Anybody who lives on the West Coast, and especially people who live here in Southern California, know, that if you’re ever feeling down, if you’re ever feeling blue, there’s one place you can go that will always lift your spirits.

I’m talking about In and Out.

In and Out is a privately owned fast food franchise that separated itself from the competition by using a business model that is basically the opposite of McDonalds. “Make two things perfectly and they will come.” That’s right, In and Out only offers two things: burgers and fries. But they do it so damn well that you never want anything else.

In fact, the simplicity of the menu is what allows In and Out to be so yummy. Because they only make two things, they don’t have to freeze any of their food. They bring it in fresh every morning. That means every time you order a meal at In and Out, it’s guaranteed fresh.

But did you know that In and Out can also make you a great screenwriter?

I bet you didn’t. But read on, my friends. Because you’re about to have your mind blown and your taste buds satiated.

Every story you tell has two forces constantly at play.

The things coming IN.

And the things going OUT.

Let’s start with OUT since it’s the more familiar of the two. Whenever I talk about ACTIVE characters, I’m talking about characters who are goal-driven, who seek out objectives. Every time a character does this, they are pushing OUT onto the plot. Deadpool seeks revenge on his torturer. He’s pushing OUT on the plot. Michelle tries to escape the bunker in 10 Cloverfield Lane? She’s pushing OUT on the plot.

And this holds true for much smaller actions as well. If Michelle’s goal in a scene is to palm a knife during dinner she can later use against Howard, she’s pushing OUT onto the plot.


IN is, obviously, the opposite. This is when the plot throws things at your character. If a character is saving money to go to college (OUT) and a robber breaks in and steals all her money, that’s plot coming IN at your character. If a friend of hers is in an accident and needs to borrow a large portion of her savings, that’s plot coming IN. If the college calls and says they need the money now or they’ll have to give the spot up to someone else, that’s plot coming IN.

And that’s how storytelling works. Your hero is either pushing OUT on the plot or plot is sending things IN at the character. So why is this important? I’ll tell you why. Because one of the more common mistakes I see in screenwriting is screenwriters doing only one or the other.

For example, let’s say a screenwriter writes an OUT-dominated screenplay. A young female UFC fighter is trying to win the title. We could see her training (OUT), hire a coach (OUT), get a sponsorship (OUT), win all her warm-up fights (OUT), buy a bigger house (OUT). So let me ask you, does that sound like a compelling story? Of course not. We need some INS. We need her to bust up her dominant wrist in an accident (IN), her old crew turn against her (IN), her mom gets sick (IN), the heavyweight champion decide she doesn’t want to fight our protagonist (IN). The INs are what cause all the obstacles, all the conflict. Without INs, your story is a simplistic march to boredomville.

Consequently, scripts suck if they’re all IN and no OUT. If your character stays in all day, bored with the world, and then he gets an eviction notice because he hasn’t paid his rent (IN), then later his car gets towed (IN), then his ex-wife calls him for the first time in a year and says he owes her 10 grand in child support (IN) and then even if something good happens to him, like some random shop owner offers him a job (IN)… we’re going to get frustrated because our hero isn’t putting anything OUT into the story.

As you can probably guess by my tone, the best scripts have the IN and OUT in equal proportion.

One of the most powerful devices in a screenplay is to send your character off on an OUT and then, during the scene, hit them with an IN. So let’s say a Fortune 500 CEO is going out to accept a major award, an OUT scene. The audience then gets prepped for that to happen. That’s where their mind is. However, when our CEO is chatting with people before the award, a couple of men in dark suits come up, informing him that they’re from the SEC. They explain that they’re going to let our CEO accept his award so as not to embarrass him, but right afterwards, they’re going to arrest him for embezzlement. This is a total IN when we weren’t expecting one.

I’ve also discovered that if you are going to favor one over the other, INs get the nod, since INs are disruptors. They throw your hero off his path, force him to act, which is always when a character is most interesting.

But you want to use both aggressively. It’s an easy way to add more pop to a bland script. If something feels boring, add more INs and add more OUTs!

Now excuse me while I go order the Carson special: Two Double-Doubles and some Animal Style fries.

See you at the counter!


    Is this an allegory or am I just getting hungry*

    *Great article

    ** FIRST, Bitches!

    *** Never got to say that before! Feels good!

    • Scott Crawford

      Congrats! At work.

      • BMCHB

        Grab yourself a burger! :-)

        Hope it’s going well, Scott. You leave for a couple days and now it’s the best burger-joint on the internet!

