Today I’d like to discuss an often overlooked aspect of screenwriting – the angle. The “angle” one tells his/her story from is often what separates the pros from the amateurs. You see, coming up with an idea is only half the battle. Once you’ve done that, you need to figure out the way you’re going to tell that idea. This is the “angle.” And it can turn a boring idea into something extraordinary.

This hit me like a bolt of lightning recently when I caught the new Showtime show, “The Affair.” Now let me ask you a question. Take a look at the poster above. Between that and the title, what are you imagining this show to be like? If you’re anything like me, you probably imagined a straight-forward soap-opera like story about a man who’s bored with marriage who engages in an affair.

And if you’re anything like me, you probably said, “That sounds boring as hell.” It’s not to say that it can’t be good. Maybe they execute the shit out of that idea and it turns out solid. But here’s how I see it. If the premise of your show/movie is something that is often the subplot of other shows/movies, it’s probably not a very strong idea.

And then I watched the show.

And I was blown away.

The genius of this show is the ANGLE. Here’s how it works. We meet a family man, Noah, with four kids and a wife he met in college. The family heads up to their beach summer home, and it’s there where Noah runs into local waitress, Alison. Alison is also married, but, as we’ll find out later, having problems in her marriage due to the loss of their child.

So far, so boring, right?

Except the first half of the show is from Noah’s point of view and the second half is from Alison’s point of view. The show had me hooked after a particular scene late in the pilot. We’d already seen this scene once from Noah’s point of view. In it, Noah comforts Alison after she’s shaken up from his daughter choking. In that scene, Noah is wearing slouchy shorts, a lazy wrinkled shirt, and he looks every bit the role of the overworked parent. In other words, his view of himself. He’s also very bumbling when he speaks to Alison, a woman he’s obviously a little attracted to. She looks sleek and perfectly put together in the scene, and she always seems to say the perfect thing.

Later, in Alison’s version of events, Noah is now wearing a buttoned up stylish shirt. He looks more tanned, more handsome. She, on the other hand, is the bumbling mess trying to get the right sentence out. Her look is pale, her teeth just a tinge less white, her hair a mess. In other words, how she sees herself. The show, then, is a brilliant study not just of two different points of view of the same events, but in how we see ourselves in this world compared to how others see us.

Yet a third element of the show is a running voice over from both characters recounting the affair to a detective. It appears that someone, at some point, was killed, and the police are looking into it. The details of this affair are helping them piece together what may have happened.  This, of course, is why we’re getting both sides of the affair – because each person is telling their version.

This, my friends, is what you refer to as “angle.” An affair is boring. It has been done a billion times before. Sarah Treem found an angle, however, that made it fresh, that made it different.

The power of “angles” first struck me in my interview with Ben Ripley about his amazing screenplay, Source Code. Ben admitted to struggling with the idea, at first, of a train wreck involving time travel. He wrote a number of drafts that started after the train had crashed, with a mysterious government group coming in to use a new technology that allowed them to go back in time to figure out what happened. It was a very straight-forward version of the idea, he conceded.


It wasn’t until fooling around with the idea for awhile that he realized he needed to place the story inside the point of view of one of the passengers on the train. That was the “angle” that turned another boring sci-fi idea into one of the best screenplays of the decade.

What are some other examples of “angle” elevating a screenplay? Well, let’s say eight years ago I pitched you an idea about a group of guys who have a crazy bachelor party in Las Vegas. “It’s going to be awesome!” I claimed. “Think of all the zany wacky adventures that could happen to a group of guys partying in Vegas.” Yet the look on your face conveys one of confusion. “That sounds like the most boring straight-forward idea ever,” your eyes say.

What if I then said, “Well wait, let’s change the angle. What if instead of chronicling the night itself. What if they got so wasted they don’t remember anything from the night before. And in the process, they lost the groom! So the movie takes place the next day, as they try and piece together where they were so they can find the groom and make it back to the wedding in time.” Boom, your face lights up. “Now THAT’S a movie!” This is the same general concept, just told from a different angle.

There was no one more flummoxed by the overspending they were doing on this JJ Abrams pilot called, “Lost,” than Disney head Michael Eisner. “I don’t get it,” he would tell anyone who listened. “They crash on the island. Then what???” Eisner was quick to note that the pilot would be exciting. But wouldn’t the viewers get bored when, by episode 10, they were coming up with the 8th different way to try and find a way home?

Eisner clearly hadn’t read the series bible, which stated the unique angle the show would be explored by. Instead of some traditional, “Try to get off the island” show, each episode would be dedicated to going back in time to explore one of the passenger’s lives before the crash. These backstory reveals would then be woven into the present day island story in a way that brought the two worlds together. This was the “angle” by which Lost became one of the greatest television shows in history.

Now I don’t want to scare you. You shouldn’t try to find some amazing never-before-seen angle for your movie/show every time out. Some stories are best told in a simple straightforward manner. E.T. is a wonderful heartwarming movie. I’m not sure it would’ve benefitted by some wild angle like being told backwards or from the point of view of the alien.

Generally speaking, the more common the subject matter, the more the need for an angle. Without the jumping-around-in-the-relationship aspect of 500 Days of Summer, it’s just a straight-forward story about a couple who wasn’t right for each other.

Also keep in mind that you’re not always going to find the angle right off the bat. Sometimes you have to get into the story and write a few drafts before you realize the story could be better told another way. This is exactly what happened with Source Code. Sadly, a lot of writers will get a few drafts into a script and, even though they know it’s not working, say to themselves, “Well, I’ve already committed to this angle. I might as well play it out.” No. No no no no no no no. Why put more time into something that’s not working? Feel out the angles. Look for one that’s more exciting.

And now for some fun. Let’s see if you learned anything from today’s article. Below, I’m going to give you an idea. In the comments, I want you to pitch your ANGLE for that idea. Whoever comes up with the best angle (in my opinion), I’ll give them an AUTOMATIC BID into the SCRIPTSHADOW 250 CONTEST. Make sure to upvote the angles you like. I’m curious to see the popular consensus winner as well. Good luck!

A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

Feel free to pitch either a movie or a TV show. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow on Amateur Friday. Good luck!

  • Off the top of my head

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Six months later, the family returns back. But the father can’t tell people what happened… because this is his secret second family and he doesn’t want his wife and other children to find out.

  • carsonreeves1

    By the way, in case it wasn’t clear, the winner gets an automatic bid with whatever screenplay they want to enter. They don’t have to turn this specific Bermuda Triangle idea into a script. Although if a bunch of people tell him/her it’s a great idea, they may want to.

    • Linkthis83

      You better at least read my pitch. I’m located somewhere around comment 181 – lol.

  • fd

    Oh please let their family dog be the narrator!

  • romer6

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle. The pilot begins when the two children, a boy and a girl, are found one year later, speaking a strange and unknown language, displaying incredible intelligence and a complete change in personality. The series will revolve around a highly skilled but skeptical psychologist who tries to find out what happened to the family during the trip as well as the fate of the parents and the grandfather of the children, a reclusive and secretive man, to whom is entitled the guard of the children despite having never had a close relationship with his son, the father.

    • Guy

      Great. One question… what happens in each episode. Do they have different adventures or is it just the drip, drip, drip of backstory?

      • romer6

        That´s a good question. Probably we can make like Lost and more recently like Arrow and use flashbacks to investigate these characters a little further. And throw not an adventure per se but a theme to structure each episode. But, of course, the “meat” of the series will be the solving of the misteries we present in the pilot.

  • Mr. Blonde

    Movie. Title: Bermuda, Phentalos.

    A dysfunctional family must come together after their cruise ship is sucked into the Bermuda Triangle, sending them 17 trillion light years into space to the planet of Phentalos, where an alien civilization is engaged in civil war and that, with every breath they take, the air becomes more toxic and deadly.

  • Matthew Garry

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle: as witnessed by a lost albatross from above, and from something lurking below the waterline, where sounds from within the hull carry far.

    A modern horror interpretation of the “Book of Job,” except, “not even prayers escape from the Triangle.”

  • Michael Rusk

    My Bermuda Triangle story would be told from an unknown dimension inside a magnetic anomaly. The ‘beings’ that live inside the anomaly spend most days wondering why the hell planes and boats full of humans keep turning up out of nowhere. The twist would be that life inside the anomaly is so good, everybody who’s ever drifted inside it have decided to stick around and not go back home. When the family enter, they have to persuade ‘the drifted’ to come back. It ends with every single person that has ever been lost at the Bermuda Triangle returning on the family boat.

    See ya’ll at next years Oscars!

    • Randy Williams

      They’re gonna need a bigger boat.
      Love this idea, though!

  • Morguloth

    Movie Title: “Missing”

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Blair Witch meets Life of Pi

    Do it found footage style, where we see an edited version of events (presented by the sole survivor to authorities after rescue). Then, detectives or forensic scientists recover deleted footage from digital memory and we see a series of scenes that shed a horrifying new light on what really happened.

    • carsonreeves1

      Out of the 7-8 submitted so far, this is my favorite.

    • G.S.

      Crap! Right after I’d read the article, I had about the same idea! Upvote from me and back to the drawing board…

    • Mike Caggiano

      Cool concept. But it was done really well in a 2012 spec BERMUDA by Nathan Brookes & Bobby Lee Darby – In the vein of “Paranormal Activity” and “The Blair Witch Project,” after a documentary film crew go missing in the Bermuda Triangle, only their recovered film footage holds the clues to their fate.

      It’s a great spec, but I don’t think it ever sold.

  • charliesb

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Peter is found in the water clinging to a piece of drift wood. When taken in to the authorities on the mainland and questioned, he is hazy about the details but inquires about the rest of his family. He is isolated and his repeated requests to make a phone call are ignored. Eventually he is fed and drugged, and when he comes to, he is in a different facility. There a woman identifies herself as Dr. Stone and gets Peter to recount the story of the “fateful trip”. From the beginning of the vacation to the storm they encountered when they went off course to him being knocked overboard.

    His wife comes to see him, and while he is happy that she is ok, he doesn’t understand what is going on. She cries a lot and eventually leaves. Peter is told by Dr. Stone that 3 years have passed since his family went on that boating trip. He has a hard time accepting that. He escapes the facility and makes it back home. He peeks in the windows and is startled to see another version of himself in the kitchen. Just as he’s about to reach for the front door handle he is captured by the people from the facility and shoved into a black SUV…

  • Doug

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle. A Bermudan fisherman happens upon the boat, which strangely looks just like the boat his father saw during the second world war. The fisherman’s father had told the story numerous times to the other fishermen, including his (then) young son, but no-one believed him because it was so fanciful. In the story, the father boarded the boat, which had sent up a distress flare. All of the people on the boat gave a different story as to why they were in distress. But the father never told the end of the story, claiming he was sworn to secrecy. He took the secret to the grave.

    In the current story, the Bermudan fisherman also boards the boat after a distress flare is sent up, and discovers a similar dysfunctional group of people. Once again, each gives a different reason for the distress signal. The family are strangely old-fashioned in their manners and dress, and the boat appears to have no modern conveniences. The family claim they are enthusiasts of classic boats. Each member of the family confides in the fisherman a secret, asking that he not share anything with the other family members.

    • Doug

      BTW, this is a feature.

  • fd

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle and shipwreck on an unchartered island ruled by a Mugabe-like king. To save the family from slavery, the parents have to nominate one of their three daughters to be a sacrifice to the Volcano God, but when the king’s son falls in love with one of the daughters, the family sees an opportunity to not only all survive, but to become allies to the ruling family and gain power over the island’s enormous opium reserves.
    It’s Lost meets Breaking Bad meets The Bachelor meets Game of Thrones meets…

  • carsonreeves1

    Helpful suggestion – please convey whether yours is a PILOT or FEATURE pitch. With some of these pitches, it’s not clear.

  • GuyWhoWroteTheThing

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle…

    The film is depicted as a series of flashbacks in a psychotherapy session with the father, who has supposedly rescued his family and brought them out of danger. The therapist, however, pushes further and further into the subject, and discovers flaws in the account: little twists of logic and coincidence. So he keeps going, like a sort of psychological detective, trying to pry the answers out of the father’s head.

    • Malibo Jackk

      There was a TV movie a few years back (based on a true story) which told the story from the standpoint of an attractive woman on trial for murder. They used flashbacks as she was testifying about the disappearance of a boat and the couple on board.
      The boat, a sailboat, was eventually located in the Virgin Islands. But the couple were missing.
      And no one could find them — until a chest washed up on shore.

      • klmn

        I read the book that was based on. IIRC it was written by the prosecutor in the Charles Manson case.

  • Malibo Jackk

    By a strange coincidence…
    One of my scripts has all the mentioned elements — but not that logline.
    (Unfortunately, it’s not finished and I have five projects in front of it.)

  • Zapotage

    On the verge of divorce, the bickering parents of an outcast son take a boating trip as a last resort to save their marriage and family. Battling seasickness, storms and other disasters they drift through the Bermuda triangle where the ghost of the boy’s great grandfather, a WWII pilot that disappeared here, haunts the vessel, leaving clues to famous Triangle mysteries. The broken family have no choice, but to work together to solve the Bermuda Triangle mystery and find a way home.

  • Pooh Bear


    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle

    Cast Away meets Jaws


    The boat runs a drift on some shallow corals. There’s a small island off in the distance. Incapacitated with no rescue insight, the family must scuttle the boat and take the inflatable dingy towards the distant island. They must navigate a gauntlet of dangerous swells, unpredictable winds and hungry sharks. Of course the dingy isn’t very seaworthy and we lose dad in the process so it’s up to mum to save the children and get to this island. Once on the island, it becomes a survival story where mum must keep her children safe and fend off a ravenous island jaguar.

  • Kimmo Häkäri

    Okay, here goes something I threw together. PILOT:

    A few years after a rocky divorce and having been denied from seeing his kids, MATT watches a news story where a family has gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle. To his shock the footage shows his ex-wife and kids, and Matt himself leaving on the boat trip. Matt must pull his shit together to discover what has happened to his family and who is the doppelgänger who has apparently been living with his family this entire time.

  • leitskev

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle and must battle twisted replicas of themselves.

    Damn, I need coffee, that sucks.

  • brenkilco

    A Coast guard vessel, or british equivalent, recovers the drowned bodies of the family amid the remains of their sunken vessel. We cut to the boat entering the triangle days earlier. The family is fractured: mom’s infidelity, dad’s cowardice, the daughter’s addiction and perhaps the threat of violence from the lowlife boyfriend she’s brought along. Tensions mount, but then the movie starts to fracture. scenes and bits of dialogue repeat with different emphasis and result. It eventually becomes apparent that the triangle is some sort of multiverse junction and that various versions of the family’s fate are playing out, each keyed to a different character. In all the versions tragedy seems inevitable but in the cross cutting climax only the scuzzy boyfriend’s story thread leads to disaster. The family members overcome their flaws and resentments, save themselves and each other. The stories fuse into one. The single boat sails out of the triangle and the family throws a friendly wave to a passing coast guard cutter as we fade out.

    Hey, waddaya want off the top of my head?

    • leitskev

      Needs to be simplified for pitch purposes.

      So maybe this:

      A family traveling in the Bermuda Triangle becomes caught in a fractured time loop that forces them to replay various parts of events as they work out their issues.

      Ground Hog Day but with multiple characters whose timelines intersect and their ultimate fate is connected.

  • carsonreeves1

    There are a few cool ideas in here but I think there are too many things going on overall.

  • carsonreeves1

    Lots of you are influenced by the “different points of view” narrative I highlighted from The Affair. Don’t let points of view be the only way to find an angle. There are literally thousands of other angles out there.

  • Gregory Mandarano

    Bermuda Triangle is clearly an animation FEATURE in the vein of Lilo and Stitch.

    When two parents find out their young daughter only has a year left to live, they decide to sell their house and buy a sailboat, so she can see the world before she dies. She’s never even swam before, and they want her to conquer her fears, particularly her fear of strangers, and of being on her own. After learning to swim on a peaceful day, a storm hits, and when the boat capsizes, the parents end up on a deserted island, thinking their daughter lost to the storm.

