Here they are folks!  These are the top 10 Amateur scripts ever submitted to Scriptshadow (not including The Disciple Program and Where Angels Die).  My voting system works like this.  People send in their top 10, and then I assign a sliding point system to each entry.  So if something finishes number one on someone’s list, I give that 10 points.  Finishing number two gets you 9 points.  Three gets you 8 points.  I then tally all the points up.  I’ve included the point totals of all ten.  I believe over 300 people voted!

Inside the numbers: Only one script that got a “wasn’t for me” made the list (Primal, at number 8).  The Savage South, a rather low key script at the time, had a lot more supporters than I thought!  Finishing at number 8.  Things got REALLY crowded at the bottom and some scripts JUST MISSED the list.  The three that were the closest were Goodbye Gene, with 170 points, A Bullet For My Best Friend, with 163, and Guest, with 156.  Also a sorta surprise was Grendl’s Real Monsters making the list.  A lot of people seemed to like that one.  Well, I’ll leave it at that.  Here is the list.  Congratulations to the top 10, and thanks to everyone who voted!!!

1) Rose in the Darkness – 533 points – A secluded boy’s way of life is threatened when he befriends Rose – the girl whom his parents have imprisoned in the family attic.

2) Patisserie – 502 points – A young Jewish woman in occupied France escapes the Nazis by changing places with a shop owner. But as her love grows for the other woman’s husband and child, so does her guilt.

3) Fascination 127 – 419 points – A group of men are hired by a mysterious client to remove Jim Morrison’s casket, give it to him for 24 hours and then return the casket into the ground before it is publicly exhumed to be moved to the United States.

4) Keeping Time – 390 points – A for-hire time traveler who specializes in “preventing” bad relationships meets his match with a mysterious woman who claims to also be a traveler and is determined to stop him from completing his mission.

5) Fatties – 308 points – When a lonely masochistic chubby chaser is abducted by two fat lesbian serial killers, it’s the best thing that ever happened to him.

6) The Devil’s Hammer – 297 points – When an outlaw biker, and soon to be father, attempts to leave the sins of his old life behind, he is pushed by a vengeful Sheriff into the arms of an ancient cult of disease worshiping sadists.

7) Primal – 234 points – After survivors of a recent hurricane relocate to a quiet Louisiana bayou town, a creature goes on a nightly rampage of terror and carnage. Convinced it is the legendary werewolf known as loup garou, an intrepid teen vows to discover the beast’s true identity and destroy it.

8) The Savage South – 201 points – When a professional contract killer discovers he’s become the target of an assassination himself, he teams up with the would-be killer to figure out who set them up.

9) Real Monsters – 180 points – The members of a small Irish town housing a supposed Lochness-like monster in their lake find their world turned upside-down when an American documentary crew arrives to find out if the monster is real.

10) Reunion – 176 points – At their ten-year reunion, a formerly bullied outcast decides to enact revenge on the cool kids who made his life miserable.

  • Poe_Serling

    Congrats to Joe M, Acarl, Craig, S.D., Grendl, and the rest of the Top 10 writers!!!

    • Craig Mack

      Thanks Poe!

    • Nate Zoebl

      Thank you sir. It is very appreciated.

    • Bluedust

      Appreciate it, Poe.

    • grendl

      You’re a gentleman and a scholar Poe. Thanks for your kind words.

  • Awesome

    This list screams my name

  • Kirk Diggler

    Odd. Many thought Black Autumn was better than Primal, which I believe was the same writer?

    I hated Fatties. Thought it was vile shock porn. Congratulations anyway.

    • Scott Crawford

      I have a funny feeling this board is going to turn into 300 comments of “This SHOULD have been on there!” and “This SHOULDN’T have been on there!”


      • Kirk Diggler

        Well of course. I didn’t read a page of half of these, including 1 and 3, which came before I started hanging around full time. Maybe there are some scripts that deserve to be on this list. I couldn’t tell you which scripts that I’ve read from the last 14-15 months would knock these off. Okay, Breaking the Chain for sure. That’s one I feel should be on here. But other than that, <>

      • lonestarr357

        I don’t have the time/energy to post 300 comments, so let me just say this:

        – REUNION, though well-written, was a reprehensible piece of work. I could live to be 200 and still not understand why it’s so beloved around here.