        • Scott Crawford

          It’s going great, lots of comments even without me, so it’s perfect. If there’s an AOW this weekend, could someone else do the tallying? Perfect. someone who has the whole weekend off.

          • BMCHB

            Happy all going well for you. If you can’t do it, let SS know. I would offer to do it but I don’t know how to bold text! :-)

          • PQOTD

            We should figure out how to use Doodle poll – we can lodge our own votes then.

          • BMCHB

            I will suggest KLMN or Link: If they can’t do it, I’ll try…. I’ll only update every 6 hours….

    • E.C. Henry

      This is your crowning moment, BMCHB. Enjoy it. You’ve reached the summit. Unfortunately, it’s all downhill from here. Point: don’t be that guy or gall who says, “First, bitches!” No hold that card, for once it’s out it can never come back in–at least not on this post thread.

      • BMCHB

        It’s a better world since I woke up this morning!

    • moog

      Allegory? Maybe Carson’s priming us for Cos’n’Effect Tacos?

      • BMCHB

        I may steal your wording for a band name…

        “The Cost Effective Tacos”

        I play Bass.

        • moog

          Steal it! I’ll play support as ‘The Way to Go Nachos.’ – guitar.

  • Lucid Walk

    My go-to meal:
    2 double-double meats, ketchup, mustard and pickles
    1 medium drink
    About $8.57 at the first window


    3rd, girls! This may just be Carson’s greatest article…

    How far will you travel for that burger?

    That is the question…

  • huckabees

    “The INs are what cause all the obstacles, all the conflict.”

    Have to disagree here. When a character pushes OUT on the plot by acting according to his flaw (e.g. Lester in AMERICAN BEAUTY pursuing his daughter’s friend), he often chooses a false goal or does something harmful which will bite him in the ass later. This way, he invites conflict into his life with his actions. He is the master of his own disaster.

    • BMCHB

      …Imagine a script is a burger… the double-double is three acts. Intro bun, some meat…maybe some cheese but not too much… two buns in the middle/second act- burger gets real- you have to add the condiments… ketchup/pickle/more cheese… then you your next beef patty…the real meat… capped by a great final bun… and if the ending works well…?

      Then you’re gonna wanna eat that burger again!

  • Angie

    Wow! This is a great article, Carson. Now I see what’s been making me uneasy about a script in progress. Too many INS. Not enough description of OUTS. Thank you.

    • BMCHB

      Invest in In-And-Out shares now!

      • garrett_h

        If only! They’re still privately owned, so no stocks and no franchise opportunities. But folks are waiting. Once they do go public, everyone is gonna want a piece.

    • E.C. Henry

      Sometimes a fresh take does wonders. THAT’S why EVERY SCREENWRITER needs to be HERE learning from the master. But this man of mystery, is he a Jedi or a Sith lord?

  • Nick Morris

    Out here on the far East coast of Canada, we don’t have In-N-Out so, sadly, I’ve never tried it. But based on the above picture, I think the next time I’m in LA my top priority will be correcting that. :)

    Great article, Carson!

    • BMCHB

      Tastiest article that I’ve ever read…

      IandO did a pop-up in my country once….

      • Nick Morris

        That’s awesome. Did you take advantage?

        • BMCHB

          Yes and yes!

        • BMCHB

          We have five guys here now… but it’s not as good.

          • garrett_h

            Five Guys is pretty tasty to me. I think where a lot of folks who have tried it and tell me they didn’t like it go wrong is getting too many toppings. They have so many freaking options people just like on everything and it turns into a mess. Keep it simple, pick only your absolute favorite ingredients, and you’ll leave happy.

          • BMCHB

            It’s too far away. I don’t eat before 6pm.

            I’ll be calling my BBQ buddies at 6pm…


          • Bacon Statham

            That’s what I do. Fried onions and ketchup. I wanna try the cheeseburger but I’ve been told it’s like that plastic cheese you get and it’s not very nice, so I’m a bit put off. The bacon burgers aren’t very nice either, too crispy.

          • garrett_h

            Hot sauce and jalapenos for me. Which is where cause I usually don’t get those on burgers elsewhere. In N Out offers chopped chiles and I rarely get em.

            I like their cheese, but that may be a location thing? I’ve been to a couple McDonald’s where I actually got cold cheese. That sucked.

          • BMCHB

            I love proper Jalo’s.

            Which hot sauce? I make my own with the blender now.

            Sriracha or proper hot sauce?