    BUT the same storm also causes a young, xenophobic alien to get separated from his Earth-tourist family. The little alien saves the little girl, and together their underwater adventure leads them to find the lost city of Atlantis (a population alien destination spot). Their blossoming friendship lead them both save the alien’s parents from a tyrannical Octopus that took over Atlantis, as well as rescue her parents from the island.

    It’s a heart-warming tale about the true meaning of friendship, and that we are all in need of a friend, no matter how different we all might appear be. In the end the little girl is cured of her illness, and both the girl, and the alien’s family’s are reunited in friendship.

    • susanrichards

      ahahahaha we are on the same wavelength :)

  • deanb

    Feature Title: CURRENT

    The Running Man meets The Truman Show

    In the future, dangerous criminals are sent through an oceanic gauntlet incorporating the supernatural forces within the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, and televised internationally. Four strangers: a charismatic serial killer, a psychopathic but seductive ex-soccer mom, a teen gangster, and a 12-year prodigy with a predilection for arson comprise “the family,” and must somehow work together to survive the obstacles, which are voted on by an audience of millions.

    But the real key to survival is to win over the audience. To “stay current.”

  • susanrichards

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    This is an animated feature. Think “The Croods” meets “Lost” told from the children’s point of view.

    Midlife JACK loses his job to a younger version of himself. To reconnect with the family he drifted from, he schedules a summer long boat trip. When everything possible goes wrong, it is his children who save the day.

  • G.S.

    Pilot: Untitled Bermuda Project

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    A workaholic mom whose recent disability has ended her career, Debra is forced to confront the broken relationships with her husband and two children. Desperate to reconnect with them, she books a private yacht cruise that goes awry. She wakes up at home weeks later and discovers no one – not her family nor the sparse ship’s crew – remembers what happened, but none of them have come away the same. Her husband is oddly happy all the time. Her previously air-headed teenage daughter is suddenly interested in theoretical physics. Her sweet young son seems to be turning into a psychopath. And she keeps seeing the same three people watching her everywhere she goes. She spends her days trying to piece together what happened.

    Events during the missing weeks play out in parallel scenes as she investigates.

    • ximan

      “Her sweet young son seems to be turning into a psychopath.”

      The reason I’d be tuning in every week.

      • G.S.

        Honestly, that part got me when I thought of it. I might have to incorporate some of these ideas into another project down the road.

    • EverEndingStory

      Dang, I’m having a hard time picking between this and Scott Stybros’ pitch.

      • G.S.

        Thanks! I think my idea is in good company with Scott’s.

  • Paul Clarke

    A family of four drift into the Bermuda triangle.

    Told from the POV of the children – a teenage boy and his disabled sister who is wheelchair bound and can’t talk. They must free their parents when pirates capture the boat, using Bermuda triangle folklore as cover.

    But along the way they discover the parents planned on tossing the crippled girl overboard to collect the insurance and save them the cost and extreme hassle of raising her.

    • Randy Williams

      You could pitch this, “The Theory of Everything” meets “Captain Phillips”
      Yes, very dark but I like it.

    • carsonreeves1

      Paul Clarke going Paul Darke! :) A little of The Disappointments Room going on there.

  • Somersby

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Jillian’s Island
    TV Pilot
    Comedy. Lord of the Flies meets Gilligan’s Island.
    Hapless Dad has done it again. He has all the high-tech gear in the world and he’s still gotten the family marooned on an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle. Citified Mom can’t live without her manicures and pedicures. Son Todd, 13, had already been struggling to find himself – and now the whole family is lost. And 8-year-old Jillian couldn’t be more delighted with their new circumstances.

    The family soon find others who have been previously marooned – a German family and a Japanese couple – and an eccentric old man who claims to be the island’s only indigenous resident, and hence King.

    Exactly! I can hear you laughing already!

    • carsonreeves1

      One of the few comedy angles. I like it!

    • romer6

      Oh, my, I laughed hard. For real.

    • Agitated Writer

      I didn’t laugh. Sorry. But I like the idea, and can defintiely see it. Of course, I’m a huge fan of Gilligan’s Island ;)

      Don’t see the Lord of the Flies angle though.

  • brenkilco

    Don’t see Source Code as being one of the best screenplays of the decade. In fact two elements in particular keep it from even being first rate. That fact that there is nothing particularly clever or surprising in the ultimate identification and apprehension of the villain. And the let’s break every rule of the universe we’ve created in order to shoehorn in a happy ending windup.

    • fd

      couldn’t agree more: the end of that film was pathetic.

    • carsonreeves1

      I’m talking about the script, not the movie!

  • UrbaneGhoul


    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle, the mother searches the island for her family, but only finds the yacht’s captain. She asks if he’ll build a boat and get them out of there, but he says building a boat isn’t that easy and getting out to sea isn’t the best situation if you don’t know where to go.

    This trip was to be the last family vacation after she and her husband get a divorce and that wasn’t just his place of work, but his home. He’s an infamous ponzi schemer who escaped to a non-extradition country with the only thing not in his name, a yacht. They begin relationship over the next year, but questions if he’s willing to be rescued since he’ll be arrested.

    Her family were rescued and her husband has played grieving husband, really playing up the act for the cameras and failed searches over the islands while the FBI continues their search for the ponzi schemer.

  • Scott Strybos


    • ximan


    • Scott Strybos

      I’m going to try and write this. This was a great exercise. Thanks, Carson.

    • Randy Williams

      Love this idea. One of those damn if you do, damn if you don’t, stories that can really grab.

    • Matthew Ballen

      Very cool!

    • ArabyChic

      Perhaps another ghost from the past, this one a lot less friendly, appears too? Dredging up old family secrets and threatening to tear them apart? Which then might raise the question, are any of them still alive?

    • hackofalltrade

      I had planned to put my hat in the ring until I saw this one. It’s too good to beat. It would be a great story if you got a free entry into the SS250 and then won as a result. Kudos.

    • Ninjaneer

      Sounds kinda like the movie Triangle (2009). Very cool idea though :)

    • Ninjaneer

      End Twist to your idea:

      One of the parents dies and then it’s revealed that the girl is not actually their child. It’s really a shapeshifting being.

    • charliesb

      This is the one. Great job.

    • lesbiancannibal
      • Midnight Luck

        Yeah Carson covered the French version LES REVENANTS quite a while back. I saw a lot of the episodes, and they were fantastic.

    • Eric

      Actually reminds me of Solaris more than anything. I’m imagining a last ditch attempt to go the long haul that involves leaving one parent and the daughter on a life raft in the Triangle while the other parent races back to shore in an attempt to get supplies.

      • Scott Strybos

        Last night, as I was working out the plot, I remembered Solaris. The ideas are similar. But I am still going to keep going.

    • Zapotage

      I really dig this idea, Scott. You have a simple story with complex characters plus goals, stakes and urgency wrapped up in a perfect package. You’ve got my vote.

  • ximan

    This is fun! Here’s mine:

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Told from the point of view of a mysterious boy the family finds drifting at sea, whose presence seems to scramble all of the ships navigational instruments, and who turns out to be the Trojan Horse of alien race that has been abducting human beings and their ships for centuries.

  • kent

    ANGLE: A Robert Altman take on the Bermuda Triangle with 4 intersecting stories that begin with a distant sea-level POV thru binoculars as a shark with a tracking beacon on its dorsal fin is shot by a sniper from a drug-running Cessna just before eating 10-year-old Nancy who was being towed on a 3mph joy-ride in an inflatable dingy behind the family sailboat as it accidentally drifts into the triangle.

  • mulesandmud

    This place is looking a little like Walmart on Black Friday – everybody try not to get trampled in the riot, please.

    I suspect my comment may be drown in the ocean of pitches, but let’s remember that ‘angle’ doesn’t have to be as extreme as a RASHOMON-style retelling of events, or a point-of-view shot, or anything so literally subjective as that.

    For every scene of every story you ever write, you should ask yourself: Who’s point of view am I seeing this moment from? How can I use that to my advantage, to reveal the things I want to, in the order I want to? Who brings me into the scene? Who brings me out of it? Who am I learning new information with? Whose emotions am I feeling most strongly? These questions help remind you who’s story you’re telling, and why.

    Our point of view can and should shift over the course of a film or even the course of a scene, especially at key moments when dramatic story turns reframe our perspective.

    RESERVOIR DOGS is an excellent study in point of view.

    Firstly, by setting itself mostly in the aftermath of a heist gone wrong, it gives us a fresh perspective on a crime story. Next, it pieces together the events through flashbacks that focus on each of the various criminals involved as we meet them.

    Our point of view moves between those different characters – Mr. White, Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde – until the midpoint twist, when we finally land on our hero, Mr. Orange, who not coincidentally has been unconscious the whole time, and hence the only character whose perspective we haven’t taken.

    At that point, Mr. Orange’s perspective takes over the movie so completely that the entire genre shifts from heist story to police procedural.

    You could have told this story from Orange’s perspective from the beginning, and you would have gotten a pretty familiar undercover cop story. Or from Mr. Pink’s, which would have left you with a gritty crime story about a low level henchman stuck in a job gone wrong. Or from Mr. White’s, an experience heist man roped into one last job.

    By mixing those ‘angles’ in exactly the order that it does, RESERVOIR DOGS sets itself apart from any of those other stories, and carves out a unique identity for itself.

    So, for Carson’s Bermuda Triangle logline, don’t just detail the characters on the boat or the style of the footage. Find a perspective that gets us to the story in a way that feels both unexpected and inevitable. For example, to crib on THE HANGOVER approach a little:

    A woman wakes up at home after recently being lost in the Triangle. She’s still recovering from weeks of starvation and exposure, and the death of her family. She’s plagued by flashback nightmares, but can’t seem to remember how she got off the boat. People are treating her strangely, and she starts to suspect that there’s something supernatural at work, that maybe she’s actually still in the Triangle. Or maybe she’s just traumatized, and is mistaking everyone’s concern for something much darker…

    Now the place we start the story is directly tied to the character’s point of view, which is directly tied to the central drama. That’s the value of this ‘angle’ idea – it’s a way to craft and control the elements of your story through the power of perspective.

    (Note: this is not an entry. I’m not eligible. Good luck all!)

    • Guy

      Yeah, I was gonna post something about heist movies and how most of the best have a different angle – you know, THE HOT ROCK, THE ANDERSON TAPES, QUICK CHANGE, HEIST, and of course HEAT. But like you I thought it would get lost in the stampede. Perhaps another day.

      Or people can just check out those movies for themselves, ’cause they’re all great.

      • brenkilco

        Particularly like the neglected Anderson Tapes. Contains a lot of eccentric New York characters and a very sexy young Dyan Cannon. The bugging angle isn’t really that essential to the story. The book it’s based on actually consists largely of tape transcripts.

    • brenkilco

      POV is so essential to movies. One of Hitchcock’s greatest strengths. Ever read the Ira Levin novel A Kiss Before Dying? It’s been made into movies a couple of times. The movies aren’t that great. The big gimmick of the book depends on point of view. But it ironically couldn’t be duplicated in the films. The first part of the book is told from the killer’s point of view. And the second part from the point of view of a relative investigating the murder. When pov switches we realize that we know everything about the killer. But we don’t know his name or what he looks like so we’re actually just as much in the dark as everybody else. In the movie there was no way to avoid showing the character from the beginning so the angle was lost. Control of pov can be total in a book. Never so complete in a movie.

      • Guy

        William Goldman’s books MARATHON MAN and MAGIC, the aforementioned ANDERSON TAPES – all lost something in the trip to the screen because of POV loss.

        Here’s the best article I know on POV:

        • brenkilco

          And Goldman’s novel Control, which was wholly dependent on concealing the fact that his two principal story threads were taking place in different historical periods, never made it to the screen at all

          • filmklassik

            CONTROL’s big twist was amazing. And the novel itself is a helluva lot of fun. I still remember the scene where the hulking sociopath (Billy Boy?) visits the fortune-teller. And the scene with the veteran cop and his young partner playing “Guess the brand” with various kinds of beer. And the scene where an important character gets thrown down an elevator shaft.

            Jesus Christ, it’s not a great book by any means, but Goldman is so entertaining… and so adept at creating MEMORABLE SCENES… that a lot of it has stuck with me.

      • filmklassik

        A KISS BEFORE DYING is one of the best suspense novels ever written, but — yes — suffered greatly on its way to becoming a motion picture (although the first version, starring a young Robert Wagner, is still pretty good). The novel’s POV gimmick could not be duplicated in any other medium.

        Same goes for James Hilton’s RANDOM HARVEST — a wonderful book whose ultimate twist (which is brilliant, btw) depends entirely on the reader not “recognizing” an important character until the final page. The movie version, while very good in its own right, simply couldn’t deliver the same explosive twist.

        • brenkilco

          Have never read the book and have seen only a few minutes of the movie. Thought it was just a sappy amnesia/love story. And I knew the quote from James Agee about it being a film for people who could happily eat a bowl of shaving soap for breakfast. So maybe I will read it if its got a bang up twist. Of the few bits I have seen of the film one was the scene in the music hall. Speaking of surprise twists, who knew that Greer Garson who spent a fair amount of her career in floor length gowns had about the best pair of legs ever.

          • filmklassik

            Hilton was an inventive guy who wrote very well (I think) but don’t misunderstand, HARVEST, at the end of the day, is still just a smoothly done, resolutely middlebrow love story. That’s it. But I’m a sucker for anything when it’s done to a turn, and the final twist of HARVEST had me tearing up. Hell, I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

            Okay, now that my manhood’s been compromised, I have to go out and chop some firewood. And maybe wrassle a gator. Talk soon!

  • steveblair

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle, and discover a land inhibited by all those lost here since the 15th century. When the family learns of the republic’s plan for a mass suicide to end their eternal curse, they must decipher the mystery of the triangle or never see home again. Then the boy’s iPhone rings.

  • Frankie Hollywood

    Under the Surface

    The Bermuda Triangle’s supposed to be a hot bed for under water alien craft, too. My angle is the government knows the exact time and location of the next alien abduction (advanced algorithm), so they send in a “family” undercover to get abducted. The family’s mission is to (GPS) tag the alien’s base — and, of course, gather intel.

    You never said what kind of “family.” The family would be recruited and assembled. The “children” could be early 20s (fresh out of the academy) while the parents are “highly trained” agents.

    • LV426

      As a fan of UFO lore and ancient aliens mythos, I dig it.

      The whole USO (underwater submersible objects) hasn’t been used as much in all the UFO/Greys movies and shows out there. So that could be pretty cool to see.

  • craktactor

    TITLE: Lost – Unfound

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    A weekend trip on a borrowed yacht turns nightmarish when the boat goes way off course and crashes on a seemingly unpopulated island, only to learn it’s not as unpopulated as they thought… it’s a private island owned by Will Smith where the family is forced to watch After Earth and The Karate Kid on a constant loop. Is there no escape? Tune in to find out.

    Oh… this is told from Will Smith’s POV. He is the narrator. It turns out this is only a pitch to a studio exec.

  • Felip Serra

    Feature (Black Comedy):

    The Anderssons’ used to be perfect picture of a dysfunctional family. Father, Rob, was overweight, depressed, and failing at his meager career. Mom Alice was addicted to reality television, pills, and was desperate to start an affair with one of the neighborhood teenagers. Claire, their 16 year old daughter, was failing in school, was wildly unpopular, and planned to kill herself on her 17th birthday. And autistic son Jake, 13, wanted nothing more than to be a race car driver…

    Yes, this USED to be the Anderssons’. But last year while on vacation their tour boat accidently ventured into the Bermuda Triangle and while they cannot remember exactly what happened, the experience changed their lives forever…

    Rob dropped the weight, changed careers, and is now very successful. Alice now juggles her Yoga instructing with the PTA. Claire is an Honor Student, Captain of the Swim Team, and fending off boys. Jake’s autism was miraculously “cured”, does equally well in school, and is planning a three month stay in Mexico City to help build houses for the poor…

    This is the Anderssons’ one year later. And they HATE it!