        – FATTIES…never read it. I only got as far as the line in the review about the guy getting fisted by his own severed arm. That’s entertainment?! (Maybe, I should’ve put something like that in my logline last weekend. Betcha everyone here would’ve been all over it like a fat kid on a brownie.)

        – Quite glad that PRIMAL made it. Very entertaining read.

        • klmn

          Fatties is dark humor. It’s not for everybody.

        • pmlove

          Care to expand?

          I really enjoyed Reunion, not quite sure how it falls under the category of a reprehensible piece of work. I can definitely imagine it as a horror film… which is surely the point.

          As for Fatties, it’s a film that will (probably) never be made but all the elements are there. Good characters, proper arcs, development. I think maybe it felt like the last 8 pages were a tack-on but apart from that it was well constructed. That’s why people like it. It’s very dark, which can be terrible when it isn’t backed up with story and character, but this has both.

          • lonestarr357

            I’m not sure whether torture porn is back in fashion, but every murder in that script embraced it, to the point where I felt entertainment value just wasn’t in the cards…and that ‘gotcha!’ ending, I truly could’ve done without.

          • pmlove

            True, the ending was a little weak and some of the kills were quite violent and maybe it was a little Saw-derivative at times but I think you’re underplaying its strengths – I actually cared about the characters.

            I even enjoyed the flashbacks, John chanting at the basketball game, the interactions between the ‘jock’ characters. Plus the kills were innovative enough to be interesting and the play on the school-lesson theme was something I haven’t seen before.

      • Malibo Jackk


        • Scott Crawford

          Sorry, I didn’t get that.

          • walker

            Guest by Matthew Cruz. It just missed the list with 156 points. I voted for that one.

    • Bluedust

      Kirk, Black Autumn wasn’t listed among the nominees. As for Primal landing at #7, I’m as surprised as anyone. Reading the posts, I didn’t see it mentioned often.

      • pmlove

        Well, it got at least one vote, nominated or not. Probably should’ve read the list.

    • Ryan Sasinowski

      Well, if a script makes you either love it or hate it, it’s doing its job. Nothing worse than a forgetful, mediocre one. Well… a mediocre one with a ton of spelling errors, I suppose.

  • Craig Mack

    I have to say, it’s really an honor to be up there with such great scripts. Thanks for anyone who voted for TDH! To anyone I beat out — I probably didn’t deserve it. #blessup

    • Nick Morris

      Nicely done, bro!

  • Z. LaPorte Airey

    congrats guys *he said with a hint of rueful bitterness* !!!!

    • kenglo

      One of the most insane, crazy, off the hook scripts I’ve ever read….just as good if not better than EVERLY…seriously…no defeat as an honorable mention!

  • ASAbrams

    Congrats, Writers on the list…and all those writers whose scripts were considered.

  • MichaelWhatling

    Great! I’m first loser! Yay!

    Thanks to everyone who voted for “Pâtisserie.” You’ve kept me from being completely disillusioned with screenwriting for another week. :)

  • Midnight Luck

    Congrats to all the Top 10er’s!

    All your hard work has paid off.
    You are on a list now, if you haven’t been on one yet!
    Good job everyone!

  • ripleyy

    Fatties made the list! Congrats to all the others who made the list as well. :)

    • carsonreeves1

      Fatties continues to be the most polarizing script ever reviewed on Scriptshadow. I’ve had people write me full-on novels about how much they loved it. Only to be followed by people who say it’s literally the worst thing they’ve ever read and that I should be ashamed of myself for promoting it. Crazy!

      • klmn

        Screenplays are generally judged like dog shows – by conformation to breed (genre) standards.

        Fatties is the kind of dog you keep to sic on the neighbor kids.

    • Bifferspice

      that was you? congrats man, fatties is a fantastic piece of work

      • ripleyy

        I wish, but sadly it wasn’t me. I just liked the script (which is still memorable to me to this very day)

  • jw

    Where’s the link for the #1 script, or has that been removed on purpose?

    • klmn

      email me at kenklmn AT yahoo dot com

      • jw

        I can see why this did fairly well. It’s not unbelievably great, but let’s be honest here, horror scripts ALWAYS have these moments. The moments of “fuck, are you kidding me?” So, realistically I don’t see why someone couldn’t do this as a small budget. It’s single location and takes fairly good advantage of it. I’d write a different ending, but other than that this is a solid small budget horror script that would go straight to VOD if made and be a pretty solid first step. Nicely done.

