

    Initial thought? Putting the articles and the scripts you loved in the toolbar up top is a very user-friendly move. Love that.

  • Poe_Serling

    Hey Carson-

    Just curious — do all the posts have to sit in moderation now? Personally, I like when the comments go up immediately.

    • carsonreeves1

      I’m working on this. Soon, the comments will start coming up immediately.

      • Poe_Serling

        Thanx, man.

  • Kabir Chopra

    The “About” page seems to be in a completely different language. Looks like the default, placeholder text, when editing a page.

    Other than that, I love the new look! Very organized and groovy design.

  • Henry Nichols

    Everything is an improvement over the blogger site. Love the nod to the original MTV generation in the banner as well. The only things I miss are the top 25 lists. That is all. Congrats on the upgrade. Movin’ on up!

    • carsonreeves1

      Those should be up. You can’t see them? Can everybody else see them?

      • crazdwriter

        nope, it seems like they were there yesterday, but they aren’t today. Did you get my comment about adding a section for amateur worth the reads?

        • carsonreeves1

          I think this would be good. I want to be able to filter any script rating. That is in the cards. It’s just not a priority at the moment.

          • crazdwriter

            Filtering all script ratings would be awesome. A person can learn from the bad and the good.

          • ArabyChic

            They’re there now…

  • crazdwriter

    Sample notes don’t come up for you when you try to download them. The sample notes for everyone else appear okay.

    • carsonreeves1

      This will be fixed soon. People have been a little nervous about allowing me to show my notes of their script to the world. I’ll find someone though. :)

      • crazdwriter

        Hah! Had I received an impressive, you could have used mine!

      • Karl Lehmann

        Carson, you could read mine, do notes, and good or bad use them as the sample.

        • carsonreeves1

          it’s a possibility. But I may have some to post. E-mail me and I’ll let you know.

  • ripleyy

    Far too many toolbars at the top. I think it should marriage the nostalgic with the new – the toolbars should be on the side, or at least reduced. Maybe 5 at most, not 10. It cuts off at Contests. Double them up: “About, Submit, Advice” and then maybe “Help”, where you double the concept artists, script notes, and then “Contests”, which would end up being 5, but it cuts it down.

    That said, I really like the layout, and yesterday I got a nice feel around the site. I also liked the “Scripts I’m Looking For” – it’s such a small thing, but it’s nostalgic.

    Overall, I really like it and I’m excited to how this all turns out in the future.

    • carsonreeves1

      Yeah, I agree. Too many toolbars at top. Want to reduce that.

  • Joseph Palmer

    You could have a icon someplace for easier access to your RSS feed. That way people can follow your posts on things like Google Reader a bit easier.

  • ChinaSplash2

    The san serif font looks all nice and modern and everything, but it’s so thin and faint it’s hard to read — especially in the comments, where it’s rendered in mid grey (as opposed to the higher contrast charcoal in the actual review).

    Also I just tried the search function: “Desperate Hours” took me to the Nicholas Mariani interview and a bunch of other completely irrelevant articles, but not to the actual Desperate Hours review. But then again, in-site search functions hardly ever work properly — which is why I almost always just use google for within-site searches.

    Otherwise, apart from some teething troubles (eg the top 25 sidebar coming and going) everything seems fine!

    • carsonreeves1

      hmm, the Top 25 toolbar comes and goes?

      • ChinaSplash2

        Sorry, I was basing that on crazdwriter’s post. But in the same thread, you’re saying the top 25 should be visible somewhere? I don’t see them either as a toolbar/menu option or as a sidebar.

        Also, yeah, I’m on a different machine now (both machines are XP desktops running firefox, but this one has a smaller 1024×768 monitor) and the toolbar options truncate at ‘CONTA’.

  • Ralphy

    It’s all wonderlous! Fabusome! Wonderfully fabulously awetacular!

    • carsonreeves1

      lol, thanks ralphy. :)

  • gj_d

    Is going to be possible to migrate old comments from the other site to this one?

    • carsonreeves1

      this is on the priority list but disqus makes it verrrryy difficult. way more difficult than it should be.