    • Midnight Luck

      but you do get the very first 24 hour vegan in and out like drive thru in Canada.

      we don’t have that here. :(

      • Nick Morris

        Nice. They won’t get a whole lot of business from me but I have no doubt they’ll do well. Surprised no one else has thought of this yet. Healthy folks need fast food too, right?!


    I must say that this is one of the best articles that I’ve ever read. It made me laugh. AND it made me hungry for burgers… even though it’s only 2pm here.

    Perhaps that’s C’s point.: words can make readers hungry for more…

  • Erica

    I can see in now, sitting on a plane, bound for L.A., reading a script in by the small overhead light. Small note pad on the fold down tray next to the 4 peanuts left in the bag.

    Gentleman beside me, notices the script, “Going to L.A. to be a screenwriter I see, I’m a Produce, maybe we should met up, go for drinks, talk about your scripts” (out)

    Me, “Oh no, I’m not going to L.A. for script writing, I’m going for the In and Out Burgers. Can’t get them where I live” (in)

    • E.C. Henry

      Genius deflection, Erica. Did it work, or did you two end up going out for burgers AND still discussing that script?


    My Burger Recipe:

    – take 2 Striploin steaks
    – flash-fry them for 30 seconds.
    – mince them in a bowl.
    – add lemon, oregano, cumin, and chili.
    – make patties.
    – grill them to taste.
    – add condiments to your desire…

    • Angie

      Interesting recipe Are you trying to make people feel as hungry as you do” You succeed.

      Here’s my attempt to apply your recipe to a script.

      Take three characters vastly different from each other.
      Flash fry them in private to public.

      Mince them in a bowl of Ins and Outs
      Add GSU, time constraints, a secondary focus and TSC
      Make new shapes out of them by upping the stakes.
      Add a choice that matters, more Ins and Outs, GSU, and TSC to taste.
      Charcoal broil on a grill of final resolution.
      Serve hot.

      • BMCHB

        You get the recipe.

        I would eat your characters anytime :-)

  • garrett_h

    What a coincidence, I just went to In N Out lol. So amazingly delicious.

    The Garrett Special? 3×3 Animal Style, extra toast; fries well done; Neapolitan shake.

    • BMCHB

      I knew you had put on some weight! ;-)

      • garrett_h

        LOL! I actually tried to avoid that very problem by making it my only meal of the day. Not sure if it worked, gotta check lol.

        • BMCHB

          I think the very act of reading C’s post today made us all put on a little weight….

          • garrett_h

            Definitely. It’s the pictures. I could literally taste the food as I was reading the article!

          • BMCHB

            Act 1: Lots of GSU
            Act 2: Lots of Burgers
            Act 3? Act 3? Act 3, where are you?

  • Scott Serradell
  • GoOnMakeMyDay

    Don’t read or you’ll never write, er … eat at a restaurant again! Trust me, IN and Out takes on a whole ‘nother meaning. And … just as an fyi, the most frequently mentioned fast food restaurant offenders? All of them.

    Not to put a damper on this excellent article or anything like that.

  • carsonreeves1

    My rationalization is that it’s all fresh real food, so the calories are, like, cut in half.

    Pretty sure some food scientist somewhere can support me on that.

    • Erica

      Business luncheons are also only counted as half, as the other half of the calories is a write-off.

      It’s no In and Out Burger, but this is a tasty burger from a restaurant close to my place.

      • BMCHB

        Is it just me or does that look like JAWS? …but tastier…

    • Angie

      Not a scientist but I do know fresh food also contains calories. My doctor always says dinosaurs were vegetarian.

      100 calories – one 7 oz ultra lean patty
      200 for two
      200 – two slices of cheese
      120 – Hamburger bun
      290 – French fries

      Minimum 810 calories, Haven’t counted the sauce but that has to be high in sugar. This is great for you. A man, probably tall and very physically active, but for a five two woman, not so much.

      • BMCHB
      • RW

        “Dinosaurs were vegetarians” and look what happened to them. :)

        • Poe_Serling

          Speaking of large creatures…

          Anything happening with your award-winning horror script

          I’m still hoping Carson gives it a spin on one of the upcoming

        • PQOTD

          Don’t knock dinosaurs; they were around for the best part of 50 million years in various guises before (the likeliest candidate) a big ol’ meteoroid’s impact caused a nuclear winter that they couldn’t survive.

    • klmn

      Burgers and fries go in, your waistline goes out.

      Until you need bigger SHORTS!

  • carsonreeves1

    I have heard about this ranking. Clearly, the fix was in.

    Seriously, though, the two restaurants take such a different approach to their burgers and fries. It’s hard to compare them.