  • klmn

    Congrats to all.

    Yes grendl, including you.

    • Randy Williams

      I think Grendl will shortly outdo Sally Field’s “You like me, you really like me!”

  • Casper Chris

    Congrats to all!

    I had the top 3 scripts here in my top 4 as well.

    Now Carson just needs to update the list in the right menu.

    • carsonreeves1

      Coming soon!

  • Anonymous

    In time, one executive will chime in, then two then this’ll eventually become as prestigious as the blacklist. The ShadowList?

    • carsonreeves1

      We’d have to find a way to get more scripts through the system. This is a culmination of 5 years! I’d love to create a list of only amateurs though. They don’t have that kind of list out there.

  • scriptfeels


  • grendl

    Why do these votes always come down to Florida?

  • Randy Williams

    Congrats to all the list makers!

    You’ve managed to impress a body of readers who have a reputation in the screenwriting blogosphere for not being easily impressed and frankly, downright mean.

    Pat yourself on the back, and watch it at the same time.

    • carsonreeves1

      One of the nice things about Scriptshadow is that the readers here are honest. You can submit your script to some other places and get a falsely inflated ego because the readers are being nice. Here, people give it to you straight, and for the most part, do so kindly (there are a few exceptions). That’s one of the nice things about Amateur Friday and the site in general. If I don’t say so myself. :)

  • Acarl

    A big thank you to everyone that read and then voted for
    FASCINATION 127! I am thrilled to be on this list – what great company! Congrats to all of the other writers as well!

    I also want to give a HUGE thanks to Carson for everything
    that the exposure has done for me over the past year and a half. Not only that,
    but the invaluable connections and relationships from the SS community – I cannot
    even express how much better I am as a writer because of this community of

    One last line for Poe Serling- Thank you for being there
    each and every time!

    • carsonreeves1

      Is this available to prospective buyers, Alex? For any who might inquire?

      • Acarl

        As of 8/14/14 it is available once again! lol

        • carsonreeves1

          E-mail me the latest draft. I have somebody asking (for whatever reason, the only draft I have on my computer is that original First 10 pages version??).

          • Acarl

            Nice! Sending to you now.Thank you!

  • Stephjones

    Congrats to all who made the list! Must feel good. I hope to feel that way one day. All I know is, right now, after one drink I feel it, after two drinks I don’t care who feels it.

    • walker

      Hey I made the two-drink list too.

  • Nate Zoebl

    It is a great honor to have my script Keeping Time on this list. I am incredibly thankful and humbled by the support it’s received from the SS community and from my peers. Thank you. Congrats to everyone who made the list and who was even considered for this list because there are way more than 10 great amateur scripts that have come through SS.

    And a huge special congratulations to Joe on nabbing the top spot! You earned it, sir. Ohio boys, represent.

    • kenglo

      U’re both from OHIO?? I now dub thee….THE OHIO PLAYERS!

  • walker

    Huge congratulations to all the writers that made the list. I was happy to see that 7 of the 10 I voted for were included. But I also want to mention (honorably, I guess) the other three: Hemingway Boy by Eric Brown, Guest by Matthew Cruz, and Undertow by grendl.

  • dawriter67

    Congratulations to the top ten – may the vaults of Hollywood open for you!

  • Nick Morris

    Congrats to all that made the list! Amazing writing on display in each and every one!

  • carsonreeves1

    I’m going to disagree. I think the majority of these scripts (not even mentioning TDP and WAD) are better than the bottom 25% of the Black List. Only difference is those writers had agents to blast their scripts out to all the Black List voters.

    They’re not amazing, but there are only 3-5 amazing scripts that come along a year total.

  • walker

    Pretty sure you meant to say “cede control”. It’s different than “conceding control”, but hey, who cares about little stuff like that when you are slamming writers on the most popular screenwriting blog on the internet?

    • Five Long Years

      I’m not slamming the writers and I know this is a popular spot (and thanks for the grammar correction); I’m concerned about the quality of the material being submitted. Five years and this is what we have? Makes no sense to me. I think my points are valid and popularity has little to do with quality. I think if CR wants better scripts things have to change here. I for one would never submit a script here. Can it hang with these… I will never know… That’s my concern. We have a quality control problem here. This is five years… and this is what we have.
      That to me is a business issue. If this is the most popular blog on the net: where the f**k are the scripts..? They are falling between the cracks. But hey, as long the grammar is good.