    So they’re returning to the Bermuda Triangle and doing WHATEVER it takes to get their old lives back.

    (Thanks for reading…)

  • Darren

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    From the Dual – POV’s of U.S. and Russian Submarine captains as they search for the boat, containing families of a retired US President and three of the worlds richest men.

  • carsonreeves1

    Whoa, went for a little early morning jog and 24 comments pending. All approved now so we should be up to date. Sorry to make you wait.

  • jay

    TV Pilot: True Detective Season 3

    Detective Miles Chapman is found days later, half-dead, caked in blood, floating in a raft. His partner, Detective Al Brewer recounts his version of events which led to the fateful boat trip: the unsolved murder of a pregnant teen, the explosive finale of Miles’ volatile ten-year marriage, rumor of Brewer’s affair with Miles’ wife and Miles eventual meltdown just days before the trip. Miles recounts the events leading up to the trip, as he slips in and out of a coma. Somehow the murder of the pregnant teen is intricately linked to the fateful trip — and neither Detective’s version of events rings wholeheartedly true.

  • Nick Morris

    Feature: A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    After an encounter with a strange object in the sky, the mother inexplicably wakes in her childhood home to find she has grown 20 years younger.

    Have the last 20 years of her life been erased? Are her kids being held by some extraterrestrial force? Have they even been born?

    She tracks down the young version of her husband and together, the future couple must work together to find their missing children (and missing years) in the only place they know to look — the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

  • LiberalSkewer_SCPatriot

    GUNNS N’ ROSES (Feature)

    Their boat capsizes during a storm, and the Gunn family floats about aimlessly in life jackets — as our attention turns to…

    What’s IN the water.

    Shark fins break the surface – but this isn’t Jaws, Open Water or The Reef.

    Being eaten alive soon becomes the least of their worries…

    The family members, in rapid succession, are literally inhaled beneath the water…

    BLACK. Fade back in on:

    Tim, a teenage son of a Gunn, wakes up in a futuristic room… seemingly alone. Through bleary eyes, he looks out a portal window: Haley’s Comet whizzes by in the distance – he’s in friggin’ outer space. And he’s greeted by Axl Rose, circa 1993. Sayeth Axl: “Welcome to the jungle, Timmy.”

    WTF? Cut to:

    Julie, Tim’s sister, wakes up… in another room, one that looks like it’s straight outta Nemo-ville. Through bleary eyes, she looks out a portal window – and a Megalodon swims by. She’s greeted by Slash, circa 1993 – not that you can see his actual face underneath the Cousin Itt hair. Sayeth Slash: “Fear not, sweet child o’ mine.” Cut to:

    Jane, the mother wakes up… in yet another room; wait – are we in Downtown Abbey, or possibly Rep. Aaron Shock’s congressional office? Through bleary eyes, Jane sees… another pair of eyes staring right back at her. These eyes belong to Izzy Stradlin, circa 1993. Jane says: “Where am I?” Sayeth Izzy: “Would you believe… Paradise City?” Cut to:

    Finally, Rich, the father, wakes up… in a padded room – finds himself in a straightjacket.
    He’s greeted by Duff McKagan, circa 1993. Rich: “What the hell is going on?” Sayeth Duff: “Patience… Rich… just a little patience.”

    Yes, it’s surreal. And what happens next is………………………


  • LostAndConfused

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    A disgruntled affluent family are on their private yacht, when they get sucked into the Bermuda Triangle. When the family wakes up, the children have turned into adults, and the parents into babies. It’s up to the children, who have been sheltered their entire lives, to get their family out of the Bermuda Triangle.

    • Randy Williams

      This is actually, I think, the idea that would sell. These body switch movies seem to do well.

  • Eddie Panta

    Feature Film
    Title: CONTAINED
    Genre: Sci-Fi
    Premise: A modern family’s struggle to survive while lost at sea is witnessed by a stowaway who is the only one among them that knows that they are now trapped inside a teenage alien’s aquarium better known as the Bermuda Triangle.

    The stowaway has a plan for escape, but warns them that their teenage alien capture will use them like playthings in his vicious games where he pits them against other lost and now trapped ships, helicopters, and planes in a battle of survival.


    At first seen through the eyes of the young stowaway… Then, pull out to reveal the Aquarium and the teenage alien as he toys with them.

    Trapped inside the endless blue limbo, the stowaway, a young boy from another time, another ship, has a plan for escape, but will he be able to convince the survivalist dad before it’s too late.

    A school of fish
    Pull out to reveal: An Aquarium.
    Pull out further to reveal: A young boy’s face, glaring through the glass.
    The SOUND of. FOOTSTEPS descending stairs.
    The young boy darts away, hides in a closet.
    Through the slats in the wooden door he watches as a young girl comes down and feeds the fish.
    Close in on a single fish, hopelessly butting its head against the glass.

  • Howie428

    Since most people have gone dark, how about some fun…

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    When they’re rescued they awake and realize they’ve all body swapped… Mom is a hot-teen again, but a hormonal boy. The sexist teen boy is a ten year old girl, who’s now a teen girl and loves it! The vain teen girl is trapped as a six year old boy, who has impulsive fun being the Dad. Worse still, Dad’s vocabulary consists of “Woof” & “Grrr” and Rover now has the body of a grown woman, aka Mom.

    They hate/enjoy their new lives and try to keep the family together as they search for the solution to “WHO’S WHO?”

  • ThomasBrownen

    I think it would be fun to have a TV show in which our ill-fated family runs aground on a previously non-existent ocean ridge. They’re stranded out in the middle of the ocean and they realize that the ocean floor of the Bermuda Triangle is slowly rising… forming a new island. You’d have a cool setting: a dried-up ocean floor, with coral mountains and deep-ocean ridges and maybe a monster or two from the ocean’s hidden depths. But why is the ocean floor rising? Shifting tectonic plates? A volcano that’s about to explode? Something sinister and supernatural? Whatever the cause, our family tries to escape, but Davy Jones’ now-exposed Locker has other plans for them….

  • Casper Chris

    Has more to do with concept than voice.

  • ximan

    Lol! There are no generic movie ideas. Only generic angles.

  • Randy Williams

    Title: Pink Triangle
    Genre: Comedy

    A bachelor fishing party of family members goes awry then they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle. There, they discover that everyone down through history that has disappeared there comes back in another life as gay.

    Then the mermaid shows up…

  • klmn

    It looks like someone threw my entry into moderation. Smart.

  • Mhocommenter

    How is it possible 8:30 in the morning, 95 comments ‘aullready?

    • Guy

      Somebody said free pass to Scriptshadow 250. It’s like that scene in ON THE WATERFRONT where everyone’s fighting each other for jobs and Carson’s like the guy in the background laughing at them.

      Only joking. It’s great to see the amount of enthusiasm today!

  • Eric

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle…

    For ten minutes, before correcting course and returning home. Once they get home however, they discover they’ve entered an alternate reality where a different version of themselves, Family B, already exists. Family B’s life is better than Family A’s in every way. Father B works a high paying job. Mother B lives a luxurious and relaxing life. Daughter B goes to a good private school.

    Father A puts a plan in motion to have his family replace Family B entirely. Mother A however, finds herself falling for Father B and is more interested in replacing her current husband. Daughter A just wants to get back in the boat and try to go home.

    As the two family’s relationships begin to entangle each other, it becomes clear that only one version of each member can exist in this reality, and that the “other version” will have to be disposed of in one way or another.

    • carsonreeves1

      Needs some hashing out but this one shows promise. The tone is key. Light black comedy? Intense black comedy? Play it straight? Or super broad comedy?

      • Eric

        Oh, wow. Thanks :)

        I’m thinking play it straight. Like an intense drama that boils over into psychological thriller. Maybe a little lightness in the beginning when they’re just scoping the family out, particularly from the daughter who just wouldn’t want to be there.

        Once it becomes clear that the only way Father A’s plan really works is by putting Family B in the ground, it would become much darker. Lines would be drawn in the sand.

        I also have a “final image” in my head of the Daughter getting on a boat with her doppelganger and the both of them leaving whatever chaos ensued behind to try for a different reality.

  • Rommer

    Title: 25N, 71W

    After a devoted family man is accused of murdering his wife and children during a trip to the Bermuda Triangle and using the infamous locale’s troubled history to cover up the crime, he must prove his innocence and piece together what really happened using a series of photos taken by various members of his family.

    • carsonreeves1

      Feels a few sentences incomplete of a full idea, but there’s something here. Best title so far as well.

      • Randy Williams

        Yeah, great title, the whole package. “The Fugitive” and “The Bermuda Triangle” What more could you want?

  • romer6

    Wow. This Reeds guy… I really wish we knew what happens to him afterwards!

  • Randy Williams

    I love the idea of a movie told from the point of view of a smart phone. Eventually we’ll see one.

    • SweetCheeks

      Siri will be offering unnecessary V.O. throughout. It might even have the added angle of Siri being the lone survivor (thanks to those waterproof casings), washed up to shore, and the movie is told in Flashbacks as new owner ‘questions’ her over the footage.
      Her meets Jaws on steroids meets The Affair.

  • G.S.


  • Ryan Sasinowski

    Yay! McNulty’s back on TV!!!

  • Eric

    Haven’t seen it. It’s on my netflix queue, though. Wait… did you just spoil it for me?

  • Leandro Franz

    Movie Title: Boats
    Right, it’s an adventure.
    Animation. Yes, it’s Cars meets Planes

    A Boat sees his life changing when he hears the family that owns him wants to make a little weekend trip to Cuba (now that relationship with the US is opening). All their boats friends tell him not to go, because of the danger of drifting to Bermuda Triangle. A lot of boats lost their parents there, they never returned!

    Even trying the hardest not to get into it, the boat (and, let’s not forget, the family), get caught and disapear into a kind of limbo, where they meet all the other missing boats.

    Now, they have to work together to go back to the world, since they only have a little time before the portal that sucked them in to the limbo closes again.

    PS: Sorry my english, I’m Brazilian and wrote it in a hurry. I promess my script for the contest will be written much better =)

    • Guy

      Don’t worry, Leandro, your English is fine. And it’s a really good idea; a world full of boats! Like the Cuban angle too – very fresh.

  • carsonreeves1

    It’s far enough away from that universe to not be a ripoff though.

  • Ryan Sasinowski

    THE DRIFT | Film (Horror)

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    A surrogate family comprised of deaf and mute students venture out to sea. After their boat loses power in the Bermuda Triangle, they are left with even less communication; which they’re going to need after they find a man floating in the water and he starts killing them off one by one.

  • Blake

    It’s fun to watch folks hustling for a slot but it’s one thing coming up with an idea in a day and quite another refining an idea over several weeks/months, so I’d rather step aside and land my spot on merit, which would make me feel better about my chances in the contest itself.

    • Magga

      My guess is Carson will hand out a few spots in advance, which is good because clearly it increases participation in the comments section

  • drifting in space

    It might just be me… but I don’t think people are understanding the concept of “angle” here.

    Most of these ideas are just versions of the logline, not an unique angle on the logline itself. Wasn’t that the point? Like saying Source Code was the idea itself… until he used the angle of someone on the train. That was the angle. The POV in which we watch the idea/story unfold.

    Anyone can add crazy shit to make the above logline exciting or interesting. I didn’t think that was the exercise here.

    • Guy

      Totally agree, but – be fair! – people are feeling the pressure to think quickly on this one.

      Some people only got here a few a minutes ago and it’s, like – shit! – better think of something!

      Hopefully, everyone will get a chance, no matter when they post.

      I think the problem is – and this maybe why the Reevester picked this subject – Bermuda Triangle is pretty much DONE as an idea, and only a fresh angle would work. Personally, I wouldn’t do a Bermuda Triangle script anymore than I would do a drug tunnel one. It’s done.

      • drifting in space

        True, true. And I totally get that. But people are just trying to one up the others ideas by adding elements that are changing the story. Half of the ideas don’t even take place in the Bermuda Triangle, they go back to land or their house, involve other people; things like that.

        Ultimately, Carson is asking us what we learned from the article… and I think a majority of people didn’t learn anything.

    • Zackary Hill

      maybe I’m misunderstanding as well. but to me, the ‘angle’ is what elevates the idea.

      it can be POV, but doesn’t have to be — in ‘source code’, it’s not that he’s on the train, it’s that he’s in the position of a passenger that was on the train (the POV doesn’t actually change — it’s still 1st person from that character; the angle is that we basically had a sci-fi body-swap).

      in ‘the affair’, it’s not that we have 2 POVs that switch, it’s the way that they switch, they are personalized to that character, and EVERYTHING in the scene is different as a result.

      like in the hangover example from the article — the angle is that they don’t remember the crazy events that happened. the POV doesn’t change, and the angle isn’t the crazy events, it’s the way the story is allowed to unfold and be experienced that makes it different than a straightforward bachelor party comedy.

      perhaps another word would be gimmick. but that sounds to negative. but in essence, i feel like that’s what we’re talking about here.

      and maybe that’s what you’re getting at as well, and i’m just focusing too much on your emphasis on POV.

      • drifting in space

        Yeah, I just used POV as an example. In your examples, the STORY is already there. What makes it unique is how we explore the story. We aren’t adding crazy elements to the affair.

        We’re on the same page.

      • MJ86

        Ok… shoulda scrolled down before commenting myself :)

    • Linkthis83

      Yeah…what seems to be missing from these pitches is the HOW portion of their angle. HOW are you telling us this story that makes it interesting. I feel like it’s up to us to assume the angle from their pitch.

    • LostAndConfused

      Was gonna say the same thing, but didn’t want to be a dick.

      • drifting in space

        Oops. LOL!

        • LostAndConfused

          lol I don’t mean to imply you’re being a dick, I just thought I was the only one that thought that way and I’d look like that one negative nancy looking to ruin the fun in everything, but good to see I’m not alone.

          • Linkthis83

            No way, man. You are spot on. This is a post I made about Drifting in Nov 2013:

            “I also wanted to kind of re-assimilate with the community but some dickhole had to go and post some giant rant about how I should use my time better and now I feel guilty for even showing up here. Yeah, I’m looking at you DriftingInHalfRobotSpaceScripts!! Jesus, pick an effing handle would you!!

            How about you just go with Drifting In Creative Kriticism and then from here on out I can just call you DICK!!!

            (For anybody itching to put me on blast you should know that DICK supports this message and finds it mildly amusing.)”

          • drifting in space

            I am such an asshole.

          • drifting in space

            I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that grendl upvoted this.

    • Eric

      I think the problem is, the initial idea isn’t really developed enough to promote an angle on it. The genre isn’t defined, the story isn’t defined, even the word family requires a creative interpretation. Too many things need to be added to the idea before you can pitch a “pure” angle. Source Code already had the Groundhog Day style. It already had the government trying to determine what happened during a terrorist train bombing. It just needed a rethinking of the protagonist and his entry point. Not that I’m complaining, but a family drifting into a particular section of the ocean isn’t nearly as defined as all that.

    • MJ86

      I thought the point of reevaluating the “angle” was to spice up an otherwise lackluster idea… so with Source Code, instead of a straight procedural where a train crash was investigated, we had a passenger doing the investigation from the inside out. In The Affair, instead of a linear story of a stereotypical cheater, we got to feel two sides of the story from both perspectives.

      To me, “angle” kinda equals the “gimmick” that makes the story worth writing about when it may not be otherwise…


  • Bart


    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    The father, JOHN, washes up on the shore of a mysterious town/city govern
    by ruthless yet just ADAM. On the course of the action we learn that the father is actually DEAD, ended up in the Purgatory and is awaiting the trial for his sins. With the clock ticking, John, knowing he will definitely be sent to Hell, decides to fight his way back home to the world of living.
    The first episode (if it’s a TV show) ends with this scene:
    Barely alive and dehydrated FAMIILY, after drifting on their damaged boat for
    quite some time, is accidentally RESCUED by the crew of the tanker. We
    see…. the mother, two children…. AND THE FATHER!