  • brenkilco

    My plots are more like McDonald’s patties. You know, so small and meager that they have to let em hang over one edge of the bun because if they put it in the center the bun would cover the whole thing and to a reader, I mean a customer, it would just look like a bread sandwich. Now my characters are more like a small order of undercooked nuggets…..

  • UPB13

    Five Guys is better. So is Whataburger.

    • brenkilco

      Not on the west coast but Five Guys is good enough for me.

      • UPB13

        I should add that Five Guys will give you a heart attack and the others won’t.

      • Ninjaneer

        Five Guys is in the Sacramento area. Their fries are my favorite. The burger is fine (Habit Burger is just as good for half the price)

        I’d go there a lot more but it’s sooo expensive. It’s ironic that they have a big poster inside that says “Voted best value” when it’s literally the most expensive fast food burger meal (at least where I go). My burger, fries and drink come out to be around $15.

        • brenkilco

          If you get the little burger and little fries, neither of which is remotely little, you can get out for around eleven with a drink. Still not the cheapest.

    • Bacon Statham

      The first time I had a Five Guys I was in the middle of being really sick, so I couldn’t enjoy the chips (fries) as much as I wanted to, but the moment I bit into that burger I immediately thought that’s how you make a burger. I don’t mind the chips, they’re decent enough, but I couldn’t eat them all the time. I’d sooner buy two burgers or a burger and milkshake than chips. Funnily enough the second time I went with my partner we’d waited that long for our food, the manager came over and offered us a voucher to use next time we came or a free milkshake each. Milkshake all the way.

    • ScriptChick

      Whataburger love!!! For me it’s their chicken sandwiches and spicy ketchup

  • Yas

    Fantastic article, Carson!

    We don’t have an In N Out in Newcastle, UK but we have got a Tasty Turk Kebab and Munchies!!



    *Somewhere in LA right now, an Executive with no talent is planning a “Connected Universe”.

    What if burgers were characters?

    “We could have a big burger and a small burger and a medium burger and they could join up and save the world”

  • carsonreeves1

    Yeah, I think they triple fry them or something, which is why they’re so tasty (and double the calories!). :)

  • Circled Square

    The Last Of Us script is out there. Has anyone read this thing yet?


    Funk that. Four guys. That’s my plan.

    Please stop at this highway restroom….


    Carson’s advice tastes good BUT the girls don’t love me anymore….


    Sorry for my personal pic… I deleted it.

  • fragglewriter

    Great article Carson, and so timely.

    I had the most unfortunate pleasure of watching the advance screening of BAYWATCH last night, and it was HORRENDOUS. The story was blah and the jokes were inorganic. Basically, the story is this, drugs wash up on the Rock’s shore and he investigates who is the masterplan of the operation. To add conflict, you have a washed-up pretty boy Zac, who use to be a swimmer a la Ryan Locate, whose partying ways cost him his third Gold Olympic gold medal. Seriously, not kidding. The women character’s on the beach do not fare much better are they were thin, pun intended.

    There was no originality in the story, even though every thing has been done before, but the many story ideas and two screenwriters – that’s an indication that the people behind the movie had no idea the germane of the idea or how the story should develop. They thought they could do a few raunchy (dick jokes) and show boobies, and the movie would sell itself – #NoGoBro.

    Not even with the top headliner and so-so second billings of Zac and Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra – how could you cast her as the villain, and solely allow her to catwalk in and out in scenes in scantily clad attire is beyond me. This film is a wanna be 21 Jump Street, sans the jokes, Tatum & Hil’s chemistry and Ice Cube’s F*c da Police attitude, oh wait, there was an angry black cop played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

    Did I mention that I only watched 1hour and 15-minutes of this movie and left before any cameos from the Hoff and Pam Lee? Also, that I feel asleep at least four times during the movie, even though I consumed three cups of coffee earlier that day?

    I saw the indie movie SLEIGHT about two weeks ago. It wasn’t for me. The movie had about two good set pieces, but the entire gamut of his magic tricks to saving the day was a big let down, not to mention why he wasn’t dead from that rusty coil in his arm. Oops spoiler alert.

    I saw THE WALL last week. It was decent and the ending was surprising, even though I read the script a few months ago.