      • carsonreeves1

        Have you read all the scripts on this list? I just want to make sure you’re making a fair assessment.

        • Panos Tsapanidis

          Do you have time to waste?

          • Scott Crawford

            We had 186 pitches at the weekend, from some Scriptshadow regulars (not me) and quite a few passersby. Only a handful would survive in the marketplace; that is to say, only a handful had the strong, poster image, trailer moment type concepts to survive the onslaught of the Section 6s and the Captain Nemos with their read-made audiences.

            On the screenplays themselves, I’m not sure about these ten scripts as I have not read them – many were here before I started being a regular commentator. But many AOW, AF screenplays, I can’t get more than a few pages through them before I’m bored.

            Most AOW, AF submissions are perfectly well-written. Commas in the right places, not too much capitalization, characters have their own distinct style of speech… cool. But the concepts? And the stories?

            More has to be done (by all of us) to shift the focus AWAY from the finished, polished screenplay, and onto the more base elements; the dirty, unsexy world of loglines and outlines. No more mood pieces, less psychological horror, less Dark Comedies (with two capital letters), more stories that could be pitched to Imagine Pictures or Original, or any major producer. Stories that don’t drag on through endless, long stretches of dialogue. And a little (just a little) less childishness from people when the flaws of their pitch or script are pointed out. Seriously.

            On Panos’ specific point, yes, it IS a little too much to ask people to put aside the stack of scripts (folder of PDFs) they have yet to read from PROFESSIONAL writers and read five new AMATEUR scripts every week. And reading the first ten pages of these scripts often tells you very little other than the writer is competent with screenplay format. I’ve suggested it a few times, but perhaps asking people to read a (short) outline or plot summary might make it easier for people to judge which stories have a real chance of success.

            Perhaps this is the wrong day for posting such an entry – maybe today should be a day for backslapping rather than backstabbing – but since a few of these points have been brought up today, I leave this here for consideration.

            Congratulations to all the top 10 amateur screenwriter – may your amateur status soon be rescinded!

          • Panos Tsapanidis

            @disqus_nJEh2cYT5s:disqus , by asking Carson if he got time to waste, I was referring to Five Long Years’ delirium regarding the material that was submitted the last 5 years. I think replying to him would be a waste of everyone’s time.

          • Scott Crawford

            Yes, I get your point, and I was making another. I suspect Five Long Years is a pseudonym for a long-time Scriptshadower who wants to tell the truth, as he sees it, without being set upon by the usual suspects. Five years, more than a thousand amateur scripts, and these are the best. Based on their loglines – which is all the most casual agent, producer is going to look at should he pass this website – only the top three really stand out. The rest are perfectly decent loglines, but seem more like something off The Blood List than scripts with huge career potential.

            I’ll add the words IN MY OPINION, in case the fact that I’m actually, you know, WRITING these words doesn’t make that clear.

          • Panos Tsapanidis

            To me, he comes off as a newbie, because he’s bitching about amateur scripts not being so good, which I think it means that the guy hasn’t finished a script in his life in order to realise how hard it is to write a good script.

            And regarding your opinion, yes, the loglines are mostly forgettable and the majority of the scripts are bad. But can YOU do something better? It’s hard. It’s really fucking hard. And unless you can surpass what other people are doing here, you or Five Years or anyone else, have no right to bitch about the quality of other people’s submissions.

          • Scott Crawford

            It’s a question of “doing better” – and I’ve covered that in other posts, that’s it’s not necessary for me or anyone else to show you our script or scripts to have an opinion or “bitch” as you put it – as I don’t think it’s a pissing contest.

            However, and I think this what your saying, finishing a screenplay is not that spectacular. More than 50,000 people FINISH a screenplay every year. Probably many more, difficult to know. Finishing a GOOD script – let alone GREAT – is much harder, because the hardest part is picking a GREAT idea, developing GREAT characters who take part in a GREAT story, with STRONG themes. That’s HARD.

          • Panos Tsapanidis

            Which explains why there are so few good submissions in those five years. What are we talking about? You wanted more good scripts in those 5 years? Can you write ONE good script in a five years time? I can’t.

          • Scott Crawford

            It is tough. My circumstances are different to yours and your circumstances are different to someone else’s and… there are plenty of reasons why people haven’t posted their scripts here, good or otherwise.

            Afraid of being penalized should their script go out to producers, etc. (although you can use false name and title if you want).