    Will John be able to get out of the Purgatory? WHO IS JOHN’s LOOK-ALIKE/CLONE??!
    Will he REDEEM himself??

    with enough up votes I could give you answers:)


  • DrLove

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    TV Show

    The story is told from the point of view of an additional person. A stranger appears suddenly in small cargo hold. The stranger looks exactly like the father of the family, who is a very dictatorial police man, oddly named Rainald. The blind passender calls himself Fritz. He is from Germany, it turns out. The stranger is dressed in an odd old fashioned way.

    Fritz comes from the 1915. He can convice the family to take him with them. Rainald even offers a place to stay, while the two boys of the family seem to dislike the very friendly stranger.

    Fritz has to live in this very odd time in the united states. The situation esacaletes when it turns out Fritz´ last name is Haarmann, a german mass murderer and he supposedly disapperead three Years before he started the killings.

    This leaves Fritz in a future time, trying to find out why he started his killings.

  • ArabyChic

    See Triangle, for my favorite take on Bermuda Triangle in movies… I’m sure Poe can back me up on this one.

    • Ninjaneer

      That’s funny, I just recommended Triangle to a friend this morning.

      • Linkthis83

        TRIANGLE is bad ass. And that scene. That scene!!! (You know, the one with Sally)

    • Poe_Serling
      • Levres de Sang

        Thanks for updating your post, Poe — because I was sure there were several mid-70s TV movies on this subject, but couldn’t pull a title from anywhere. And that this one stars Doug McClure is the icing on the cake! Will look it up immediately…

        • Poe_Serling

          There were some real chiller thrillers from the ’70s/’80s TV-movie graveyard:

          Don’t Go to Sleep
          Bad Ronald
          Dark Night of the Scarecrow
          Trilogy of Terror
          Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
          and so on.

          • Levres de Sang

            Yes, I’ve retained fond memories of TV movies from that era. They just had a certain atmosphere to them. And they often seemed to start with a woman alone in her apartment receiving a late night phone call from a stranger who was watching every move she made…

            ** It would be great if some of the above titles were available on a TV movie box-set.

          • Poe_Serling

            Yeah, I’m surprised over the years that the networks haven’t jumped on that money-making bandwagon and issued box-sets of some of their more memorable TV movies from previous decades.

  • ASAbrams

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    TITLE: On the High Seas

    GENRE: Dramedy

    FEATURE FILM : The Vega family is finally getting it right. A year after Mom and Dad successfully get over their drug addiction in rehab, their two kids want to celebrate. And what better way could they do that than trapping themselves together on a boat, with former druggie, now clean grandma along for the ride? However, far from home their boat stops working, but they can’t figure out why they’re still moving. Soon the fragile family dynamics fall apart when marijuana is found but no one will fess up to it being theirs. But a little marijuana is nothing when the children find a box of heroin floating in a net. They throw the box of drugs overboard so that their parents and grandma will never see it, but it keeps coming back with a vengeance. And then it starts doubling.

  • Jonas E.

    Land of the Free
    Historical Drama

    An upper class family who’s lost everything in the stock market crash known as ”the panic of 1873” leave southern Europe seeking fortune in the New World. The ship carrying them and hundreds of other emigrants of all backgrounds is shipwrecked in a storm and drifts into the Bermuda triangle. On a deserted island the family father tries to spearhead the group of survivors who wants to get back to civilization as soon as possible while the daughter falls in love with the leader of another group who wants to build a new nation of ”free men”. As resources become scarcer, and the shipwrecked gradually come to realize that on an island where there is limited amounts of food and water money and gold are worth little, tensions between the two groups gradually rise to a boiling point – with members of the family on each side of the conflict.

  • Mike Caggiano

    THE MATRIX in the Bermuda Triangle – feature

    A drab husband awakens to find his boat adrift in the Bermuda Triangle, his pregnant wife missing and a series of cryptic clues. When his vessel is commandeered by a futuristic submarine and its eccentric Captain, he learns of a prophecy and the truth about the future.

    Earth is completely covered in water, and man is no longer the dominant species. Humans have been enslaved in a fortified underwater city and prohibited from reproducing. The husband must save his wife so that she can fulfill her prophecy – to bear a child before mankind is extinct.

  • Madison G.

    Synopsis: After a botched mission, an lackluster spy is forced to retire. He is then forced to live with his single brother and deal with the reality of his age, all while trying to stop a major terrorist.

    Back in the Saddle

    Action/Adventure, Comedy. In the vein of True Lies.

    After a failed recovery mission, Garrett North, a womanizing, cocky, and alcoholic spy, is forced to retire from the agency he works for. With everything but his identity striped away from him, he turns to his brother John for assistance. Ironically, John is pissed off with Garrett for abandoning him. Plus, he’s a single dad with two young girls (with one of them being a teenager). You really think he would let a man like Garrett live with him. Usually, no. But, family is family and soon he moves in with them. Garrett even gets a job working a substitute teacher at Jack’s elementary school. Combined with the fact that he takes an interest in Jane, another teacher that works at the school, maybe retired life isn’t bad after all.

    But just as he getting settled, Garrett’s old boss asks him to come back to the agency as a major terrorist threatens the nation. Will Garrett leave this new lifestyle and return back to the dangerous spy life or will he stay and be with his family and his newfound love?

  • bl2d

    GENRE: Sci-Fi Thriller
    FEATURE: When an unexpected storm forsakes a family of four plus an elderly captain on a deserted island, they’re forced to work together to survive, but soon they discover something strange about this place. It’s aging them in reverse.

    The race is on to escape before the children are lost forever, but the captain is in no hurry to leave.

    • craktactor

      I grew up in Blue Island. It’s a small town in the southside of Chicago. 119th and Western. :)

      • bl2d

        That’s awesome, I used to spend some time up near DeKalb and Aurora.

  • smcin20

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.


    A private plane comes across a battered, dingy lifeboat in which two younger children are barely holding on for survival. When asked where their parents are, they inform the pilot their parents were already rescued by a mysterious government team.

    Set-up like a race against the clock type thriller. The private plane’s pilot and other crewmember are funders for terrorism and the children’s parents work for the US Govt.

  • carsonreeves1

    Who would play The Bermuda Triangle? Maybe Aziz Ansari?

    • drifting in space

      Sigourney Weaver

      • carsonreeves1

        Knowing the studios, they’d probably give us the choice of Benedict Cumberbatch or J.K. Simmons.

        • drifting in space

          I picture the Bermuda Triangle was a warm, motherly entity, gently pulling ships and planes into her salty, loving embrace.

          I’d take Benedict though. Smooth and intimidating.

          I’m still not even sure how this would be pulled off. Ha.

    • Mayhem Jones

      LOL what a delightfully random voice idea. I originally was thinking of the machine that voices Stephen Hawking on Family Guy, but I’m sure that idea would get me escorted off the lot. So, Cumberbatch it is!

  • drifting in space

    A dysfunctional yet wealthy family charters a boat for a forced family trip from a mysterious captain, who happens to be the only one left for such a last minute endeavor.

    They drift into the infamous Bermuda Triangle and encounter a storm, which nearly capsizes the boat, crippling the motor.

    The boat begins to sink and it’s only a matter of time before they are all dead.

    POV from each member of the family, along with the captain, as they battle through their issues and wild theories of who/what is to blame, to eventually work together and (maybe, but probably not because I am sadistic) survive.

    No time travel. No supernatural forces. No aliens, deserted islands, pirates, airplanes, ghosts… just good ole suspense, tension, goals, stakes, and urgency.

    Contained thriller/drama feature.

  • JEM

    Abracadabra – Feature

    As teenagers, Harry Houdini and his younger brother, Dash, leave their stormy home to pursue a career in magic. They cobble an act together with a few card tricks and illusions, and perform to small crowds in alleyways and behind carnivals. They have an inexplicable energy about them, but meet with little success.

    One day, they notice a strange man at the edge of the crowd; he is dashing, but menacing. After the crowd dissipates, the man remains. He approaches the boys, his shadow looming, and asks them each to perform their best trick. Dash goes first, but his
    nerves get the best of him. Harry is up next, and shines despite the palpable tension.
    The man introduces himself as Damian Defoe, The Escapist.

    Mr. Defoe invites the boys to apprentice with him. He shows them the world and feeds their thirst for knowledge and experience. But as the boys grow to love Mr. Defoe, they worry that his age has caught up with him. Mr. Defoe understands their concern but, as he puts it, “My father was a clerk and never lived a day in his life, I shall never know a death like that.”

    One day, the boys’ fears are realized and Mr. Defoe blacks out in a sealed water tank. His exotic assistant bangs helplessly on the glass. Harry rifles through the show’s paraphernalia and comes up with a knife and cannon ball. He has a nervous Dash hold the knife up to the glass with the handle exposed. He spins like a discus thrower and fires the cannon ball at the knife’s handle.

    A torrent of water rushes out, coughing up Mr. Defoe’s limp body onto the plank stage. The boys run over to him, but it’s too late. With his last bit of life, Mr. Defoe takes a playing card from his shorts and puts it tightly in Harry’s hand, “Harry, my boy, without great risk, there would be no great men.” With that, the life fades from his eyes.

    Later that night, Harry and Dash sit in Mr. Defoe’s elegant wagon, unsure of how to feel or what to do. Harry takes the card from his pocket, it reads:

    Who will you be? The answer lies in the Triangle Three.

    Speak these words and see. (see image below)

    The boys look at each other and begin quietly speaking the words in unison, “ABRACADABRA…ABRACADAB…ABRA…A.” A blinding flash and the world spirals out

    around them.

    Harry and Dash wake up on a ship, The Shedd. There are other boys and girls around them, some just waking up, and others already chatting or gazing out to sea. They appear to be from all walks of life, but they all share a hunger in their eyes. A plaque on the ship’s cabin reads, “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

    They slowly approach The Devil’s Triangle, the legendary Harry Houdini’s first escape.

  • Casper Chris

    Dad (45), Mom (40), Daughter (15) and Son (7) are on their sail boat.
    Son is out on deck alone, fishing with a net, screaming that he made a catch, but no one’s paying attention. Inside the cabin, Dad is frantically going over the charts. Mom is messing with the radio, trying to get something other than proverbial radio silence. Daughter is lounging defiantly on the nautic couch, complaining about the lack of wifi. Son keeps yelling from outside. Another catch. And another. Annoyed, Daughter gets up and makes her way onto the deck to see Son hauling in salmon by the dozen with his tiny net.

    Only these salmon aren’t wriggling.

    As Daughter makes her way to the railing, she’s confronted by a ghastly sight: Their boat is surrounded by thousands of salmon, floating lifelessly in the surface. Daughter SCREAMS. Mom and Dad make their way onto the deck, just in time to see their sails go dead. Completely dead. Not so much as a breeze.

    What the fuck is going on?

    Dad notices a bank of fog rolling toward them on the starboard side. Before they know it, it’s on them. So thick they can’t see their own knees. BAM. The boat jerks violently, knocking them off their feet. And off their wits.

    When the family comes to, the fog is gone. They’re on a bounty island. Ship-wrecked. Their radio is blaring now. Some report about a missing ship. Their ship? No, the radio reporter is talking about the greatest marinal disaster in US peace-time history. His accent is decidedly American, but strangely quaint. Mom tries another frequency as Dad gazes out across the splintered bow to see…

    A towering piece of metal.

    Designated “USS Cyclops”.

    It’s immaculate. Almost too immaculate for a ship that went missing in 1918.

    Son yells from the beach: “I’ve found it!”.

    The rest of the family — Mom, Dad and Daughter — gather around, eager to learn the specific nature of his discovery.

    Son holds up a tiny, metallic triangle — the musical variant — and exclaims: “I’ve found the Bermuda Triangle!”.

    Whereupon he uses it to play the first few notes of Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.

  • JEM

    Abracadabra – Feature

    As teenagers, Harry Houdini and his younger brother, Dash, leave their stormy home to pursue a career in magic. They cobble an act together with a few card tricks and illusions, and perform to small crowds in alleyways and behind carnivals. They have an inexplicable energy about them, but meet with little success.

    One day, they notice a strange man at the edge of the crowd; he is dashing, but menacing. After the crowd dissipates, the man remains. He approaches the boys, his shadow looming, and asks them each to perform their best trick. Dash goes first, but his
    nerves get the best of him. Harry is up next, and he shines despite the palpable tension.
    The man introduces himself as Damian Defoe, The Escapist.

    Mr. Defoe invites the boys to apprentice with him. He shows them the world and feeds their thirst for knowledge and experience. But as the boys grow to love Mr. Defoe, they worry that his age has caught up with him. Mr. Defoe understands their concern
    but, as he puts it, “My father was a clerk and never lived a day in his life, I shall never know a death like that.”

    One day, the boys’ fears are realized and Mr. Defoe blacks out in a sealed water tank. His exotic assistant bangs helplessly on the glass. The crowd watches in horror. Harry rifles through the show’s paraphernalia and comes up with a knife and a cannon ball. He has a nervous Dash hold the knife up to the glass with the handle exposed. He spins like a discus thrower and fires the cannon ball at the knife handle.

    A torrent of water rushes out, coughing up Mr. Defoe’s limp body onto the plank stage. The boys run over to him, but it is too late. With his last bit of life, Mr. Defoe takes a playing card from his shorts and puts it tightly in Harry’s hand, “Harry, my boy, without great risk, there would be no great men.” With that, the life fades from his eyes.

    Later that night, Harry and Dash sit in Mr. Defoe’s elegant wagon, unsure of how to feel or what to do. Harry takes the card from his pocket, it reads:

    Who will you be? The answer lies in the Triangle Three.

    Speak these words and see. (See image below)

    The boys look at each other and begin quietly speaking the words in unison, “ABRACADABRA…ABRACADAB…ABRA…A.” A blinding flash and the world spirals out
    around them.

    Harry and Dash wake up on a ship, The Shedd. There are other boys and girls around them, some just waking up, and others already chatting or gazing out to sea. They appear to be from all walks of life, but they all share a hunger in their eyes. A plaque on the ship’s cabin reads, “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

    They slowly approach The Devil’s Triangle, the legendary Harry Houdini’s first escape.

  • kenglo

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle

    The Miller’s from WE’RE THE MILLERS are coerced to make another drug run, this time by boat, and encounter a cartel that specializes in catering to alien passerby’s.

    Just a thought…..

  • ScriptChick

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle


    Genre: Thriller/Mystery

    A detective reeling from his last case gone awry must figure out exactly what happened to the family that went missing in the Bermuda

    Angle: …But all he has to go off of are testimonials from family that knew the father’s troubled past…and the wreckage that washes up on shore.

    As more and more wreckage washes up onshore, the detective must deduce what really happened to the family – whether the missing ship is a casualty of the notorious Bermuda Triangle, a coverup, a murder…and if anyone is still alive.

  • Nicholas J

    I haven’t thought of a title yet.

    The plot revolves around a 12-year-old boy, Josh Framm. After the death of his father, who disappeared during a family boat trip through the Bermuda Triangle, Josh moves with his family to Washington State and is too shy to try out for his middle school’s basketball team and too shy to make any friends. He practices basketball by himself in a makeshift court that he sets up in a disused allotment. He meets a stray dog named Buddy, a golden retriever. Josh soon learns that Buddy has the uncanny ability to play basketball.

    Josh eventually joins the basketball team. At his first game, Buddy shows up while the game is underway. He runs into the court disrupts the game and causes mayhem, but the audience loves him after he scores a basket. Buddy becomes the mascot of Josh’s school’s basketball team and begins appearing in their halftime shows.

    Initially, his team is losing in the championship until Buddy shows up. When it is discovered that there is no rule that a dog cannot play basketball, Buddy joins the roster to lead the team to a come from behind championship victory.

  • The IOS

    TITLE: Trifecta
    GENRE: Action/Adventure
    MINI-SERIES: The pilot episode gives us perspective on the lives of a family of four (father, mother, son, daughter) on a family boating trip. We can see their resentment for one another while also seeing how they work as a family. The pilot is told from the perspective of the daughter who is barely 6 years old. The episode ends with the daughter being woken out of her sleep to see a giant storm that suddenly appeared once they drifted into the Bermuda triangle.