    Other than the two movies above, there are really some good movies being released this summer, which I am surprised about due to the fact last year was eh. I plan to see:

    1) Kingsman 2
    2) The Dark Tower
    3) Once Upon a Time in Venice
    4) The Hitman’s Bodyguard
    5) Girls’ Trip
    6) Thor (this is a big consider as I haven’t watched the first two films)
    7) The Beguiled
    8) Wakefield (debating on how this story could possible develop if he lives across the street from the family)
    9) Captain Underpants
    10) Beatriz at Dinner
    11) It Comes at Night (I don’t like horror and I feel the ending might be a la M. Knight Shyamalan
    12) Ingrid Goes West (debating but it looks really good)
    13) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    There might be another movie or three tossed in.

    • BMCHB

      Kingsman 2, because the first was great IMO.

      Captain Underpants: I just want to see if the’ll R-it… It has to be an R

  • Poe_Serling

    Since today’s post is wrapped in a whole lot of fun…

    I just wanted mention that TCM again is serving up its own plate of
    delectable creature features tonight:

    >>Them! – one of the very best in this subgenre of horror.
    >>Godzilla – international fare that introduced the pop culture
    icon to the world.
    >>It Came from Beneath the Sea – featuring stop motion effects by
    the legendary Ray Harryhausen.
    >>The Giant Behemoth – the title says it all.
    >>The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues – I’ve never seen this one, so
    I don’t know much about it.
    >>The Magnetic Monster – directed and co-written by Curt Siodmak –
    screenwriter of such classics as The Wolf Man and I Walked with
    a Zombie. Starring Richard ‘Black Lagoon’ Carlson.

    • brenkilco

      You know how to tell a real connoisseur of fifties drive-in scifi? Somebody who can tell Richard Carlson and Hugh Marlowe apart.

      Love the title Giant Behemoth. This aint no standard size behemoth. I mean this is one friggin big behemoth.

      • Poe_Serling

        So true about Carlson and Marlowe.

        For me, I’m probably more familiar with Carlson’s output – due
        to his starring turn in one of my all-time favs Creature from the
        Black Lagoon.

        But Marlowe had a couple memorable sci-fi/horror flicks on
        his acting resume too – The Day the Earth Stood Still and
        Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.

    • E.C. Henry

      Reminds me of the days of my youth, when I used look forward to the “creature feature” re-runs that a station in Chicago (where I lived until I was 11) used to play on Friday and Saturday nights.


    Make no mistake; this is Scott Crawford’s fault.

    The next time I check in here [probably tomorrow] I’ll be thinking which sides I want with my burger.

    • Angie

      Okay, one last comment. According to my boyfriend, who snoops over my shoulder whenever I’m on line (the reason I’m not around much), is that ounce for ounce beer has less calories, fat and cholesterol than a milk shake.

      Over and out for today.

      • BMCHB

        You have a boyfriend, Angie. I KNEW you were a real girl!

      • Thaddeus Arnold

        There’s a reason they call it a beer belly.

  • E.C. Henry

    Carson, you and I are VERY DIFFERENT. I have a tendency to internally rebuff most of over simplifications that you make. What does a character want? This is a very simple way of minimizing a person. Whenever someone boils what should be a very complex person down to simply what they want, I roll my eyes.

    That said, I do LOVE this new I do like the relatively new concept, at least it feels fresh and new. IN: the plot events come at the character and force action. OUT: the character’s actions now affect the plot. Simplification? Maybe, but good simplification too. A different approach to building a building a better mousetrap.

  • Master John Moss

    Knowing Carson’s love for In-N-Out Burger, I wrote it into my two short script submissions.

  • Justin

    In-n-Out makes everything better.

  • Nina Craft

    My scripts are more like a Dominos pizza, they’re made too quickly to be truly memorable, but might satisfy you if you’re really hungry. The crust is like the first act and baked to perfection but as you creep up into the middle it starts to feel undercooked because I ran out of ideas. Also there are too many toppings(characters). Also, I’m hungry now.

    • carsonreeves1


  • fragglewriter

    Any thoughts?


    • BMCHB

      Is that you or your friends?

      • fragglewriter

        Neither LOL

    • Scott Serradell

      Thank you for sharing this.

      My take from the outset is that blind luck is still nothing without perseverance and hard work. The filmmaker mentions its been a 10 year struggle to reach this point (his work getting a wide distribution) and a precursory glance at his IMDB sheet lists only a couple of other entries (shorts, I think.) In all that time I’m certain he thought of throwing in the towel on more than one occasion; that’s a long time for a dream to remain a dream.