            Terrified of some of the BULLIES who inhabit this site who are not so much interested in criticizing your script as in insulting YOU.

            Most writers recognize – and again I think you put this well – that they can write a script, but a GOOD script. No point SOILING your reputation by posting your first finger paintings online – wait until you’ve done something people will WANT to read.

            GOOD logline = something clear, concise, that nobody/hardly anybody has seen before, but that they would LIKE to see now.

            GOOD story = holds the attention, makes us want to know what happens next, no extraneous scenes, teaches us something along the way.

            GOOD writing = concise description, dialogue consistent with each character, correct format, not too many typos.

            GOOD screenplay = all of the above.

          • Panos Tsapanidis

            Pffff….You couldn’t be more wrong. Do you know when the brain “grows” and evolves? When you’re making mistakes. Your awful script will be followed by a much better script if you put it out there and receive feedback.

            Screenwriting is a game for the brave. No room for people who are afraid of bullies, use life’s circumstances as an excuse or worry for their precious “reputation.”

            I’m out. Wish you all the best, newbie.

          • davejc

            Alright Scott, post your outline. It may be true that an outline can tell you more about the viability of a project than a logline or the first ten.

      • walker

        Well you know, grammar is just one element of presentation. Presentation is not of overriding importance, nor is it trivial. One thing we are in total agreement on: “popularity has little to do with quality.”

        • walker

          By the way, “Five Long Years” is the title of a great song by BB King.

      • kenglo

        Don’t agree….to get ten scripts out of all the scripts over the last five years, think if they went into production and played in theaters….I wouldn’t mind that %.

        To say they suck, or don’t compare to other (I’ll take it, Amateur scripts), is kind of dumb. I’ve read other amateur scripts on other sites too, just because they don’t come through here doesn’t mean theirs is better or worse.

        CHIP RIGGS writes awesome stories, out of this world stories, made 8’s on the Blacklist. He’s never been here.

        Jai Branden just wrote an incredibly good story lately, needs a little work, but he came here and got SLAMMED a couple of years ago, but that doesn’t make him any less of a writer. Makes him BETTER.

        If we didn’t have SS, where would we be? Wallowing on Triggerstreet or Zoetrope, or Talentville. I don’t see them ‘pushing’ scripts. At least Carson, once he believes in a script, pushes it out there, tries to get the writers some exposure. I have never heard of a script from ZOEY getting produced through them…..I may be wrong, but …yeah…never. SS has two on the BLACK LIST, one in production, a couple of options that I know of.

        NOT BAD. And, we ALL gotta start SOMEWHERE. We ALL can’t win Nichol….

        It takes a place like this, one with a grendl or two, who is harsh, yes, but damn if he don’t tell it like it is, and opens eyes, and makes us as writers WANT to be better.

        To say the top ten have no ‘quality’ over other stuff….*meh* If you have a script that someone else wrote (wink, wink JM/NZ!! WOOF WOOF!!) that is better than this top ten, push it to Carson. A great script is a great script…..push other writers you believe in, if they are afraid to do it themselves.

        Help each other out!!

        Any exposure (good or bad) is better than none.

        Just my .05 cents.

        • Acarl

          ^^^what he said to the 10th power…^^^

  • Montana Gillis

    Congrats to the list makers! Good Job all!

  • grendl

    I’m just curious.

    Could those who voted for my script upvote please.

    Thanks. I owe you one.

    • Bifferspice

      i did, but not that one. i voted for undertow :)

      • Stephjones

        Me, too.

    • Casper Chris

      You’re welcome.

  • Andrew Parker

    Comedy is dead?

    • klmn

      Fatties is a comedy.

    • pmlove

      I think the honest answer is that comedy is very hard to write.

  • Paul Clarke

    Congrats to the top 10, and those who came so close. Nice to see plenty of regular faces.

    I like the concept as a whole. A review and rating is here one week, gone the next. But another level of recognition is there now. Something more to aim for. The bar has been set.

    Could be worth writing an article: What the top 10 scripts have in common that makes them stand out.

    Fingers crossed this leads to some success stories.