    They next 9 episodes are the family members awakening on different sides of an island and their experience on it, except for the daughter…

    We see the son, mother, and father wake up on different sides of this island with no memory of who they were or why they’re there. Each episode focuses on their specific perspective on the island. They are all lead to a different colony on the island by seemingly the same man. The son is taken to a camp full of like minded-teenagers who all resent the adults in their life, and feel as though they are being misunderstood, the mother is taken to a large settlement full of luxury, and the father is taken to a city like settlement where he is asked to be its leader. Over the course of a few weeks on the island certain things are revealed. Each colony is in conflict with one the other and war is brewing. Eventually a war does kick off, and the family is right in the middle. As an act of destiny (or poetic justice or something, who knows) the family end up killing each other while also bringing about the destruction of the island. This is when the daughter reappears to see the carnage and blood shed. She is then picked up by the man who lead the rest of her family to the island, and is taken back to civilization.

    The last episode opens with the daughter (who is now a grown woman) getting ready for a television appearance. She goes out on to a talk show and talk about a book she wrote about her experiences on the island. When the host asks why the family outing was so fantastical in the book, the daughter says that’s how a child makes sense of the world around her. Seeing her family kill themselves as a part of a magical fantastic war is putting something fantastical on feelings and actions she wasn’t able to understand yet. The episode ends with her stating that she can’t really remember what actually happened. She holds her book and says her final line which is “this is my truth now…”

    We end where we begin. The daughter’s perspective on the entire event.

  • Neuanda81

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    The family travels through a wormhole, goes back in time and accidentally helps out a group of pirates embroiled in a battle with another pirate ship. The pirates they helped want them to join their crew and, of course, convert their ship so it is more like their modern vessel. The other pirates on the losing ship are furious at the family and want to sink their ship for helping the other pirates win. A chase ensues as the family tries to get their damaged, fuel leaking ship back to the place where they entered the wormhole, with both pirate ships closing in on them.

  • ximan

    Lol! O, Gren. You crack me up.

  • jbt

    “Bloody Chains”


    Desmond Freely, a narcissistic star basketball player, is perturbed that his mother’s sudden
    death is interfering with his plans for a wild birthday yacht cruise to Bermuda. Not wanting to cancel, he reluctantly invites his buttoned-up extended family (think the family from ‘Blackish’) to join him and his rowdy entourage on the trip. Knowing that Desmond’s mother loved the sea, they decide to honor her by scattering her ashes along the way through the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. Much to his family’s dismay, Desmond and his friends now see fit to start the party. Though not long after, strange storms crop up and push the yacht into the Triangle. Odd sightings start to occur. Chained apparitions appear in the mist and begin to attack the passengers one by one. These spirits are later revealed to be those of African slaves, who were drowned on their way to the new world. These spirits are in pain, and these spirits are angry. This anger draws them to the yacht as Desmond’s family slowly learns that there are deep, dark secrets about their family’s past that few of them suspected…

  • C.J. Giltner

    My take: A simple contained thriller. A family awakes at sea to discover their navigational equipment sabotaged. But who did it? Soon, their motor is sabotaged as well. Someone in the family must be responsible. Distrust and tension quickly sets in as the famous weather of the Bermuda Triangle closes in around them like a noose. This family will either figure out its issues and out the hidden saboteur… or die.

  • Linkthis83

    Been giving this a lot of thought/consideration since I read the article this morning. A family boat trip into the Bermuda Triangle isn’t a story I’d want to dive into on the surface, but I love a story challenge. So it basically comes down to what I want from the majority of stories in general = the human element. I always want to FEEL stories and that’s what I’d focus on here. I’m not giving you a logline and a title…just a pitch; an ANGLE on the aforementioned family boat trip:

    My intention for this would be to make this family’s experience as visceral as possible. I want the audience to be as stressed as the family. I want there to be an escalation of events that test this family. It comes down to having to make decisions and when.

    Here’s the hook: I want the ANGLE of this story to be told/learned through the experiences of an investigator responsible for writing up the summation of events and his final conclusions. He will have access to transcripts and real audio. So he/we can hear what the family was going through at a certain moment (as opposed to seeing it).

    As far as scope for the overall, I’d like the story to start with the family and them heading out to sea, seemingly prepared. We get brief moments with the investigator. Then I want a transition over the course of the story from the focus on the family to the focus on the investigator trying to make sense of what happens. The more their story becomes murky, so does our access to it from an audience’s perspective. We are now reliant on the available info and no longer getting that real time experience with them.

    A series of escalations (inspired by Call For Help

    -boat gradually taking on water – no big deal
    -structural integrity compromised – getting worse
    -child is sick – What do we do?
    -Are we actually in trouble?
    -Get proactive – make Coast Guard aware – not an SOS
    -CG says they will call back – satellite phone goes dead
    -Now are we in trouble? – child getting sicker – taking on more and more water
    -Do we activate our EPIRB (the device that signals your position to authorities you are in trouble and to send help NOW)

    And I would focus on the stress of these moments. The human necessity of WHEN do you declare that you and your family are actually in trouble. When has your experience now put you at risk. And I would include the backdrop of the possibility that things are going bad are attributed to the Bermuda Triangle. We’d get to experience a modern day event that has potentially “mystical” components and it’s the investigator that’s going to put the final stamp on the outcome. And what is the outcome? You’ll just to go to the movies and find out. What happened in those days at sea? Was anybody recovered/saved? What was the investigator’s final determination?

    • Jonas E.

      Kudos for actually focusing on the angle, not the plot

  • Magga

    Triangle of Survivors

    When a conservative family arrive in Miami to surprise their 19 year-old student son, they discover that he’s gotten deeply into hard drugs. Instead of turning him in to the authorities, they rent a sailing boat, fill it with enough food and beverage to impress a Texan survivalist, and make him detox at sea.

    But as they drift into the Bermuda triangle, all their navigating equipment starts going crazy, and it’s as if the Gods are daring them to confront each other with the real, dark secrets in their lives.

    As food and water runs out, the savages in them come to the surface, and the cheating mother, the judgemental preacher who’s the head of the family, the addict son and the daughter who knows more secrets than she’s let on, enter a fight for survival in this contained thriller at sea.

    As the title tells us, only three will live until the end

  • Pooh Bear

    CARSON as Wolf of Wall Street, “Sell me this pen (create a new angle).”

    POOH BEAR, “Fine, you want me to sell you this fucking pen?”

    TV PILOT – The Triangle

    REALITY SHOW – A survival show where each episode consists of a new family spending two weeks on a boat lost in the middle of the bermuda triangle with limited supplies, struggling for a successful rescue.

    There’s your new angle.

    *Drops the pen* Cue music.

  • Danny

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Title: Seafaring
    TV Pilot

    Suspense, Mystery drama

    Dot com millionaire Dad who is trying to recover a morsel of happiness takes his wife, Naomi and daughter, Eliza, along on a private cruise in Bermuda for the month. This getaway is supposed to be what brings the family back together after Eliza, 24 year old physics PhD candidate, was taken hostage earlier that year during a bank robbery where she barely survived a shot to the head. Unable to study physics anymore she decides to go along with her parents on the trip to ‘gain some new perspective’. Still recuperating during the time of the trip she requires a tow along dingy with extra medical supplies and high tech emergency gear and separate sleeping space. After the first few weeks go well they eventually reach the edge of the Bermuda Triangle where shit starts to go down.

    One evening during a nap on her dingy she wakes up to find the nylon covered chain connecting her vessel to her parents main boat has been cut clean through. The show follows her efforts to find out what happened to her vessel; and once she finds her parents’ boat docked on a random sliver of land, what happened to them.

  • Rzwan Cabani

    Why not…

    48 hours till his execution, and multiple denials to lead police to the bodies, a father on death row for killing his entire family out at sea (he was found unconscious and alone on the boat covered in his family’s blood) finally agrees, in exchange for clemency, to take the Governor, whose daughter was his wife, and an armed FBI agent out to the bermuda triangle to retrace the family’s journey and to recover their remains. It’s not long before the Governer and FBI agent horrifically discover the father is truly innoncent.

    Picture the last sequence of SE7EN, but a feature film.

  • Tyler Givens

    Genre: sports, sci fi
    A family (father and son) boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle…

    …where they’ll have to participate in a deadly regatta. Turns out the Bermuda Triangle is a place, where extremely rich and famous adrenaline junkies risk their lives in dangerious boat races across the Triangle area in order to fulfill their wish to conquer the nature itself. But the area is full of anomalies, including gravity holes, weird sea creatures and shit. No need to say only a few survive such an event. But that’s the beauty of it, that’s why it must be kept in secret, that’s why the owner of this little club can’t let the family go. Now they have a choice: being shot right on the spot or participate in the race…which will most likely kill them.

  • grendole

    I have a great idea – I will give all of you an up vote, in return – I simply ask that you all give me an up vote!

    • Guy


  • MJ86

    Feature Pitch: One Long Night

    There’s a bar on a secluded island within the Bermuda Triangle where the recently deceased spend the last 24 hours before their souls move on to the Afterlife. Consider it an alternative Purgatory—a death rest stop, if you will—a place for the damned to tell their final stories, clear their consciences and have their last hurrahs. And it’s here that a man and his stepson will confront the familial issues that led to their final fateful trip together, as the outcome determines where they go next. Add to that a too-cool-for-school bartender overseeing it all, and the psycho who, through a miraculous number of suicides and reincarnations, keeps
    returning to the bar, determined to woo him.

    I see this as a Dramedy with Fantasy elements in a story that will dramatize the stages of grief while spoofing the standard ideal of the life cycle.

  • Ella

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle —

    — And it’s all a part of an experiment. A group of scientists has steered the family boat right into the Bermuda Triangle. All a part of the top secret Unresolved Bermuda Project.

    Meanwhile the unintelligent parents are trying to pin their location on the map, when the children – Twin brothers, know exactly where the family has landed. Both fascinated, they trick their parents into thinking that they’ve landed on the treasure of the ocean that of course needs to be explored. And so begins their holiday full of unresolved myths, danger, corpses… And fun.

  • A. Rhodes

    Three Sides
    TV Series

    Modern day pirates attack a family’s yacht in the North Atlantic. The dad, mom, and son escape only to find themselves adrift on a raft in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. From this moment, three very distinct stories emerge in three different dimensions. Each story seen from a different member of the family.

    The dad finds himself in a survival situation with his wife and son on the raft. Soon they are rescued and return home to a media blitz which brings drama of its own and threatens to tear the family apart.

    The mom sees herself, her husband and son recaptured by the pirates and forced to live among them while a ransom is arranged. Eventually getting a look at where they came from and a reason why they do what they do. Bonds will be formed and threatened. The troubled son begins to be intrigued by the pirate lifestyle .

    The son sees himself, his dad and mom drifting to a mysterious island and forced to survive. Soon they’ll realize the island is home to a fantastical civilization, strange fauna, and high adventure.


    Soon each member of the family realizes that there are three sides to every story: There’s isn’t the only story unfolding, and the choices they make cross dimensions and effect the stories of the other members of their family. They’ll have to learn to somehow communicate and then work together if they ever have a chance of truly reconnecting.

  • lonestarr357


    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle. It’s been said that mermaids reside there, but it’s not better down where it’s wetter. Take it from me. They want to be land-dwelling creatures and if an innocent family has to go down to make that happen, then so be it. (Of course, this’d be a feature, but I had to make that clear.)

  • drifting in space

    I have a new idea. (Also, “accidently” is spelled incorrectly in the logline given above)

    A mysterious blogger gathers 250 amateur writers on an exciting yacht trip, only to accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle, which swallows the ship whole.

    As they sink to parts unknown, they are instantly at each other’s throats debating the tricks of the trades in screenwriting. The only person able to save them is the mysterious blogger himself, dangling a lifeline of $5000 and the opportunity to begin a successful career as a Hollywood screenwriter.

    Fighting over this amazing opportunity, the amateurs tear each other apart, many dying gruesome, tragic (and inventive) deaths as their coffee, Cheetohs, and copies of Final Draft dwindle.

    Before long, they realize the only way to survive is to stop berating each other and work together, coming up with one amazing and revolutionary idea to save them.

    However, there are a few rogue writers who take advantage of this situation and pick off unsuspecting writers in the shadows of the sinking vessel.

    The writers begin to reconcile with the inability to advance their careers due to issues of vague “why you should reads” to poorly plotted stories that die in the 2nd act. They grapple with theme and fully developed characters.

    They soon realize that this one amazing idea will never happen, and thus resort to relying on themselves. They open their copy of save the cat and pass the time until their inevitable death.

    However, one writer, determined to save everything, decides to hunker down in the captain’s room, where he finds an old typewriter. Knowing full well of the powers of the Bermuda Triangle, he concocts a story that has never been seen before.

    It is a masterpiece. Without hesitation, he runs to the mysterious blogger and shoves the manuscript into his hands.

    “This will save everything.”

    The mysterious blogger thumbs through it, his eyes growing wider with each page turn.

    “Dear God, you’ve saved us.”

    Suddenly, the ship lurches. Metal twists and pipes burst. Wires snap and wave wildly in the air, raining sparks down on everyone. Through the windows… the writers see-



    We pull out to reveal that Iron Man has swooped in and lifted the ship out of the depths of the Bermuda Triangle.

    The ship shifts again and the mysterious blogger loses grip on the unknown writer’s script.

    Everyone watches as the pages waft through the air before hitting the churning water below. Somehow, they burst into flames and are lost forever.

    Iron Man lifts his mask and flashes a coy grin. On his THUMBS UP to the people aboard the ship, we-



  • Ninjaneer

    Also sounds a bit like Coherence.

    • Eric

      Haven’t seen that one either, but I just read a bit about it. Compared to those two movies, the main thing I’d stay away from is too much metaphysical jibber-jabber. No supernatural/pseudoscientific nonsense would occur outside the Triangle. It’s the real world. The laws of physics apply.

      I’d also want it to be character driven and would be straight with character identities; not play too many “who is it really?” games with the audience. It inhibits character development when you don’t know which characters are doing what. Of course the characters would do it to each other, but we’d be a part of the scheme, not a victim of it.

  • James Lion

    There’s a ghost riding in the boat with them, and the story is told from the ghost’s POV.

  • bluedenham

    I haven’t got a title yet, but it’s a comedy.

    The story is told from the family dog’s POV.

  • Tyler Givens

    Okay, here’s another one…

    What if the Bermuda Triangle is like an interdimensional Casablanca? People from parallel universes search refuge in our world. They travel to our world through the portal somewhere inside the Bermuda Triangle. But they can’t get out, because they need ‘exit visas’, which are not easy to come by. So now our family needs to persuade the local authorities that they’re not refugees.

  • andyjaxfl

    My angle is that it’s a family of demons (think more Greco-Roman than the Catholic version of demons). They believe that they are top of the food chain and soon find that’s not the case. They are confronted with an evil they never could have imagined and have to work with a human stowaway to survive.

  • bluedenham

    More on my Dog Story:

    The dog is the pet of a completely spoiled and rotten kid of a filthy rich family. But the dog loves her. They take their yacht on a trip to Bermuda, run into a storm, the boat breaks down, and they drift into the BT.

    During these events we see all their horrible behavior from the dog’s loving POV. By the end, the little girl has learned to appreciate the dog’s selfless and loving nature, despite herself.

    The end.

  • Stephjones

    Title: Let’s be Famous
    A fame obsessed couple, who start a blog about their sailing adventures, have to make stuff up until they drift into the Bermuda Triangle and all their phony blog posts start to happen.

    • ximan

      I think this is good, but it would be great if they were filming a reality show along with the blog. That way they’d be force to play along with these phantom family members in real-time. Could be real creepy. Just a suggestion.

      • Stephjones

        Hah. Thanks, Ximan. That does sound creepy but I’m afraid I’m more wired for the comedic potential. Something along the lines of being careful what you wish for.

  • BoSoxBoy

    The story begins with the family’s disappearance into the Bermuda Triangle, and quickly cuts to 3 YEARS LATER, when the family is rescued at sea. The only family member that can remember anything about the 3-year period is Jamie, now 16. Only problem- Jamie’s autistic, and now a team of psychologists with conflicting methods try to pull the story out of him.