      What’s interesting is two things:

      First, that he presents himself, as the filmmaker, in the fore, with his documentary kind of floating in the background. It’s a trend I see more and more — where it’s almost necessary for a filmmaker to market themselves as well market their work — and I have to think it’s because a filmmaker can maintain interest on social media (with updates, accruing followers, building a base) almost more effectively than simply marketing a story with an advertising campaign. This is an opportunity that independent filmmakers never had before.

      Secondly: It puts an interesting emphasis on Netflix. It seems as though this filmmaker saw them as the goal and not simply a means — as though getting his work on there was the best possible scenario for his documentary. I may have interpreted that wrongly, but to me that’s a strange perspective. Among younger filmmakers is Netflix seen as a best platform? Or just a better one? And how does that fare next to traditional distribution (i.e. the theater)? I’m curious to hear more about this — especially with the current Netflix debate/controversy going on currently at Cannes.

      • fragglewriter

        That’s what I was thinking too as well. I sort-of started my own website – I need to finish designing it- so that I can develop writing either short stories or funny musings along with my scripts.

        What I did question was his strong desire to have his work distributed by Netflix. I;m not aware of their business model for original material, but I felt that with his persistence, he might not have been able to negotiate in more favorable terms if he felt the deal would not be financially sound.

        I was looking at Amazon studios for my script since it’s a low-budget Drama that would get me a screenwriting credit. In my opinion, the movie would be available to more people (subscribers), even though their decision to click, and hopefully watch and rate a movie would be most beneficial to Amazon/Netflix as it decides what material to acquire in the future. Favorable reviews would lead to more favorable critic reviews such as 13 Reasons Way and Transparent, more awards and more subscribers.

        As for the Cannes situation, I think it’ll take a few more years before streaming studios can convince Cannes and the Academy about streaming being the new norm. With the cost of ticket prices and the uncertainty in the economy it’s makes financial sense for families, and the cost-conscious, to subscribe to a streaming studio than risk paying around $16, not including concession stand prices, for a movie that they might not enjoy. If it’s in their home, they just give a bad rating and/or review and click it off instead of commuting home.


    Hey, Midnight, your posts arrive hours later and I can’t reply to them.

  • Citizen M

    As well as IN and OUT, you also need UP and DOWN — the old emotional roller-coaster.


    Don’t say that, Midnight. Please don;t type it here,

    The black dog is always barking in my head – it’s why I write nice things and happy endings.

    I’m crying now after what you wrote…

    Not your fault

  • carsonreeves1

    This man sounds very wise.

    • klmn

      2 X 480 + 400 = 1360

  • deanb

    This reminds me of a half-baked screenplay I cooked up in my “see-whatever-shit-sticks” phase about a gang dressing up in fast food mascots to commit drive-by assaults on local burger joints as part of a government conspiracy to buy up real estate. Title: Fast Food Firing Squad.

    This tasty article also makes me think of how you could represent directors/writers with food:

    Tarantino – A bloody-as-hell burger cooked rare, salty fries, a crunchy strudel for dessert, and a giant black and white milkshake. And the waiter keeps calling you “motherfucker.”

    Michael Bay – Microwave fried chicken dinner, but first you have to drink ten beers, so the crappy dinner actually tastes delicious, but you wake up with a killer headache. Eaten on an American-flag themed tablecloth, with the Star Spangled Banner playing, and fireworks exploding around you while you eat.

    M. Night Shyamalan – A pile of mystery meat that starts out tasting awesomely delicious, but gradually gets worse, until you’re doubled over in agony.

    Ridley Scott – Live octopus. And a hunky side of roast beef. Served with communion wine and a wafer for dessert.

    J.J. Abrams – Nothing. The waiter promises you a T-bone steak, then proceeds to move you from table to table, only for nothing to be on each plate.

    Max Landis – Corndogs, rolls of bologna, sushi, and cotton candy because why the hell not?

    • PQOTD

      That’s pretty funny, Dean. Especially ‘the waiter keeps calling you “motherfucker.”‘

    • Breezy

      I thought you were going to put

      Max Landis – SKITTLES

      and call it a day.
      Dude’s love affair with rainbows is on the nose dialogue.



  • carsonreeves1

    hopefully we’ll be announcing the top 10 soon. next couple of weeks? group pray that we get it done. :)

    • Poe_Serling

      Thanks for the update, Carson!


      That will be a record-breaking comment day for sure!

  • klmn
  • Breezy
    • PQOTD

      Your chances of making a high seven-figure sale on a spec script by getting into an elevator with Harvey Weinstein are probably greater than getting Carson to go vegan. He might risk it for a day or two if you can entice him into a bet on something, but I don’t fancy your chances, Breezy.