rs_599x400-140630125234-captain_america_sevens_cosplay(Anyone got a caption for this photo?)

Hot dogs on the grill.  Fireworks.  Michael Bay.  Scriptshadow Newsletter (it’s in your mailbox. Did you check your spam?).  It’s the Fourth of July.  Which means there’s no Scriptshadow post.  But in true Scriptshadow fashion, I’m still leaving you a screenwriting tip.  Try to write “crossover characters.”  These are secondary characters who are part of more than one storyline.  So instead of giving your hero a friend he pals around with at the bar and another friend he jokes around with at work, make the friend at the bar ALSO the friend at work.  Make him cross over.  I can’t begin to emphasize how much cleaner your scripts will be once you master this practice.  Want 500 more screenwriting tips?  Grab the Scriptshadow Screenwriting Book, which is only $4.99 at Amazon.  That’s less than the cost of a pack of cherry bombs.  Plus 3% of each sale goes towards defending America.  That’s not true, actually.  But I want it to be.

  • SinclareRose

    Guy on left: I can’t believe I agreed to wear this.
    Guy on right: Fanny pack? I think not!

  • Randy Williams

    From guy with beard…

    One plane ticket from Heehaw Junction to Rio – $2,000
    One ticket to U.S.A vs. Belgium – $150
    One bottle of Samuel Adams – $7
    Cutting a hole over my left nipple so my newborn hunt’n dog in my fanny pack can breastfeed?

    That’s why I have my hotel ” Do not disturb” sign over my man parts.

  • Stephjones

    Guy with beard to other guy: “Next time, we put the potatoes in the front.”

    • Ange Neale

      And add a fly for convenience, ‘cos when you’re drunk and in a hurry…

  • cjob3

    Hard to believe it’s been 17 years since that massive alien attack. God bless you, then-president Bill Pullman.

    • Scott Crawford

      “Independence Day”. Written on spec in four weeks. At Cannes promoting “Stargate” asked Emmerich and Devlin if they believed in UFOs. They said they didn’t but a film about UFOs attacking the earth would be cool. Later they agreed that they should write that movie.

  • cjob3

    If he wore a fanny pack in the comics, I’d have rooted for the Nazis.

  • witwoud

    Happy Independence Day, all you Yanks!

    You all deserve a hotdog or two, with extra mustard, because by a factor of 350% the USA remains the coolest nation on earth. Your cars are bigger, your people are friendlier, your music is groovier and your movies are better than anyone else’s. Most countries do one thing well, like making meatballs, but America does hundreds of things well. You have the best ideas, which other nations steal. You have Hollywood, and without Hollywood a trip to the local cinema would feel like an act of civic duty. Your comedies are funnier and your thrillers are thrillier than everyone else’s. You’ve created an entire mythology for the whole world to share. You’ve entertained us for a hundred years. You’re unique among nations. Sit down, give yourself a beer, and have a happy 4th of July!

    • Scott Crawford

      And now the USA is doing better than us Brits at “soccer”. Embarrassing is the word for it. Happy 4th of July, everyone!

      • Ange Neale

        Yeah, how in hell did that happen? Us Aussies expected to go out in the rounds, but England? Cor blimey, guv!

  • Linkthis83

    Always funny to me.

  • Linkthis83

    Happy Independence Day, American SS’ers (…and happy regular day to the rest :)

    Hope every one has an awesome and safe holiday. F*ck yeah!

  • Logic Ninja

    On left: “Oh my god, dude! You said you washed this thing!”
    On right: “Bro. Chill. I couldn’t find any detergent, ok? Besides I read a thing that said dog pee’s sterile just like ours. Seriously, stop being a pussy. There’s about to be babes everywhere.”

  • Steffan

    If Mariah Carey were the titular character in Tammy–two rows behind the Capt. on the right.

  • Hadley’s Hope

    Sean William Scott and Patton Oswalt dressed up in Captain America costumes for the spoof sensation SUPERHERO MOVIE.

    • Linkthis83

      Darn. I was certain that was Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Poe_Serling

    QUICK NOTE regarding this week’s AOW selections:

    I took a quick peek at all the projects. I wanted to give a heads up to the writer of:


    I’m guessing it may be a script from SS regular Sommersby.

    My download copy of the script is coming up very faint and almost unreadable. If possible, perhaps he could post a sharper version here for people to read before this weekend’s post.

    • Linkthis83

      It looks fine on my computer. Do you want me to email it to you?

      linkthis83 at yahoo dot com

      • Poe_Serling

        Thanks, Link.

        All of a sudden, it’s working for me now. It must’ve been a Fourth of July gremlin in my system.

    • andyjaxfl

      Poe, thought you’d like this: Guillermo del Toro is attempting to revive Mountains of Madness as a PG-13. Here is the article from Dark Horizons, which in turns comes from the Wall Street Journal.

      Now if we can just get someone to revive Crusade and Smoke & Mirrors!

  • Midnight Luck

    Four Beers
    Crotch Pouch
    Two A-holes

  • Midnight Luck

    Star Spangled Spandex

  • GoIrish

    Man on Left: Mom, Frank thinks I’m too old to be living with my parents…mom, mom…no, of course I don’t do everything he says…

  • witwoud

    Caption …

    Captain America (speaking on phone to Colonel Phillips.) “For the last time, Colonel, I’m Captain America. Just to take my word for it …. Fuck knows. Some asshole with a beard who’s trying to be funny.”

    • Bluedust

      “Yeah, I knew it was you from the way you wear your fanny pack. Like a real American. The impostor must be Canadian. Permission to kill granted.”

      • witwoud

        Captain America: “Right. Problem is … he’s kinda bigger than me, and I don’t have any powers. I did say I should have some powers, right? Like flying, or something. Yeah, never mind. I’ll see what I can do with these beer bottles.”