  • Nathan Labonté

    The way I see it it’s kind of like if The Lady Vanishes and Shutter Island met with All is Lost and decided to make a movie.

    We meet the father (let’s call him John) and his family (specifics not necessarily important at the moment). He is wealthy, high paying job, but – you guessed it – he’s just a bit overworked. Well, wouldn’t you know, he decides they’re going to go on a family vacation – off the coast of Florida! Now, they didn’t mean to drift into the Bermuda Triangle; it just happened. (Note: family subplots and such are important, but not fitting in a pitch as this) In fact, it happened while they were all sleeping.

    John wakes up in the morning, goes up on deck. The navigation equipment is acting up, there’s no wind, they’re drifting. To add insult to injury, his wife, who wasn’t next to him when he woke up, is not on deck.

    In fact, his whole family has disappeared from the boat.

    What does John? He tries to send a message to the coastguard, but it doesn’t look like they’re close to shore. He can’t get anything to work in the boat except for the ship’s wheel which allows him to steer.

    What happens next is a descent into psychological paranoia as John tries to navigate through the uncharted waters of the Bermuda Triangle. Along the way, he will encounter this place’s strange inhabitants, some who live on islands, some who roam the seas in their boats (don’t think there won’t be any conflicts here!), and others who hold the secret to the disappearance of John’s family.

    I see it very cinematically; the Bermuda Triangle could be a pretty amazing visual achievement, if rendered by the right person. Just think of the variety of locales within the triangle: the misty hinterlands (no, not actual hinterlands), the sunsets which produce multicoloured pastel paintings against the horizon… the imagination is the limit.

    I haven’t thought up an ending yet, though, but this could be a pretty intense psychological thriller. Just imagine yourself in John’s shoes: you’re in the middle of an urban legend, and your family is missing. What do you do?

    That would be the story this movie would tell.

  • Tyler Givens

    Aaaaand another one…

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Their boat disappears. The wife, who didn’t go on that trip, is mourning her family, when she recieves an unusual package – the voyage data recorder (it’s like a Black Box for ships) from her husbands boat. This data recorder might help her uncover the mystery behind her family’s disappearence. But soon she discovers that she’s not the only one whose family became a victim of the Triangle. And the other survivors also recieved the recorders from the missing ships.

  • Evangelos C. Banks

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Pilot: Finding The Fourth of July

    The president of the united states takes his family to the Bermuda Triangle in order to fake their death after he becomes the sole person responsible for starting WWIII. Things get awry when the family wakes up an undisclosed amount of time into the future where America has been blown to shit.

  • MJ86

    We can pitch more than one, right?

    Miniseries: Doll Island

    A husband, wife and their two daughters wash up on an island in the Bermuda Triangle that is completely inhabited by female androids made by a mad scientist…who’s since been murdered. Every episode is presented from a different (human) character trying to exist on an island run by robots (preprogrammed to express a myriad of obnoxious stereotypical female
    behavior—naggy, needy, childish, etc) who may or may not be as polite as they pretend. We’ve got a husband who thinks he may like being the only man around, a wife who
    has staunch ideas about “acceptable feminine behavior,” and two impressionable teenagers just starting to figure out what kind of women they’ll become.

    Basically, it’s a female-centric, coming-of-age, murder mystery that satirizes the shifting perspectives of feminist ideals.

  • S_P_1


    Crimson Waters

    Three writers separated by sixty degrees, hang upside down crucified above the Al-Ma’ida.
    They are among the many to bear false witness against their fellow man.

    Persecuted for eternity they fabricate reality from a singular focus.

    Each writer has an object, a palm-leaf book, and a tool for mechanical inscriptions. Unrestricted from time and space, they scribe with their free left hand.

    The first writer has four sets of numbers in the series {xxx}-{xx}-{xxxx}.

    The second writer has one-half of the star of David.

    The third writer has water from the first plague.

    Each l e t t e r,
    each word,
    each sentence.

    A family nucleus dissected by interweaving spiders.


    Four pairs of eyes waver in uncertainty as their vessel comes to a standstill within the dead waters. Life has taken a surreal turn in the balmy tropical seas.

  • K__David

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Japan has their own Bermuda Triangle called the Devil’s Sea. Its on the exact opposite side of the planet. So when the family goes through the Bermuda Triangle, they end up over there, where everything is kind of the same, but mirrored/reversed.

    Something as minor as the main characters going from right handed to left, to as major as California is now on the East Coast. Family members who were liberal are now staunch conservatives, and the ones who were devout religiously are now atheists.

    Added to this angle is, right away they have a path home. They could go back to where everything is normal. Easily. But do they want to or is everything better this way?

  • JakeBarnes12

    Screw angles. Here’s how you do this right:

    1. Sell a plain vanilla TV show where a family drifts into the Bermuda Triangle.

    2. Have weird, nonsensical shit happen every episode for six seasons.

    3. Keep telling viewers the reason for all the weird, nonsensical shit is not aliens and not religion.

    4. Rake in fuckin’ millions from the suckers who tune in trying to figure out what the weird, nonsensical shit means.

    5. In the last episode reveal it’s religion.

    6. The end.

  • MJ86

    Third time’s the charm?

    Feature : Abracadammit

    Convinced magic exists, a man travels out to sea in search of the Bermuda Triangle, certain that it’s the only magical spot that exists on Earth. Once there, he stumbles upon a morally bankrupt warlock who practices dark magic, and together they endeavor to build up the magical cache needed to return to his own alternate dimension, from which he was banished for literally stealing the heart of a sorceress. Oh yeah, this was a family trip, right? Well, the man had a daughter who did not make it to the island alive. Fortunately, he and the warlock are able to reanimate her. But what will the man (and the sorceress, who’s been observing everything since day one) do when the warlock falls in love with the semi-dead girl, intending to take her back to his dimension with him? Not stand idly by, I tell you what.

    I see this as a Dark Comedy with Fantasy elements. And what’s the “angle?” How about the whole thing has a documentary/hidden camera footage feel because the sorceress
    is watching everything unfold via a very HD crystal ball type thing. Think Dr. Frankenstein on a feature-length episode of Punk’d.

  • Buddy

    THE DUTCHMAN (feature)
    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle. Soon, friends and family are worried about having no news from them. Local authorities starts looking for the family but without success.
    A few weeks later, their boat, “the duchman” reappears at sea. On board : blood everywhere, all family members are found dead.

    An investigator is hired for understanding what happened. His investigation will lead him to trace the last days of the family before leaving for Bermuda. Is it a crime related to drug trafficking? piracy? Is it a family drama?
    He will quickly realize that this “perfect family” hides many secrets and they seemed to escape someone or something who left everything behind …

  • r.w. hahn

    ANGLE from an 18th century pirate who suddenly leaps on to their boat out of thin air. He was just in mid-jump about to board an enemy pirate ship, sword in hand, to take over it when the Triangle puts him on this boat.

  • IgorWasTaken

    Ever since I saw this poster, I’ve wondered –

    Why did they want her nose red?

    • klmn

      So she can guide Santa’s sleigh?

  • Random Logline Generator

    Maybe the pirate script the other day wore off on my, but here it goes:

    The Western Angle

    Chased by the British Navy, and a building tropical storm, the Captain of a Spanish galley filled with gold must head through unknown waters to make it back home in one piece.

    Anyways, best of luck to everyone!

  • Breezy

    Ok. I’m not entering, but I demand to play in this sandbox too, dammit.

    8 AM
    A small yacht at dock. Smiling 21 year old blonde on phone walks toward it… a good conversation with her bf based on what she’s saying. The phone drops, she stops to pick it up, 15 year old rebel sister brushes past her – move, bitch. Blonde glares at her walking toward the yacht… gets her phone and continues the conversation, but she’s not smiling like she was before the phone fell.

    Mother coming now holding hands with 9 year old boy. Boy stops, makes sign language – he forgot something? Mother smiles, they start to head back the other way before, Father grabs the boy’s hand from Mother and leads him back toward the yacht peeved- he said he wanted [somt else] can’t you read?
    Mother holds her temper and flexes her neck as she follows them to the yacht.

    This is the “family”. And they have issues.

    Then there’s another man who heads towards the yacht, a guest. But this trip was his idea. They are his clients. He’s a psychiatrist and this is his story. Hopefully this cathartic Caribbean cruise will relax them a little?

    6 PM
    Trip back home. But judging by everybody’s vibe, not much has changed within this group. This trip was a complete failure.

    Inside yacht, Mute son needs something: Mother is happy to do it this way, Father says that makes no sense they should do it that way. An argument breaks out. Father aka captain… is lured away from his post at the wheel.

    Psychiatrist Guest is observing the fight, taking objective mental notes when he notices… on the navigation system, they’re veering off course. Looks outside… probably is
    familiar with where they’re headed because all of a sudden he’s… whoosy. Tries faintly to tell Father… who’s too deep in conflict to pay attention to anything else.

    Everything is a blur as psychiatrist guest continues in delirium until… silence. He’s back to himself. But the boat’s stopped, conflict has also stopped. Navi system isn’t working, no power.
    It sinks in to everybody. They are stranded at sea. Psychiatrist guest, last person to see navi system, says it’s the Bermuda triangle… doesn’t give any info but claims its not… safe.

    In a desperate time like this, “family” is forced to act like it and co-operate, to ration food, to try and signal for help, to try and find land, to try and make it out alive… as all relationship issues float to the surface but Psychiatrist guest will help – because the members cant see how they affect each other, too selfish as humans, only seeing things from their individual point of view, a third party will see it clearly and help.

    But potential danger is lurking in the form of this third party who is supposed to help:

    Look at this grown late 50’s male psychiatrist staring at this 15year old rebel girl with
    deep regret. Look at her glare at him with hurt and rage. Because they have a
    secret. They had sex. It was a human moment, two hurt souls caught up in a
    moment and she regrets it now, and so does he but you think she cares, you
    think she gives a fuck?
    And he’s conflicted for his own sake because if he helps her, and she gets closer to her family, will she spill those beans? The only thing keeping her from telling family is she despises them. If they’re helped and she tells… the sex was consensual but you know a 15 year old can’t consent…

    Now everytime he’s around this girl it’s a chore. But on this small boat how many places can you hide? And all he wants to do is be a professional…

    But in fact, this guest, this psychiatrist has a whole history of issues of his own – a sinful past and one of them is tied to this Bermuda triangle. It keeps calling to him, to unlock those demons, but he’s supposed to be focused, professional enough to help this family, and yet he doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to fight his buried old self.

    It’s hard on the family but they need to pull together and get out of this triangle … before he loses the battle with his demons.

    Feature /drama

    Now lemme get outta here, I think I have sand in my crotch.

  • Zapotage

    I posted an angle early this morning, but it was pretty vague. So here it is again, rewritten, but spiced up…


    On the verge of divorce, former alcoholic, Morgan takes his fed up wife, Cordelia, and their outcast son, Dylan, on a boating trip as a last resort to save his family. Battling seasickness and other disasters they drift into a giant whirlpool in the stormy Bermuda triangle. Their vessel is swallowed whole by a gargantuan, otherworldly submarine.

    Once inside they discover an entire utopian civilization in time stood still populated by people of history’s past . A charismatic Pirate is in charge of this civilization and immediately falls in love with Morgan’s wife. Morgan also discovers his young, dashing father, a missing in action WWII pilot, who disappeared in the Triangle, and seeks his help to escape. However, the skeptical young pilot finds himself smitten with Morgan’s wife as well and wants her to stay with him.

    While resisting the delightfully sinful excesses of life, including the non-existent last call of the Pirates booze supply, Morgan and Dylan must bond for the first time to save Cordelia from his own father, lustful pirates, horny soldiers and worshipping natives. Can Morgan find his sea legs, resist temptation, save his family and find a way out of this aquatic nightmare?

  • T Johnson

    During a last ditch effort to save their marriage, a couple on a boat trip in the Bermuda Triangle narrowly escapes a storm and returns to shore to learn that several years have passed since they set sail. They have to learn to work together to figure out who’s now trying to kill them and whether a secret organization known only as The Travelers is telling the truth about the existence of time travel and a government conspiracy to keep it a secret.

  • Daniel

    The family is thrown into the Bermuda Triangle by way of a category 7 hurricane. Once inside they enter a parallel dimension and end up in the Lost City of Atlantis. They meet their alternate selves who are not as tightly knit. The son is the vicious king, the father has been sent to prison, the mother has been exiled and the daughter has hidden her identity to survive and works in a brothel.

    Their objective is to try and get that family to reconcile in order to lift a curse and get them home but the thing is the day keeps resetting. And the number of resets they have is limited because a hermit psychic has foretold a prophecy that the city will forever lay underneath the ocean.

  • Bluedust

    It was a horrible outbreak of norovirus that caused it. And it turns out Doc has been running experiments, terrible experiments on the Lido deck.

    • grendl

      And Charo was patient zero!

  • K__David

    My pitch has been lost in this Bermuda Triangle of comments.

  • LV426


    Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy/Thriller
    Format: TV Series

    In the near future, alternate dimensional travel has become a reality after natural portals between worlds have been discovered, tamed, and commercialized. The Bermuda Triangle is one such gateway, which leads to an exotic alternate Earth known as Gaia.

    A travel agent that specializes in these types of inter-dimensional vacation packages is up to his ears in a mid-life crisis. Overworked and stressed out, as well as nursing a failing marriage, both he and his family need a vacation. So he decides to take the wife and kids on a lavish cruise.

    Their ultimate destination is Gaia’s bustling capital, the mythical city of Atlantis.

    It is here that he and his wife will break the news to their three kids that they are going to file for a divorce upon returning home. The eldest daughter, a rowdy teen delinquent, doesn’t take this well. Fueled by her anger, she runs off and drifts in with the populace of Atlantis, some of which are human, while others are semi-alien humanoids and strange chimerical beasts.

    Now the father and his wife must delve into the seedy underworld of Atlantis on a search for their runaway daughter. Thinking he is cut out for this due to his day job of selling
    trips to Gaia and Atlantis, our father protagonist runs off half-cocked. Except he quickly discovers that he is way out of his depth in this weird and dangerous world.

    To help him navigate the twisted streets and strange wonders of Atlantis, he and the wife
    contract a female Israeli ex-soldier who fled Earth and now works as a hired gun in and around the shadowy organizations of the Atlantis underworld. Our wild mercenary companion will also have some debts and demons of her own that will need to be resolved over the course of the series.


    Gaia, and more specifically Atlantis itself will be a mix of myth, fantasy, and
    technology. This alternate world possesses a hypnotic mix of techno-magical tools, weapons, and architecture that is both advanced as well as ancient. Beasts and creatures of lore will be our alien inhabitants and wildlife of this rich world. Legendary figures will crop up as supporting players in the grander scheme of things.

    The best though, is that Atlantis will be seen in a new way. On the surface, and to most tourists it is a glittering metropolis. Except as stated in the synopsis, it is also a place of dark and twisted elements. Here we will see the darkness along with the light. Atlantis is not a place to get lost in. Strange cults and syndicates weave intricate webs from within the shadows.


    There is also the possibility of making spin-off shows set in other mystical locales from legend and folklore. Shangri-La would be a great location, as would Camelot and the isle of Avalon from Arthurian myth. There are more abstract yet cool ideas such as the Dreamtime of Aboriginal shamans. Many other cultures around the world have unique mystical places tied to their legends, creation myths, and folklore.

    The franchise potential here is huge.

  • Dave16

    The Nightfisher
    Psychological Horror
    A disgraced former police detective spends most of his time drinking, whoring and out on his boat. He seems to be meandering through life until he wakes up one day from a drunken coma aboard his boat, to find a young girl floating in the water. He plucks her out and discovers she is alive, taking her immediately to the hospital.

    There she refuses to tell her story to anyone but him: A night attack and all her family dead. The police begin an investigation into the murders, while the detective finds a renewed purpose to life in the investigation he conducts on the side.