  • Joe Marino

    Apologies for the belated response to this (I have a good reason – I’m in Toronto for the film festival and have NO data plan while I’m here) but I’m a firm believer of better late than never. Anyway, THANK YOU! Both to Carson and the SS community. Also, a huge round of applause for the others on this superb list! To my friends Michael, Alex, Nathan and Matthew – you guys never cease to be fantastic and I’m always excited to see what you’re up to next. I’m eternally grateful to SS not just for getting me where I am, but for also introducing me to such indelible visionaries who inspire me to imagine bigger. And to the SS community… thank you for voting me into this list of esteemed peers. I just hope that I prove worth the effort in the long run. We shall see. Now… off to sleep. I will fully gush about how amazing seeing the TIFF premiere of “The Voices” was sometime after I awake. :)

    • MichaelWhatling

      Congratulations, Joe! You deserve it. Hope this leads to everywhere you want it to take you. :)

  • Ryan Sasinowski

    Congratulations, guys! You earned this!!!

  • BigDeskPictures

    Congratulations writers!

  • websters

    Congratulations to everyone.

    Can only hope that one day I make it onto a list like this!

  • andyjaxfl

    Carson, thanks for the effort on this list! And congrats to the writers!

  • Scott Crawford

    That’s what I mean by childish. A person can’t have an opinion on scripts if he hasn’t shown you his? Childish. Good luck in the film industry.

    You’re the Josh Olsen of unproduced screenwriters, grendl. And look what happened to him.

    • soon

      You’ll eat those words when grendl gets an agent and sells his script and the script is made into a movie.

      • Scott Crawford

        Yes, I will. I’ll have the knife and fork ready.

        However, I stand by the Josh Olson bit. Olson blew it. He was nominated for an Academy Award and is now writing movies for the Russians, according to imdb. And all because of his bad attitude:

        • soon

          Where’s YOUR IMDB page?

          Until you have one you have no right to say anything bad about grendl.

          Agents will see his script on the list and read it and see how good a writer he is and sign him up.

          • Scott Crawford

            Childish. I’ve said it before. Childish. The only people who can judge are those who do, right? Because every producer has a screenplay of his own, right?

            And now I have to have an IMDB PAGE to have an opinion on here?!


          • soon

            If you’re not afraid then post your script then we can read your script and grend’s script and vote.

            grendl will get more votes which means he is a better writer than you. That is why you do not post your script.

          • Scott Crawford

            OK. grendl is a better writer than me which is why I should not question his right to insult everyone who looks at him sideways.

            Who are you, soon? I’ve not seen you around here lately.

  • mulesandmud

    Didn’t THE DISCIPLE PROGRAM sell to Universal for mid-six?

    • Scott Crawford

      But that was two years ago so the option may have been allowed to lapse. HOWEVER, it got Tyler’s foot in the “door”, so hopefully he’s followed up that early opportunity with lots more great ideas and scripts. Best of luck to him!

      • ChadStuart

        Six figures is not an option. Usually six figure sales guarantee the buyer rights in perpetuity because it has been proven time and again that it may take years to get a greenlight. And I’m pretty sure he’s been working on assignment pretty constantly. Assignments don’t get you IMDB listings (which is why for writers their page can be deceiving), but they keep you working for paychecks.

  • Nick Morris

    My pleasure, G. Really enjoyed it!

  • Scott Crawford

    Thanks, FD. You are so right; I get really DISAPPOINTED every weekend when the new batch of Amateur Offerings come up. Too many DARK scripts, Dark Comedies, psychological horror, vampires, and zombies. You’d think everyone who submits to Scriptshadow is a GOTH – or a fourteen year-old. Imagine you were a producer, or an agent, or a manager, or an executive, and imagine how excited you’d be if a script came across your desk called:


    A sci-fi version of “Around the World In Eighty Days”. Could be a load of crap. But you’d be intrigued.

    Now imagine that some of the AOW efforts came across your desk. I know it’s all PDF now, but that SHOULD make it easier. Would you be so excited by some of those AOW entries, even the ones that make Amateur Friday?

    Then you read the first ten pages of these scripts (because you don’t WANT to read anymore), and it’s all dialogue. It’s all swear words. Purple prose. Pffttttt.

    The Great Script is out there, we will see it here one day. Probably not from me, but it’s not THAT difficult.

    Better LOGLINES = Better STORIES = Better SCRIPTS = More READS.

    Scriptshadow math.

  • mulesandmud

    This is two weeks in a row that have ended with a big community love fest.

    That’s great, and well deserved. The enduring strength of this website is the participation of everyone reading this post.

