Carson Reeves

I’ve read over 6000 scripts, done over 1500 consultations, and have reviewed more than 1000 scripts on the site.  I've discovered and helped writers sell their scripts, in addition to finding managers, agents, and production companies for their screenplays.  I've been featured in Wired magazine and The New York Times.  There is nothing I love more than breaking down screenplays and helping writers.  What I can guarantee is that I will tell you if your script is ready for the market, and if it isn't, what needs to be fixed to change that.  My strength is identifying the big problems and coming up with creative solutions.  I also send the top 5% of my consults to industry contacts.  If you’d like more details or want to check availability, e-mail me at with the subject line: “CONSULTATION.”  Hopefully we’ll get a chance to work together. :)

Good Will Hunting, The Martian, The Hangover, The Shawshank Redemption, The Big Short, Bridesmaids, Room, Fury Road, Back To The Future, Star Wars, Silence Of The Lambs, Memento, John Wick, Pulp Fiction, American Beauty, Fargo, Superbad, Inside Out, The Matrix, Rocky, Rosemary’s Baby, Nightcrawler, Let The Right One In, Silver Linings Playbook, Up, Office Space, The Sweet Hereafter 

Feature Length Screenplay
4 pages: $499
8 pages: $749

Pilots (TV)
4 pages: $399
8 pages: $649

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