    Not long after he begins experiencing nightmares that threaten to bleed into his waking life and uncover a past he would rather stay buried. All the same nightmares about an attack at sea in the dark of night, always ending with the little girl unharmed amid the wreckage. He is reluctant to see the nightmares as anything more than the dreams of a haunted man, but when parts of his investigation begin confirming things he has seen in his nightmares his grip on reality begins to slip into a place more sinister.

    What really happened on the boat? And, why does it seem like he, and he alone, was meant to find her that day?

  • Paul Schellens

    A little late to the party but for what it’s worth, here’s a Micro-budget angle:

    Played out in real-time (and a single camera angle) from the perspective of a mirror in the boat’s internal cabin. Almost as though they’re being watched by an ‘entity’ that can see into our world through mirrors. It likes the family and wants them to join it.

    All the drama is then played out in conversations (and arguments obviously) between the characters inside the cabin – until things get nasty and they have to deal with being thrown about and then flooded. Maybe the last scene can be with a lone character drowning, pressed up against the mirror. (An extra supernatural twist would have them break through the mirror into safety…)

  • r.w. hahn


    A family agrees to record their whole vacation using Go-Pro cameras.
    They take their yacht out into the Bermuda Triangle and the youngest boy, 9, gets sea sick and passes out in the lower cabin.
    When he comes to, he walks around the ship recording on his helmet cam(his angle) and discovers he is the only one on board.
    Until he finds one of his family members camera and watches it, changing the angle of the story. One by one he finds and plays each family members camera piecing together what happened and in the end records his own disappearance.

  • LV426

    Lots of competition here, and lots of cool ideas and unique angles.

    This was a lot of fun. I don’t know if we can submit more than one pitch for this Bermuda Triangle idea, but if we can I have one more I’d like to throw into the deep waters of Disqus.

    Also, I would love just some honest feedback on my idea too. As they say, winning isn’t everything. The journey is the true reward. Or to quote Tom Sizemore in HEAT…

    “Well ya know, for me, the action is the juice.”

  • Show Master


    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle…

    …and are sucked into an UFO craft where they learn they’ve been abducted to be part of an alien vaudeville group specializing in improv comedy. On board, they meet aliens from around the galaxy as well as other Bermuda Triangle abductees who inform the family that they must impress the intergalactic elite or risk being cut (terminally) from the group by the evil show master. It’s “kill it”… or be killed.

  • Bacon Statham

    A US Navy SEAL takes his two estranged sons to scatter their grandfather’s ashes at sea and after drifting into the Bermuda Triangle discover a mass graveyard of ships that went missing in the triangle, including the USS Cyclops, a ship that went missing in 1918. Unbeknownst to them, a dishevelled man stows away on their boat.

    When they return to shore, a team of government agents arrest them and interrogate them about their discovery. They’re saved by the stow away who turns out to be their great great grandfather. He was the first mate on the USS Cyclops. He tells them that the USS Cyclops was escorting Nikola Tesla and a piece of technology from his Tunguska experiment to the United States. A freak lightning storm struck the ship and activated the technology which resulted in an electromagnetic force field surrounding them.

    The captain and a large number crew were killed during the chaos, so the first mate had to step up and take charge. He worked with Tesla and twenty crewmembers to find a way back home. They got the technology working again, but at a price: the first mate had to stay behind to ensure Tesla and the rest of the crew could get back home.

    The SEAL and his family must discover the truth behind a government cover up of the event. Eventually It’s revealed that Nikola Tesla is still alive and is behind the cover up. He worked with the US government to recreate the Tunguska experiment and over the years silenced the remaining crewmembers of the USS Cyclops.

    Now the four heroes must figure out a way to stop Tesla from recreating the experiment before he causes a large scale disaster that could destroy humanity.

  • Scott Reed

    “Dead Drift”

    — Movie —

    An affluent families excursion becomes deadly when their yacht dead drifts into the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

    “The Shining” on water.

    After the vessel is accidentally found by treasure hunters, an amnesic sole survivor of a tragic yachting trip is brought along on a salvage attempt by her late husbands billionaire father to piece together his son’s and grand children’s fate.

    Clinical psychologists aboard use hypnosis to help her to recount the fatal event, while homicide detectives pressure her as a suspect. Things become more unnerving by the minute the closer the vessel comes to breaking the surface.

    Does the salvage mission claim the same fate?

    Very thought provoking subject Carson.


  • GYAD

    My pitch:


    A shady Tampa real-estate businessman (is there any other kind?) with a love of Bermuda shirts gets tangled up in the sub-prime housing bubble. With the Mob demanding their money back, the Feds wanting a look at his account books and a family who only love him for his largesse, he decides to do the only logical thing: he takes the family on a boat-trip near the Bermuda Triangle, blows up the boat, blames their strange end on the mysteries surrounding the area and then goes to cash in their (very expensive) life insurance policies before fleeing the country with the cash and his voluptuous secretary in tow.

    Only…unfortunately he did enter the Bermuda Triangle by mistake whilst he was busy planting the bomb. So imagine his surprise when he opens the door on the day he is due to collect his money and finds his family waiting for him: alive, angry, and gifted with strange new powers…

    What will they all do…?

    • carsonreeves1

      Best title award!

      • GYAD

        Thanks Carson.

  • Levres de Sang

    Well, this one has got X-Files written all over it so why not…

    THE X-FILES (RE-OPENED) — Season 1 Episode

    Reassigned to the X-files and back on our screens Agent Mulder becomes fascinated by the several passenger planes that have recently drifted off radar in the Atlantic and tries to convince Scully that the so-called Bermuda Triangle is merely an oceanic Area 51.

    We catch up with them on the high sea… but something feels a little different and we soon realise that this particular Mulder and Scully are in fact a married couple on vacation. Sure enough, Scully happily calls below deck to–

    EMILY, her ‘daughter’ who died in Season 5


    SAMANTHA, Mulder’s missing presumed-alien-abducted sister…

    • Marija ZombiGirl

      Is Samantha actually Mulder and Scully’s daughter ? :)

      • Levres de Sang

        I’ve been thinking about this and actually it’s not a bad idea…!

  • DownUnder

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle and come across the Captain of the USS Cyclops, clinging for life and adrift on the wing of a Japanese fighter – the unconscious kamikaze pilot accompanies him. The year is 2015.

  • august4

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Title: EXCURSION
    1. A short trip or outing to some place, usually for a special purpose and with the intention of a prompt return.
    2. Physics. The displacement of a body or a point from a mean position or neutral value, as in an oscillation.

    Genre: Suspense/Fantasy/Political Thriller
    Format: TV Series

    Logline: Nations scramble to solve the most notorious disappearance in history when the yacht carrying the first families of Russia and the United States vanishes after it accidently drifts into the Bermuda Triangle.

    Story: A friendly trip to unify two of earth’s rival super powers puts the world on the brink of war when the Russian yacht carrying both first families disappears without a trace.

    After a frantic search, two life rafts are the only remnants that remain. A Russian destroyer finds the sole American, a decorated, male Secret Service Agent, bloodied and unconscious. A U.S. Coast Guard Cutter discovers the only Russian, a mysterious female crewmember, unmarked in a catatonic state.

    Blinded by fear and distrust, both countries immediately quarantine their rival captives as tensions steadily rise with the ensuing interrogations.

    After weeks of rhetoric and accusations mount, the pressure boils after the Russian
    female is found to be a double agent with ties to both countries. And once the American escapes Russian intelligence, an international manhunt is only the beginning, as the military stalwarts must use every resource to bring him under their control.

    A month into the mystery, the yacht is suddenly found afloat in the heart of the triangle, the Sargasso Sea, without a soul on board or so much as a scratch to her luxurious furnishings.

    Inside, found footage from vacation videos and cryptic clues, along with unidentified personal in the background of family pictures, only lead the rival investigations to more mysteries and possibly an unknown entity.

    Was this a freak, natural occurrence? Was it a ruthless, premeditated plot to change the
    course of history? Or was it something much more sinister?

    I’m NOT telling!!


  • K__David

    The Bermuda Triangle is in the Northern Hemisphere. Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere. So no. Japan is in the Northern Hemisphere. The Devil’s Sea (also known as the Dragon’s Triangle) is roughly the opposite side of the Bermuda Triangle. I’m also talking about an area of the Pacific Ocean near Japan, not the actual landmass known as Japan.

  • Steffan

    Untitled Gus Van Sant Art-House Anthology Horror Film

    A 30-foot Weekender drifts aimlessly on the Atlantic.

    The waves push us closer to the yacht. As they do we hear the screaming voices of a family in their last frantic moments. “Ken, what the fuck is that?” “Danny, stay away from it. Danny! Get back!” Splashing… screaming… a flare ignited…

    The camera carries us onto the deck. The yacht is in pristine condition. Everything is exactly where it should be… everything except the family. They are nowhere to be found.

    The camera finally rests on an unused florescent life vest. FADE INTO: a short horror film that features the life vest as the crux of the story.

    After that short is completed we return to the yacht and move deeper into it.

    As we do, we stop at other various items and FADE INTO other short horror films whose overarching theme is the isolation families battle in the 21st century: children who have grown to hate their parents; loveless sex and sexless love; couples consumed by such meaningless daily rituals that they turn to deviance out of desperate boredom…

    At the midpoint we, as the audience, realize that someone is still in on board–in the Engine Room. Who, though, is the question?

    The final short reveals the fate of the family aboard, the relevance of each of the items explored in the shorts, and the identity of the sole occupant.

  • Malibo Jackk

    Better than the Academy awards.

    • LV426

      BermudaMan or (The Unexpectedly Tragic Voyage Into The Vile Vortices)
      Gone Girl
      American Skipper
      The Grand Bermuda Triangle Hotel
      The Theory of Angles

    • Midnight Luck

      Better than cheese in American Gladiator.
      And tights of WWF.

  • hackofalltrade

    Title: “I hate myself”


    A family of four; A dad (40’s) his wife and two twin 17 year old daughters accidentally sail into the Bermuda Triangle. As they race against an approaching storm, they encounter a 70 year old man, his wife and two middle-age daughters on a sinking boat that looks curiously like their own. With no time to waste, they quickly help them aboard and successfully out-race the storm. The celebration is short lived when the dad introduces himself…to himself. At 70.

    As they try to navigate out of the triangle and (hopefully) back to some semblance of normality, it becomes readily apparent; everyone HATES the other version of themselves (except young dad, he likes how great his hair looks at 70.)

    Angle: Competing VO narration from each dual-character to describe how the events transpired.

    Once home, we eventually learn that neither family is happy. It’s the year 2030(halfway between the two ages) and the narration is to a very confused THIRD version of themselves.

    In the end, the two families decide to go back to the Bermuda Triangle to try get back to their own “time.” The moment they arrive in the Triangle, a storm hits and they have to save another sinking ship…

  • ABHews

    The Longfellow family Vacation
    Dark Comedy/Action adventure.

    The Life Aquatic meets Dante’s Inferno:

    An old money family is convinced by their psychologist to take a boat trip to rebuild the family bond. The pompous father wants a divorce from his jersey shore wannabe wife, who has been having an affair her son’s best friend. The sensitive, twenty year old son and eighteen year old hipster daughter agree to the trip in hopes family fortune in tack.

    After a night of drunken arguing the family awakes to find themselves at the starting line of a sail boat race. Huge grand stands filled with gods from worlds unknown cheer as the announcer tells the competitors that only the winner will win the rights of returning to their own realm. Each team is given one guide, the Longfellow’s guide turns out to be their psychologist.

    The family must pull together to win the race and find out what the hell is going on.

  • RO

    I know it’s late, but I’ll give this a shot.
    Title: Bermuda Bound (TV Series/Mythic Adventure)

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle. Traveling from Great Brittan to The U.S.; Olaf, Gwen, their granddaughter Vicki and her fiancé Art find themselves moving uncontrollably towards a massive continent floating above the ocean: The discarded world of Bermuda. Held hostage by the Bermuda Military, Gwen learns that her husband is of royal blood, and that Art (real name Artimar) was sent to protect and return Olaf to the Lost City of Atlantis where he will inherit the throne from his recently assassinated brother, and hopefully end the ancient war between Atlantis and Bermuda.

    That’s my angle; have my main character be an old man, who has to use his lifetime of knowledge and experience to help him discover and keep his family alive during an ancient war in an unfamiliar world.

    Lots of room for conflict between Olaf and Gwen: Has Olaf been keeping secrets? Does he really not know about his past? How does Gwen cope with this change and relate, being the only normal Human of her family? Does Artimar really love Vicki or was he using her to get to her grand father? Can Olaf trust Artimar to protect his family? Does Olaf believe in himself to be of use in this war given his age?
    I look forward to thoughts and criticism.

  • lesbiancannibal

    Title: Party Time

    Notorious DJ Don Decks was well on his way to becoming the latest member of the 27 club – until his coke-head model wife got a bun in the oven.

    On a last binge-party super yacht trip to the Bermuda, the couple and crew drift into the triangle where Don is given a do-or-die mission by the Octopus of Time –

    Bounce through time attending the best parties in history – and bring the most debauched motherfuckers who ever lived to the final decadent bash at the end of the Universe.

    Can Don drag Byron, Kieth Moon and Caligula into the octopus’s garden before his wife pops?

    Angle? Fuck angle, I’ve got a Time Octopus.

  • Andrew Parker

    Title: Scalene

    Type: Feature

    Pitch: A CHRONICLE-like tale of a family presumed missing in the Bermuda Triangle. Upon their return to suburban North Carolina, they start exhibiting strange — and sometimes scary — paranormal abilities. Can they survive the consequences of what was supposed to be a fun family boating trip?

    The Tagline: Scalene — Nothing is the same.

  • maxi1981

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidently drift into the Bermuda Triangle.


    Sci-fi – Horror

    Rosemary’s Baby meets The X Files

    A couple – the husband who is an avid UFO seeker filming a documentary and the wife who is heavily pregnant with their first child – remain stuck in the Bermuda Triangle overnight after their yacht completely dies on them for unexplained reasons. The couple spend the whole night hearing strange sounds and experiencing weird visions and find themselves in an overnight nightmare. After being unable to stay awake all night from exhaustion, the couple wake up next morning and find they are years older. And even worse, the woman is no longer pregnant and a baby lies in the bed next to them.

    The “angle” would be to focus on those first hours starting when they are awake and begin hearing weird noises and start seeing weird visions in the sky. Then a middle part focusing on the “lost” hours once they fall asleep and what goes down looked at from the point of view of the aliens or possibly from cameras set up on the yacht as part of the doc the husband is filming. Then the final third leading to when they wake up and what they do from that moment onwards.

  • Skysail

    White Slaves on the Black Princess

    It was a strange fog risen up that day, the wind we all noted upon, whispering wild and unholy, the seas churning white such as no man had ever seen. Lost we were, out
    beyond the breaks, north by northwest of the Turks and Caicos, the land fallen
    away, the needle on the compass spinning madly. Then as if on command the seas calmed, the day lightened, and out of the mist appeared a small sailing vessel the likes of which no man had ever seen. Every man and boy aboard the Black Princess stood at the rail, silent in astonishment, gazing at this ship, both wondrous and strange, and a family wearing clothes from cities yet unknown standing on the deck, looking at us in terror as we bore down on them.

    By God’s Holy Gown, I swear every word of this story I am about to tell is true.
    Let any man deny a word and I will see him hung from the mizzen mast till the gulls and the crows have claimed him.

    Captain Calico Jack Rackam. Pirate King of the Black Princess.
    Signed by his hand Septemeber 12th, in the year of our Lord 1716.

    Comedy Feature: The Pirate King soon gets heartily sick of this rich spoiled family from the future that he has collided with in the Bermuda Triangle. He sells them to an empty slave ship returning to Africa, which in turn sells them to a tribal chief who makes them slaves on his Mango plantation.
    12 Years A Slave meets Gilligan’s Island?