  • cjob3

    Like an idiot, when I sent Carson “Not Safe For Work” – I sent the wrong file with a scene I meant to change. (The scene actually say CHANGE in the script.) Here’s a link to the changed version. I doubt it’s a deal-breaker for anyone but obviously the imperfection bugs me. Thanks! Happy 4th!

    • Mike.H

      written by Conan O’Brien? :D

  • JakeBarnes12

    Happy 4th of July, everybody!

    I am so fucking drunk right now…

  • MGE3

    This really is America. **** yeah.

  • J.R. Kinnard

    And a Happy Independence Day to everyone!
    I think I’ll go and see “Snowpiercer” again to celebrate.

  • Kirk Diggler

    Happy Turkey Day everyone!….. You CAN barbecue turkey, right?

  • Ken

    Happy Independence Day, love the Redcoats

  • Ange Neale

    It’s a scene from ‘Modern Patriotic Family’.

    Oh, and Happy 4oJ, dear American friends!

  • Somersby

    Okay, I missed Poe’s comment entirely so I don’t get the tree-bearing reference at all… I’m hoping it’s a good thing. :-)

    • Poe_Serling

      Hey Somersby-

      It was no big deal… earlier today I was having trouble reading the text for the Momo script. And I just happened to mention that I thought it might be your script… but it turned out to be a similar name mix up on my part. ;-)

  • Gilx

    Found posted over on the Cinephilia site today. Nominally about Alexander Mackendrick, and the distinction between screenplays and shooting scripts, but it has some great passages on what we are all trying to do.

    • tobban

      A very interesting film. Learned a lot about collaboration.
      Highly recommended viewing !

      • Randy Williams

        Yes, interesting, but personally, I found none of these people convinced of what they were saying. They seemed they’d all rather just blurt out, “it’s all lightning in a bottle folks!”

        Like my avatar says, “when nothing is sure, everything is possible”

    • Citizen M

      My take-aways:

      James Mangold, Writer-director
      11:50 What is important to you? That you see the screen door slamming and feel the wind blowing her skirt. Say it! If it’s sexy to them, in a way, if it grabs you as a reader and director, you’ll make sure you feature it. You won’t– that won’t be a head and shoulders shot of an actress crossing that porch if the way her dress blows is something that seems truly evocative and relevant to the story. So always, I’m rarely referring to a lens or a tracking shot or a– I’m just referring to, what do you see? If I were sitting next to a blind person in a movie theater, what would I say to them? I wouldn’t go, “It’s a 27 mm lens tracking low.” That means nothing! I mean, if I were describing something to my grandmother and she couldn’t see, I would be describing, “He’s walking down the hall. He looks really powerful.” Well, that’s a low tracking shot, but in the language– in the immediate language that is also a better sell, to get it made, and a more inviting environment for an actor or director to work.

      16:00 The job of the screenplay is to get the movie made. Someone with money in their pockets reading it needs to go, “I want to make this movie.” Someone who is an actor needs to read this script and go, “I want to be in this movie.” If it doesn’t do those things, then the movie never becomes a movie. It is just a text.

      Roger Crittenden, Teacher
      17:30 The vast majority of screenplays you see are actually post-production scripts, i.e. details of shots and a transcript of the dialogue taken directly from the finished film. Whilst the script of a film is something that we can all learn from, the post-production script tells us nothing, except, it puts on paper what the film is on the screen.

      Michael McDonough, Writer
      22:20 You have a lot of people reading your scripts who aren’t really screenwriters. They’re not really directors. They have a Masters in business, or– These are the people that are in the positions to progress your script, so you want to make it as readable as possible

  • Ryan Sasinowski

    “You think this country’s good now? Just wait ’til we get through with it!”

  • klmn

    Caption : “Now Let’s Go Do Wonder Woman.”

  • Poe_Serling

    Hey Joshua-

    Thank you for posting a new link to your script. I did give the first ten the ol’ once over. Even though it’s not really my type of story, I appreciated the obvious time and effort that you put into the pages. I got the feeling that Momo is a real passion project for you.

    Good luck with it this weekend. Hope you get some great feedback on it!!!

  • leitskev

    Nothing interesting to say on my end, so will limit my remarks to: thanks for the blog, and thanks to the many contributors. Even Grendl! Maybe especially Grendl…for bringing the fireworks. Cheers!

  • Paul Clarke

    Judging by the fact that the guy on the right has a NEW ZEALAND fanny-pack (and the yellow seats) I’d say they’re Kiwi’s dressed up for the Wellington 7’s.

    Still, happy 4th to you all.

    • Ange Neale

      Good spotting, Paul!

      Maybe they’re Embassy officials attending the Rugby 7s incognito?

    • klmn

      And the guy on the left is holding three beers. And they appear to be normal size, approximately 12 ounces or so, not like the big bottles in Once Were Warriors. What’s up with that? Do they only sell beer in child portions at athletic events?

      • Paul Clarke

        Yeah, someone obviously watched Once Were Warriors and decided glass bottles were a bad idea. So they’re all plastic now.

        At all day events like the cricket they often only sell light beer. Or light beer from lunchtime onwards.

        • astranger2

          What a powerful film… Jake was Brando on psycho steroids in Once Were Warriors… just remarkable film-making…

  • IgorWasTaken


    “So THIS is ‘going commando’?   Wearing my fanny pack like a bandolero?”

  • Linkthis83

    Excuse me, I’d like to start voting now. Please and thanks.

  • astranger2

    Soooooo… being an ignorant Yank… they’re rooting for the All Blacks?

  • Malibo Jackk

    It’s 4 o’clock in Indonesia,
    5 o’clock in Singapore,
    and 5:59 in Australia.

    Poles around the world are beginning to open.