  • crazdwriter

    The facebook and twitter icons only appear when a person is on the home page. If you respond to a comment or visit any of the pages under the toolbars, the icons disappear. I don’t know — this may be the way you want it, but I would think you would want those icons to appear on any page, no matter where the user is.

  • Somersby

    A nice attractive layout, but I’d like the font to be a little larger in both the reviews and the comment section. Maybe I’m just too used to the size of the font on the old site… but I’m definitely squinting a lot more than I used to!!!

  • Keith Popely

    I think it’s great. I like the reviewer and concept artist services/profiles. I like the spread on pricing and they all read like very qualified folks.

    I also liked today’s review and it made me think that I wish Scriptshadow reviewed more scripts like this, that aren’t sold yet. I’m betting you’ve got a lot of producers and directors who cruise the site and are looking for projects. Or review scripts that are either in the can or in production. It doesn’t do anyone – aspiring writers or prospective buyers – much good to shine light on scripts that have already sold but aren’t going to be made into movies any time soon. Anyway, just my opinion.

  • Péter Palátsik

    Indeed reading the site with my iphone is difficult. I also preferred the old font. Just my personal taste. Otherwise nice. Well done!

    One more thing that bugs me: Why can I only post a comment via my facebook account (Post as …” is the only option it seems)? It would be nice if I could have an alias like others do.

  • ChadStuart

    They’re default organized by ‘best’, which means whichever post gets the most up votes. If you click the discussion tab right underneath the message box, you can change the order.

  • The Mulberry Tree

    Is it just me or is the ‘ABOUT’ section in latin or some sort? And then repeated for down the page. Is it supposed to be?

  • Graham

    How long will the old Scriptshadow site be around ?

    I’d like to archive some of the contributor feedback I got on my AF script…

  • sheeb

    Ah thanks guys. Totally missed that.

  • david

    Fantastic design — and that’s coming from a designer (Parsons ’92)….love the parody of the Memorex ads….

    • carsonreeves1

      thank you david. :)

  • B. Alex Thompson

    The new site looks great. It loads very quick. The only problem I saw is that the About section seems to be written in Latin? O_o

  • stuckerboyer

    Quick tip for iOS users. Once you load an individual post, you can tap on “Reader” in the address bar and it will give you a really clean text-only view (for those having trouble reading the text).

  • Rich Drees

    Overall, it looks good. I love the banner from calling back to the 70s and the old Sony ads to having posters for two of my favorite films hanging on the wall.

    Are you still having issues with WordPress? I’ve been using it for a few years and while I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at all its ins and outs, I am pretty conversant if you have some questions.

  • J.R. Kinnard

    I’m digging it so far, Carson!

    • carsonreeves1

      thank you J.R. :)

  • klmn

    I like the addition of “Script Reviews by Genre.”

  • DiogoSF

    Very professional. Very cinematic actually. The banner is just awesome, will immediately hook some newcomers into exploring everything else. Congratulations man.

  • urbanguy

    Something about the font feels…sterile. A silly thing but it catches my eye. Other than that looks clean…

  • nicohajj

    I like the “impressive” section. I think you could create a link by ‘Genre': Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Drama. The site looks good so far. I’m sur you gonna add new features on the way.
    Have you though about that “Shadow list” idea I told you by email? like a sort of “Scriptshadow” list of 5 or 10 the best script you’ve reviewed.
    You could release that list twice a year like a ‘special’ event. It would create buzz and expectation.
    I though it could be a fun idea, a moment t celebrate writing among SShadow followers ;)

    • carsonreeves1

      Yeah, might do something with that for sure. :)

  • Lewis Carnelian

    Hey – all looks fine, but where’s the RSS feed..???

  • IgorWasTaken

    I know it’s a disqus thing, but it would be great to have the old functionality of seeing who liked a comment, versus simply a count of likes/dislikes.

    Also, as of today, at the bottom of the homepage, there is no link to click to older reviews.

  • SinclareRose

    The forum is an awesome idea.

  • matthu

    Can you please enable RSS Feed? I love your site, but I need RSS feed. urgently. thank you :)