  • L’ingénieur


    Feature Comedy

    Skye is the youngest princess of ILE, a women-only island protected by a triangular electromagnetic field that destroys anything it touches. As they grow up, girls are taught to anything from the unholy outside lands, ESPECIALLY MEN. Every other decade, however, the field develops a breach letting things in for 72 hours. If a ship enters, crashes onto the island and contains a woman, she is welcomed as a true resident of ILE. If it contains a man, he becomes the center of a public reverse gangbang to repopulate the city before getting burned and offered as a human sacrifice to ILE’s mythical Goddess: BERMUDA.

    Pressured by her mother The QUEEN to get married, Skye just wants to escape and discover new territories. She would leave but has no idea how to find a breach, if it even exists. When on a beach date with her cousin Lisa, Skye finds a ship that just crashed. She goes in as Lisa calls for help. Inside, Skye finds something she has never seen, something she was made to hate: a MAN, unconscious. Not sure what to do, she hides him. The others find a 16 year old girl and a 19 year old. They take them.

    Skye heals then interrogates him. JIM hates women since his ex-wife dumped him for his ex-girlfriend. He took JAKE, his sex-obsessed, dumb son and his closed-off boy-ish daughter MAX on a trip to reconnect with them after (his mental breakdown) the divorce. Learning his boat has a coordinates device that can trace back the exact route from which they came from, Skye tells him to get her out BEFORE the breach closes. He accepts but only if she helps him get his kids back.

    It will not be simple though. To infiltrate the city, Jim will have to disguise as the one thing he hates the most: a woman. By the time Skye gets him there, Max discovers how to enjoy her feminine, sensual self while Jake, unaware of what happens post-sex, is hyped and cannot wait for the “ceremony.”

    Of course, The Queen will let no man live or leave the island.

  • K__David

    I do like that site, cool concept, but I think it might be off. Maybe it’s based off a flat map? But, Bermuda Triangle is 25 degrees North, 71 degrees West, while The Dragon’s Triangle is 25 degree North, 137 degrees East. That is literally the same longitudinal line. Australia is 35.3 degrees South, 149.12 degrees East. Like I said, both Triangles are in the Northern Hemisphere while Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere. Plus I just looked at my son’s globe. No way is Australia the exact opposite side of the globe as the Bermuda Triangle.

  • LV426

    Genre: Cyberpunk/Espionage
    Format: Feature


    A conspiracy theorist’s wet dream… Which in this case is a mobile high-tech island that no one can find, housing a massive self-contained community of the world’s (supposedly) top scientific and tech experts working in a think tank to either save the world, or take it over.


    Havana, Cuba, 2057 A.D.

    Years after the borders opened up, Cuba began to thrive as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The economy, as well as the population soared.

    Vice cop Aleja Soto (late 20s, intense eyes, street-level beauty) patrols the mean streets of Havana in a heavily armed A.I. upgraded smart talking ’57 Chevy named Marko. Everything is going good. She’s moving up the career ladder in the law enforcement world, and has a little money put away now.

    Everything is thrown out of whack when her brother, two cousins, and ex-lover all go missing at sea. These people were the last remnants of family she had.

    The final blip of their boat’s existence came from deep within the Bermuda Triangle. The authorities seem to think they got lost, the ship was damaged and sunk, or even crossed paths with drug runners or gun smugglers who’d rather not risk any questions being asked. Aleja digs into it all, determined to find out what happened to her relatives.

    During her off-hours investigation, Aleja runs into a shady character snooping around this same mystery. She chases this guy down. He is an American “triple agent” named Helms. In this case a triple agent is an operative, either corporate or a fed, that has state of the art cyber-implants and nano-swarms swimming in their head. This allows them to be made up of three different personas grafted together into one single augmented brain.

    Helms is a corporate spook sniffing around Havana looking to recruit some heavies to help him infiltrate the mythical think tank Castora. Supposedly Castora is a mobile island that no one seems to be able to find unless invited there by its masters, the MIRA Consortium. Conspiracy theorists link MIRA to the Illuminati and ancient aliens and all sorts of silly stuff like that. Neither Aleja or Helms buy any of that static.

    Helms seems to think that the best minds in the world, both human and A.I. are being invited to Castora for something big. He needs to find what this “big” is. Aleja might just find answers to her family’s disappearance there as well. Her cousin Rosa was considered a genius, and had a promising career in bio-robotics ahead of her. After some digging it appears that MIRA might have invited Rosa to the island of Castora.

    The problem is that Castora shouldn’t exist.

    A massive island paradise in the middle of the North Atlantic, that is mobile yet no one or no nation can seem to find it. How is this possible?

    You’ll have to pay for that kind of information…

    So why not come for some fun in the Cuban sun? Stay and sample the ambient electronica beats mixing with the Afro-Cuban jazz of the lively Havana nightlife. See Marko, the smart-talking ’57 Chevy blow up the neighborhood.

    It’s “Dr. No” meets “Neuromancer” with the energy of “Cowboy Bebop”, the color palette of “Miami Vice” and a heavy dose of conspiratorial techno-paranoia. It’s…


  • Jerry Curl

    When a family drifts into the Bermuda Triangle, they are transported five months into the past, ten minutes before the death of their first born son, giving them a second chance to save him. By saving him they change the future, when they realize their son was responsible for the local bombings that have already killed hundreds, allowing him to go through with his final plan. Can they now right the wrong of saving him, when he was indeed meant to die?

    • Jerry Curl

      Or can they stop him before he goes through with his final plan?

  • Scott Chamberlain

    Angle 1 – Inside the the Bermuda Triangle they can hear each other’s thoughts. The longer they stay, the deeper the thoughts. Will the family survive each other’s brutal honesty.

    Angle 2 – A riff on the Affair. Each episode is told through two different family member’s POV. Inside the Triangle, each character has their own “take” on reality. Add a rescued stranger (or Captain) boasting supernatural healing powers and you get an over-arching narrative about whether the stranger really means them harm of good, and whether they will survive or perish. You get Moliere’s Tartuffe done as a psychological thriller, set on a boat where the audience has watch to the end to discover what is true.

  • Agitated Writer

    Swallowed into the Burmuda Triange by some invisible force, a family is caught in a battle between life and death, as they have to face the forces of evil that keep those who have disappeared without a trace, including pirate ships, navy ships, jets, and whole crews of people, all trying to leave a place that looks like a foreign planet that nobody has been able to escape for hundreds of years.

    • Agitated Writer

      Of course, that sounds more like a reinvented longline than an angle.

  • lesbiancannibal

    Ghost Ship

    Incidentally, this is imo a cool little supernatural film about a haunted ocean liner.

    Anyone seen it?

    I loved it and I’m surprised it’s only a 5.4 on IMBD.

    Now it doesn’t have any Time Octopuses, but it’s still a good watch.

  • Maggie Dawson

    Angle 1: A family drifts into the Bermuda Triangle, where their boat sinks. Except they don’t drown. Instead they sink to the bottom of the ocean, where they discover the lost City of Atlantis under attack, swallowing them into a battle to save themselves and the city from an under water dragon and its minions. Or from anothe lost city we never knew existed.

    Angle 2: I can also see it as a Swiss Family Robinson kind of story. But much darker. Maybe Swiss Family Robinson meets Planet of the Apes (or even Land of the Lost or Pitch Black), where they get sucked into the Bermuda Triangle and shipwreck on a strange island.

    Everything seems fine at first. During the day, which seems to last longer than a normal day. They start to build shelter. Maybe in the trees. There are wierd plants and animal life. But the animals are nice, and even let you pet them.

    At least while the wierd sun is still up.

    And they meet other people who have also crashed here. Some as far back as the 1400’s. They find them and convince them to stop building shelter. To come with them. And they do. And they find a civilization built to keep the stuff after the sun goes down out.

    And of course, there’s internal conflict going on. A kind of civil war. It’s getting to a point to where you don’t know if you’re safer in the camp, or outside with what comes out after dark.

    That’s the best I got.

  • Bluedust

    Bermuda Grass
    Comedy Feature
    A family boat trip goes awry when the dysfunctional Clutterbucks accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle and are boarded by dimwitted pot smugglers. They must go island to island delivering their weed shipment, all the while evading a maniacal Caribbean coast guard Captain.

  • Midnight Luck


    A 21 year old amateur SETI researcher receives a signal of unknown origin via her own homemade device. Alone in the world, the messages she receives appear to be specifically made for her, guiding her to the signal, promising her connection with someone. She becomes convinced the message is of alien form. To find out if there truly is someone on the other end she must set sail deep into the Bermuda Triangle. As she gets closer the signal becomes more of a warning, telling others out there of impending doom on Earth. The Aliens appear to be using Earth and this “BEACON” as a way to contact others in their race, to travel to and from areas of the Universe, and to send out warnings.

    She enlists her mother and father, with whom she has been estranged, setting out on the family boat into the Bermuda Triangle to find the Beacon and possibly contact the alien race, or find out what terrible thing is coming.

    The parents aren’t at all thrilled but, desperate for a reconnection, they decide to help her. The closer they get to the Beacon, the stranger everything becomes. Her Father suffers a stroke and goes into a coma, and her Mother appears to be losing her mind. She sees and hears things the daughter can’t. Eventually the Mother flings herself overboard trying to escape what is “attacking” her.

    By the time the daughter reaches the “Beacon” she’s alone, struggling to stay alive, but even more convinced she has found the thing which will allow people to connect with extraterrestrial life.

    Every step along the journey, her desperation to make a connection with someone grows.
    Yet every step seems to pull more connection away from her.

    But in the end, will she find anyone, and what is the Beacon really?

  • LV426


    Genre: Sci-fi/Satire/Action
    Format: Feature/TV series (shared universe)

    A family of hippie outlaws steal a drug lord’s yacht and lead the U.S. Coast Guard on a wild chase into a monstrous storm brewing in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Everything goes black when the violent storm bears down on them.

    The next day, three of the five hippies (the Kids) wake up in a tranquil compound. An older man, very guru-like, comes over to them. It’s Timothy Leary! What happened was Mr. Leary’s “mental construct” astrally projected itself through the Bermuda Triangle over the years. The Triangle is a focal point of energy on the Earth. Many other “travelers” have also projected themselves there. Especially those kinds of folks into psychedelics and other mind-altering substances.

    Leary explains to the Kids that they are now in another world, a funhouse mirror image of the Earth they were born in, but different, and wonderful. It is called Far Earth.


    The storm has subsided on regular Earth. The other two hippies (Mom & Pop) have been taken prisoner on a large cruise ship. Not any old big white boat, but a Scientology cruise ship of L. Ron Hubbard’s Sea Org!

    The only way to save Mom & Pop from the brainwashing clutches of the Sea Org is to hop into sensory deprivation tanks and astrally project their thoughts into human hosts back on regular old boring Earth. They can also communicate with friends from back home using this method. If they die while connected to this host body, they will absorb a bunch of that person’s memories, and will be haunted by them in dreams. It’s some bad mojo to let a host die.

    There’s also an alien entity called The Demiurge, which wants to invade Earth so it can destroy us and rebuild a new civilization from scratch.

    Oh, and the drug lord who had his yacht stolen comes looking for his boat, his drugs, and some revenge. Now he’s trapped on the island with the Kids. He’s also fucking crazier than Bob Ross with Crayons. (Don’t worry, Bob Ross is also on this island.)

    It’s a war of minds in this far out romp that’s part “Altered States” mixed with a very groovy take on “Lost” except it makes more sense. But not too much sense, because who wants that?

    Tagline: Turn on, tune in, save the world.

  • Ernst De Geer


    A dark comedy about a cult leader struggling to lead his cult to their final destination: disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle, and the problems that arise when it seems it could all be a myth.

  • GoJuice

    I don’t know if it’s too late, but here goes:


    Tell the story backwards, which has been done before, I know. However, it serves this story as follows:

    Start with father on trial for the murder of his family. He stands accused of luring his wife, teenage daughter and preteen son on a weekend getaway off of the Miami shore in a rented boat and then killing them.

    Next, the investigation, where all evidence points to a guilty verdict. Husband’s affair, wife’s insurance policy, etc. Also, subtly plant that wife and son’s body’s were found. Daughter’s was not. There is no doubt he killed them. He maintains that he didn’t.

    Continuing backwards, the father is found on the shore, north of Miami. The act one to act two break is this moment.

    Act two then consists of what actually happened, again, in reverse. So the first scene in Act two is the husband killing the wife. Follow that with what happened prior, leading up to this point.

    As the movie continues, it is revealed that the wife actually plotted to kill the husband and children and be the one to survive. He was defending himself, which is how we go from act two to three.

    Act three is back to the present, where a guilty verdict is counterpointed with the daughter returning. Her reappearance should vindicate her father, right? In another twist, the daughter knew of the mother’s plot and subtly fed the father throughout (leading to him killing the wife eventually) so that they would kill each other. She killed her brother (the husband and wife thought the other did it). Her father realizes this, the audience knows, but she plays the innocent, shocked teen and get what she wants, with her father behind bars instead of dead: money, freedom and away from her effed up family (in her mind, anyway) forever.

    • GoJuice

      I typed the above quickly before I left for work. Here’s a bit more.

      Working Title: The Grey Area
      Gone Girl meets Cape Fear

      Above, I incorrectly stated the wife wanted to kill the children – she didn’t. Just the husband. In the movie, the husband genuinely wants to get his family away for a weekend to repair their relationship. He knows he’s been a jerk. But, by playing it out backwards, the perception is planted that he’s being shifty (especially with his suspicious behavior around his mistress calling/stopping by because he’s not returning her calls). The wife, on the other hand, is perceived to be genuinely thrilled to have a weekend with the family. But she’s actually laying track for a foolproof murder plot. All of this is revealed in Act two. Also, the daughter is not some creepy, something’s wrong with her type. She’s an honest, angsty 16 year old.

      After we see the husband murder the wife, it’s assumed he kills the son – we never see it. After the wife’s plot is revealed, it’s assumed she kills the son. The press would swarm this story too (alot of the Bermuda Triangle mythology would come out of this). A lot of fun elements to play with: complex characters, exposition buried in the investigation but revealed in layers as we proceed backwards, a couple of twists.

  • CSCyr

    A family boat trip goes awry when they accidentally drift into the Bermuda Triangle.

    They come upon a young, bald boy sitting lotus style on a raft and ask him how to get out of the Triangle.

    Boy: Do not attempt to get out of the triangle. That is impossible.
    Family: Why?
    Boy: There is no triangle.

  • The Real Django

    Looks like I still have time as AF is not up yet.

    My angle: THE BERMUDA FOG
    (Working title lol)

    The family drifts into the Bermuda Triangle fog while they are asleep. The man wakes up with a woman and child that aren’t his. And he has to find out what happened to them and who these new people are before the fog lifts. The wierd thing is that they think he’s their husband and father. He even seems to have memories with them. But he also has memories with his real family.

    And thing get wierder when they run into a ghost ship that they have to board because their tiny boat is sinking. Except that the boat flickers between the past and the present. And when the boat flickers into the past (into the early 1930’s), he finds his wife married to a rich oil man, and his daughter the daughter of the captain of the ship.

    All the while his “new” family is starting to think the fog is driving him insane, like the Overlook Hotel from The Shining had on Jack, as they aren’t transported back with him into the past.

    But there is a correlation between the present and the past, and he just needs to find it. But he’s running out of time.

  • ff

    Remember, theres a fine line between ‘angle’ and gimmick. The story comes first always.

    Also I think your logline and angle were already done and pretty decently in ‘Traingle’ several years ago.

  • wlubake

    I’m sure this is too late to get any response from the readership, but here it goes:

    The Bermuda triangle is a space-time fountain of youth. People don’t really disappear. Instead, the minutes they are passing through are decades in the real world. Each family member reacts differently to the passing of 75 years while they were in the triangle. The father, a scientist, want to pass through again and again to see the advancements of society over time. The mother wants to find a way back, as their daughter stayed home sick from the boat trip at the resort. The son seems to be struggling with the adjustment, and may be losing his mind. As the three get into the boat for a second time in act 3, what will happen?

  • G.S.

    Thank you! I’m fascinated by the parallel evolution of ideas we see so often.

  • MJ86

    More and more it becomes clear to me that I must have been Japanese in another life :)