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  • Scott Crawford

    If you absolutely, positively HAVE TO HAVE “A Garden at the End of the World,” then email me,, and don’t bother anyone else.


    “The Savage” vs. “Thrills, Kills, and Scotch”
    “Raised by Wolves” vs. “Dionaea”
    “The Bait” vs. “The Atttacker”
    “Jump” vs. “Log”

    Sounds about right, it’s not like two identical scripts fighting each other.

    Carson: “I don’t know about you, but this list gets me excited. While I know you guys will want to start speculating on who you plan to vote for, save it for the day. Part of the fun of this contest is not knowing who’s going to come out on top each week. So keep those voting preferences to yourselves for now!”

    And I STILL liked “Inferno,” though I’ll agree it was kind of an odd choice to make a third film seven years after the last one. The key thing is, though, the movie only cost $75 million – they realized the film might not be as successful so they minimized the costs. Part of this, I think, involved filming in Hungary and at the very impressive Korda studios they have there.

    Korda studios has the world’s largest sound stage (suck it, 007 Stage!) where they built Mars for THE MARTIAN and probably shot the spectacular climax of INFFERNO, a New York street built for HELLBOY 2, a Renaissance street built for the TV series THE BORGIAS and a Medieval village (not shown here) for WORLD WITHOUT END:,PC3,PA9vtelen_45.JPG.pagespeed.ic.OvWCyfF1Mw.jpg

    So, maybe, when you’re thinking about a script, you might want to think about, you, know, could this be filmed in Hungary for cheap or does it have to filmed on the streets of New York for expensive like GHOSTBUSTERS? Could much of it be filmed on a soundstage or against near-impossible-to-detect greenscreen like INFERNO?

    There was an even crazier (rejected) plan for Pinewood where they would have lots of different locations form around the world:

    Again, maybe we have to start thinking in terms of films like TV shows that shoot on prefabricated sets or greenscreen or in cheaper locations, like JACK REACHER 2 in New Orleans. Lovely place but also cheaper than LA.