We’re almost there, my friends. And I have to say, this has been one crazy journey. At times frustrating, at other times maddening, but ultimately, it’s been incredibly rewarding. As I transition into the producing side of things, I expect these writers to be the collaborators who help me cross over. I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of scripts got through? Well, for the top 15, it was easy. There was no doubt in my mind with these scripts. From there, things got a little tougher. I’d have to make judgment calls that weren’t easy. Some scripts had great concepts, but the execution wasn’t there. Some had solid execution, but the concept wasn’t marketable. There was one script with a concept so amazing, but whose execution was just average, that I agonized over for days. I suppose these are the same thoughts that go through producers’ minds all the time. Weighing the pros and the cons. What I’m most excited about, however, is these writers. I know that all of them, regardless of whether these specific scripts do well on the market, have a future in this business if they want it. I’ve been on the phone with agents and managers getting them psyched up for these new potential clients, so the opportunity will be there for them. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Good luck to all!!!