    This comment board feels like sitting down to family dinner sometimes. Sure, there’ll be plenty of bickering and eye-rolling, and inevitably someone will say something stupid, but we all keep showing up again the next week.

    Writing is solitary work; it’s important for writers not to let themselves fall too far into that vacuum. Everyone needs an escape hatch – somewhere to vent, debate, inquire, or even just distract. A place to remind us that dialogue doesn’t just belong in scripts. This is one of those places because of the people who have worked to make it that way.

    Congratulations to all those to made the list. I haven’t read all of the scripts, but am a fan of those I have. Keep working, everybody.

  • Craig Mack

    Does anyone have a link to these ten in one place? Might be helpful.

  • Shawn Davis

    Congrats to everyone in the top ten!!!!

  • dawriter67

    Can someone email me fatties?


    • Ryan Sasinowski


  • walker

    With regard to the conversation that is taking place as to the overall quality of the AF submissions, I think almost everyone here would like to see better scripts. But it is wrong to argue that these ten are the “only” good scripts to come through the AF/AOW pipeline, or even really that these are indubitably the best. They got the most votes, and they certainly represent some of the best, but almost all of the nominees had some redeeming or interesting quality, and I can think of many scripts over the years that were not nominated that were still “worth the read” in the sense that I am glad I read them. And I feel that there are other scripts out there within the Scriptshadow orbit that are of decent or even excellent quality, but for various reasons the writers have not submitted them. Actually, I have read and given notes on some. It really should be remembered that not every writer is supremely confident and up for public dissection of something that is very important to them.

    • Jaco

      Like the Black List says – it’s not a “best of”, it’s a “most liked”, right?

      As far as quality goes – A lot of people don’t really understand how hard it is to even complete a screenplay, let alone write one that connects with random people and compels them to vote for them on a blog such as this. Also, don’t forget how subjective everything is. I think ole grendl forgets that when he spouts off his quarterly pissing match challenge to anyone who casts a sour look on his writing.

      All that said – I think for the most part the scripts you see week in and week out on this site are quite representative of the sea of amateur scripts out there. Most are bad. Some are OK. Scant few are good. Rare are the ones that rise above good. And – perhaps you could say that of all scripts in general.

      In any event, a big congrats to all those that got enough votes to have your day in the sun on this site. Hopefully all of you are off writing even better scripts. I wish you the best of luck.

  • Caleb Yeaton

    Big congrats to everyone who got picked – I’ve only read three scripts on the list (in order Patisserie, The Devil’s Hammer, and Real Monsters) and enjoyed all three. Hopefully having a script on this list gives you guys a leg up and gets you noticed. And even if it doesn’t, it’s still pretty fucking cool. Congratulations again!

    • astranger2

      I hope you’re doing well with California Dream. I enjoyed it when I read it months ago… but strangely, or more likely because of the richness of your characters — I still remember most of the scenes rather vividly. Those girls were crazy memorable…

  • kenglo

    Congrats to ALL who made the list. You folks are an inspiration to all of the folks who are trying to break in (yes, that shout-out even goes to grend !).

    As for the scripts themselves, I saw the Carson update for FASCINATION 127….are there any other ones that are ‘in the works’? Would be nice to track them throughout.

    Special shout-out to to my TWO HOMIES who made the list….ya’ll know who you are, and let it also be known, personally, you guys truly are an inspiration, you keep me writing. When I get as good as you, I’ll submit that one high concept well written character driven high octane kick ass script that I keep rewriting in different names and genres!

    Again, to ALL…WELL DONE!

    • Nate Zoebl

      Keeping Time was optioned though that is coming to an end in a couple months. I think Joe got further with Rose and hopefully that conversation can be reignited.

  • Guest

    “My script “Undertow” is just as good as “Upstream Color”. Or “Under the Skin”.”

    Funniest post of the week.

  • dawriter67

    While I liked the writing style in Fatties I could not put a finger on what genre it is. Is it a comedy – horror or a slasher? Either way I could not pin it down – it was a mosh mash of kllings from characters with no real redeeming qualities at all. I stopped reading after one of the women was beating up on Gary’s wiener and sitting on his face – I guess I’m supposed to laugh but I didn’t. Not one bit. Sorry but fatties scores a what the hell did I just read on the Carson meter for me.

    • klmn

      Black Comedy.

  • Malibo Jackk

    Is there a fatties agent?
    And what’s going on with the script?